Aurcus Online Android/iOS Character Guide for Beginners

Aurcus Online Android/iOS Character Guide for Beginners

Here’s a list of characters and the sub-classes that they can become. Included is some extra info to help you select, or at least try to help you select, a character and its sub-class. There are 4 main classes. Each main class can eventually gain 1 of 2 sub-classes. Much like the game Dragon Nest, you can use the main class and sub-class skills for each character type at the same time.


The 2 sub-classes are a Berserker and a Warrior.

The warriors are better suited to dealing heavy damage to single targets. They don’t have a lot of AoE skills nor do they have self healing capabilities. So tanking isn’t always such a great idea for them. They do have high health so they can tank but with such a low survival rate, it’s better to use them as damage dealers.

The berserkers have nearly the same capabilities as warriors do, but they can tank a bit better. They have self buffs, heavy damage dealing, and various effects that they can use against a target(s). They also have a vamp skill so self healing is involved to improve their survival rate. The better bet is to use them as damage dealers much like the warriors.



The 2 sub-classes are a Paladin and a Priest. The cleric role itself suggests that you want to be in a party. Expect to be in one often especially is you’re good at it.

The priests are your typical support character. They have many skills for healing, boosting, and resurrecting party members along with a handy dandy damage reflect skill. They can tank very well due to their spectacular survival rate. But they’re better suited as the type implies; as a support character to keep the party alive and going. With their low damage dealing capabilities, they can wipe out mobs but may end up with problems while facing bosses. They’re a very popular class and GOOD priests that KNOW what they’re doing are welcomed by parties.

The paladins are the primary tankers in the game. They can solo but they’re not heavy hitters. They don’t have very high damage dealing capabilities but they make up for it in toughness!! They have a high survival rate and healing capabilities. But the big help is being able to keep the mobs on itself with skills that lure them in.



 The 2 sub-classes are an Archer and a Trickster.

The tricksters are very much like the name implies. They can definitely kill off targets while solo or in a party. They do so via heavy evasion capabilities and high damage dealing. Anyone using this character type needs to know “stick n move” tactics. The downside is that they have low health. So if something gets in close enough to attack, it’s going to hurt unless you have your evasion tactics down pat.

The archers are the characters with the longest ranged skills. They mostly have single target attack skills. Said skills can put a hurt on said single target too!! They have a stun capability to try to keep that distance between the target and themselves. For the most part, they are “glass canons”.



The 2 sub-classes are an Arch Mage and a Wizard.

The arch mages are a summoning type of character. Their skills will summon things that can continuously attack, debuff the target(s), heal, and poison. They have a decent amount of damage dealing but have to keep their range as best they can. They don’t have a lot of health to have a high survival rate. So they have to rely on killing before getting killed.

The wizards play very similar to the magician itself. They don’t have any healing capabilities but they make up for it in damage dealing from range. They do have pretty decent range. The wizards use elemental type attacks mixed with plenty of AoE. So they can wipe out a set of mobs with little difficulty. Again, kill off the target(s) before they get to your wizard. This is another character type in the “glass canon” category!!


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