Albion Android Guide For Beginners

Albion Android Guide For Beginners

Here’s something to help you beginners out with your Albion adventures. With any luck, this will help prevent you from getting slaughtered all over the place!! There’s a LOT to this game because its setup with a “classless” system. Whatever you have crafted and equipped on your character happens to be your character type at the time.

For Android users, it can get tricky. You have to download the .APK file from the Albion website and side load it. You currently won’t find the installer in the Google Play Store. Make sure you have the following:

  • Enough space for the .APK file itself which is 1.03GB as of this writing AND enough space to install it while the .APK file is sitting on your phone/tablet. You can delete the installer off your device later IF you wanted to. I’d recommend making a backup of the installer somewhere. The better bet, install from an SD card that you copy/pasted the installer to from the start.
  • Make sure Unknown Sources is turned on (checked) in your settings. This is how you’ll be able to side load apps. Typically each device has some method to turn on this setting. You’ll have to find it for your specific device.
  • Be sure to check the Albion Online website for the game specifications. That way you’ll at least have some idea IF the game will work on your device. For Android devices, it currently says you need a 7” tablet. Some managed to get the game working just fine on their Android phone.
  • Some luck. Currently, the game works on some Android devices and not others. This is typical for so many apps/games. If the game works, great. If not, try looking through the Albion Online forums. Maybe someone found a way to make it work on your device. Or you can post a question and see if anyone replies.

For those using their Android device to download the .APK file, keep your browser open until the download completes. Once the game is installed and working, you should be just fine with it from there on. If by chance your device “isn’t so great”, you can always lower the game settings and see if that helps improve the gameplay quality.

The Start

When you first start out, you won’t have an NPC to give you quests. Think of this as more of a “Chose Your Own Story” type of setup. You’ll use the initially complex looking Destiny Board (press N) as a type of guide in game. When you close the Destiny Board, you’ll have tasks in the bottom middle of your screen to complete. When you’re starting out, you’ll have 3 starting towns to choose from. These are: Westerly Cross, Middle Cross, or Easterly Cross. Just talk to the Travel Planner found at the ship docks for each city. You can travel to each city for a fee. It’s not a large fee so you don’t have to worry too much!!

Start out by opening the mails you received. Those are found in the top of the game screen. You’ll gain vanity items and 2 mounts for travelling. DO NOTE that in Red Zones, you can lose those mounts and other things when someone PKs you.

Your First Task

When you start out, you’ll be gathering logs and rocks while killing bunnies. No, those innocent, defenseless little bunnies won’t just kill themselves for you!! They may be cute and fluffy little critters but they’ll provide resources that you’ll need for crafting things. So slaughter the little rodents as though rabbit stew is your whole point in life!! BE SURE to loot everything. You’ll need those things you loot for crafting materials.

Once the first task of bunny slaughtering is done, go to the NPC found in the middle of the map. That’s where you’ll have a place to craft. You just have to decide the things you’re going to craft with the materials you currently have at the time. So, you have the choices of crafting gathering tools, weapons, and armors. Obviously in this type of game, you’ll need weapons and armors. It’s when you craft higher level gathering tools, that’s when you can gather higher level materials. In turn, you can craft higher level items and so on.

Just remember that the higher you go for higher level materials, the harder it WILL be. You’ll be in there trying to compete for resources with others that might just turn around and PK you. So watch yourself in there.

Craft it to become it

That’s the basics to the game. What you’re wearing at the time is what you are. One minute you’re a mage blasting the snots out of things within range. The next minute, you’re tanking and killing everything at close range. That’s the classless system Albion is based on. One character is all it takes to do anything you want in the game. When you change equipment, your skills change to match it. You’d be surprised at how infinite the combinations can really be. With a system like this, you can mix and match to a play style you can really enjoy.

The Zones

There are four colored zones in Albion. Open the map (press M) to see them.

  • Green Zones. These are PvE areas. You can gain tiers 1 to 4 materials here. You won’t drop or lose things when you die in a green zone.
  • Yellow Zones. These are PvE and “Safety” PvP areas. Someone can PK you in these areas if your flag is up. You put up your flag by pressing the shield icon next to your HP bar. You won’t lose items when you die in a yellow zone. Tier 3 to 5 materials can be gained here.
  • Red Zones. You can get tier 4 to 6 materials here. These are open PvP areas. Watch out for groups trying to PK you. You can spot them on your map as a red blob. You WILL drop everything upon death in a red zone. The recommendation is to bank important items like mounts and Founders items before entering into red zones.
  • Black Zone. You can gain tier 5 to 8 materials here. In black zones, they’ll have the same death penalty as the red zones. The difference is there are no warnings like the red zones have. Here you’ll be facing the highest risks while trying to gain the highest rewards.

Each zone has its set of mobs. The difficulty level for the mobs in each zone should be obvious by now!! Good Luck!!

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