Avabel Online Android Characters Guide

Avabel online has a wide range of characters and setups to use. Here are some setups to try out.

Avabel Online Android Characters Guide

Avabel online has a wide range of characters and setups to use. Here are some setups to try out. You can switch between the base character and its other class skills via a swirly button near the skills. Some of the character setups can be very potent and others are better suited as support characters. It’s a matter of picking your style and trying it out.


This type isn’t always easy to use but once you get the hang of it, they’re heavy hitters. Their attacks have plenty of AoE to help wipe out sets of mobs. But even against single targets, they won’t slouch in the damage dealing department!! The better bet for magicians is Int and Men. This setup allows for the strongest skills to be used and plenty of SP.



The warriors are the primary tanks of the game. They can take a hit, look at you funny when hit, and shell out plenty of their own hits!! The 2 main setups for warriors are a Soldier and a Raider. Both should stick with Str + Vit. With a soldier, a 2H weapon and Ogre Swing can typically get things dead quite well. With a raider, use a 1H weapon for more speed.



As their name implies, they basically “make” their attacks. You use materials to make various pots. Unlike a character better suited for support, they can both harm and heal quite well. Unlike other support types, the creators can also tank. The main setups for creators are a Vanguard, a Medic, and a Field Commander. The vanguards can tank quite well while using their healing skills to keep themselves alive. They should stick with using Str + Int. The medics stick to Int and a mace to boost their healing capabilities as much as possible. The field commanders fight from range but it certainly helps for them to keep the healing mist going. They would stick with Int + Dex.



The rogues rely on their speed and “stick n move” tactics. Get in, try to damage or outright kill something, and get the hell out. Yeah, that about covers it!! The main setups for rogues are a Ninja, a Renegade, and an Assassin. Ninjas should stick with Str + Dex + Int. Renegades should stick with Str + Vit. Assassins should stick with Int + Dex. It’s the assassins that have some range to their attacks.



The rangers are the long range bombers of the game. The 2 main setups are a Sniper and a Hunter. The sniper uses a gun (DUH!!) and should focus on Str only. Charge your shots of course. And if something gets close enough, you can knockback the target with a skill. Then shoot some more!! That leaves the bow for the hunters. Hunters should stick with Str + Int for causing better amounts of destruction.



There’s really not much to the acolytes. They’re support type characters. As such, they can definitely keep party members alive. The main difference is that their healing skills are stronger compared to creators but they have a smaller AoE. They can fight but they’re better suited being in a party. Since they’re usually welcomed in many parties, it shouldn’t take long at all to find one!! The setups should be sticking with Int + Men. The magic tank setup has more Men than Int. The full support setup uses more Int than Men.


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