Bloons Tower Defense 5 Android Tips and Tricks Guide

Check out our Bloons Tower Defense Android Tips and Tricks guide

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Android Tips and Tricks Guide

As it turns out, Bloons TD 5 was made available for free. I’m not even sure how long that lasted or if it’s still available. In any case, how you managed to get the game is on you!! As most know, the game itself is quite good for a tower defense game. Then again, I’m quite a fan of TD games!! I started playing this at TD 4 in a browser several years ago and now I’ve been playing it on my Android phone. On a side note, I never did look for any guides for this game. I didn’t have to since the game is very straight forward.

Currently I’m on rank 63. I’d be at a much higher rank if I had more time to play!! The game does get addictive so playing it online or offline isn’t that big of a problem for those with more time to play!!

So on with the info!!

The Monkey Lab

First up, I’d have to consider the Monkey Lab. The recommendation for upgrades is in this order:

  • More starting money.
  • More popping power.
  • MOAB damage.
  • Abilities cool down reduction.
  • More starting lives.
  • Attack Speed.

The main focus is on the first 3 upgrades (at least 3 each before upgrading the others) in that order. The fourth and fifth come in handy. The sixth certainly doesn’t hurt!! For the most part, if you bothered to place your monkeys properly, you wouldn’t have to worry much at all about the resell upgrade. So don’t bother with it until you really have nothing better to do!!

Special Agents

For the most part, you can gain these from the various rewards available in the game. So do check the Monkey Mailman every so often. There’re many occasions where the quests there will be either very or at least reasonably easy to defeat. So this also turns out to be a pretty good gain of cash to use IF you need to buy any special agents.


The 2 main tactics I’ve used so far with great success are “Spikes Road” and “Return to Your Destruction”. This is just what all I like to call them. I have no idea if similar tactics are posted somewhere else!!

Spikes Road

The idea here is to load the map with as many spike factories as you can. So basically, you’d be lining the path(s) with spikes. The trick to this tactic is to mix in Spike Storms (up to 10) spread throughout the map. The rest are all upgraded on the top side options. When you start, place a spike factory near the end area of the path (1). Check the screen shot below. The idea is to give it time to build up a set of spikes the bloons can crash into. To buy it more time, use a Glue Gunner (2). From there, a series of spike factories all over the place should do. The trick is to upgrade the spike factories that were placed first as high as possible. Then upgrade them that are nearest the entrance first in line to follow the path(s).

From there, a combination of Super Monkeys + Monkey Villages near the entrance area should easily get you over 100 levels without much effort on your part. You can include Monkey Buccaneers on maps with water or when you placed swimming pool agents on the map. The downside to this tactic is that on some devices, the spike factories can eventually lag the game horribly.

Map 1_1

Return to Your Destruction

This one is fun and lags the game a LOT less compared to Spikes Road. This tactic works on pretty much every map. The trick to it is to upgrade in time before you start losing lives. If you start losing lives, chances are, it’ll be an “instant all gone” situation. Basically, you’ll be setting up the entrance area for heavy bloon destruction. Anything that manages to get through that, ends up going right back into it!! This tactic uses Monkey Ninjas, Super Monkeys + Monkey Villages, Monkey Buccaneers (on water maps or with swimming pools), 2 spike factories at the most, and Bloon Chippers. You can substitue Monkey Buccaneers with Monkey Subs for some better results.


Take a look at the above screen shot. Clearly that’s just the very first map set on Improbable mode. Only 1 life!! The idea is to send back anything that gets through the starting area destruction. Monkey Ninjas (full upgrade top, 2 upgrades on the bottom) can handle that. The aim is to set them up in groups of 4 or 5 (depending on the available space). The first upgrades for Monkey Ninjas are 2 points on the bottom only, and eventually fully upgrade the top side. The problem is; where to place them?!! They can only send bloons back just so far.

Count the corners (turns) in the path. At the third corner place 2 Monkey Ninjas so they’re initially aiming to the left. At the sixth corner, on the left side, that’s a good spot for 2 more. On the opposite side of the sixth corner is another good spot for 4 of them. Then place 4 more of them on the seventh turn. So in total you should have 12 Monkey Ninjas by the time you’re done. And yes, I’ve seen double send back moves by these things. I have seen bloons sent back to the beginning by the Ninjas on the opposite side of the sixth turn + to the left of the sixth turn.

You can place 2 spike factories near the end of the path as showing in the screen shot of the previous section (1). Space them out a bit. But your main focus is the entrance which is being built up well before the Monkey Ninjas are fully placed. The small stretch under the first turn is where you place 5 or 6 Bloon Chippers. Fully upgrade the top side options. 2 points only on the bottom side options. Between turns 1 and 3, place a set of Super Monkeys + Monkey Villages. It’s 1 Monkey Village surrounded by a set of Super Monkeys. In the opening areas, the Super Monkeys should be upgraded to Technological Terror. In other spots, they can be set to Temples.

Now this works out all well and good for that first map. So how about the other maps?!! That’s easy enough. Take a look at the map itself. The idea doesn’t change. Only the path(s) change. So simply look for spots to place the Monkey Ninjas to get the bloons back to the entrance area where they’ll meet their untimely demise!!

Map 2_1

Map 3_1

Map 4_1

In the above screen shots, the marked areas have been really great places to put Monkey Ninjas. They definitely leave you with plenty of space to hammer the hell out of bloons with your other monkeys!!


In-game cash (starting money)

Not much of this is going to work well without the funds to get it paid for!! As mentioned, upgrading the starting money helps a lot. But it won’t cover everything right out of the gate. The more common tower for gaining in game cash is the Banana Farm. As it turns out, this sucks!! You not only have to buy the farms (pun intended!!), but you have to spend the cash for farmers OR attempt to loot the bananas yourself. Lots o Luck with that idea!!

The better trick is to look no further than the Engineer. Yup, one handy dandy well placed Engineer gets the job done BETTER than the Banana Farms. It’s all in the placement. Naturally, you’d want the bloons to be hit with as much as possible, right from the start. The problem is; if that’s the case, your poorly placed Engineer has no chance to loot bloons using its fourth upgrade (the trap) from the top side options. So, simply place the Engineer as close to the entrance as possible but DO NOT buy the range extender upgrade from the bottom side options. When placing the Engineer, be careful and watch its coverage area. Make sure it’s still in the entrance area where the trap has the most chance of capturing bloons. If the trap is being placed outside the entrance area, you placed the Engineer wrong. Basically, the trap should only show up within the first 3 turns of the path. There’re some exceptions depending on the map but not that many!!

Cash and Coins

You quickest bet for gaining these is to beat the maps on Easy mode. It is as the name implies. Just get to level 51. Repeating the maps on Easy mode only gets you cash. So you will have to defeat many maps to build up coins. But as your timing and tactics improve, defeating higher difficulty maps for more coins/cash won’t be so difficult. Again, keep an eye on the Monkey Mailman for quests you can defeat easily or reasonably easy. Play the Odyssey mode for some pretty nice cash gains. Check the prizes for events attached to the maps. As of this writing, the Easter Egg hunt is on and the prizes are quite good.

Monkey Info

Here’s some info to help you out with the monkeys I use the most. In short, the better bets for their upgrades. These are listed in no particular order.

  • Ninja Monkeys. Top side = full. Bottom side = 2 points. The suggestion is to upgrade the bottom side first for the send back ability.
  • Super Monkey + Monkey Village. These are to be placed together due to the very high costs of Super Monkeys and their upgrades. Super Monkeys…. Bottom Side = full. Top Side = 2 points. Monkey Villages…. Top side = full. Bottom side = 2 points. When attempting to make a Temple, place the Super Monkey so other monkeys are OUTSIDE its coverage area. Upgrade to the Temple BEFORE upgrading its range. So it’d be Top side = full…. THEN bottom side = 2 points. You’ll lose a lot fewer other monkeys this way!! The ability on the Technological Terror can instantly kill MOABs. <<Note the “s” there!! Just remember that when using its ability from the right side panel, the last Techno Terror you built is the first one to be triggered.
  • Spike Factories. The upgrades are on your preference. If you want or need the Spike Storm, go ahead. If not, go ahead!! Just note that these things can eventually lag the hell out of the game.
  • Engineer. Top side = full. Bottom side = 1 point only. Again, watch your placement of this monkey or the traps and in-game cash gains will be wasted. Also note that leaving a full trap will eventually loot itself but with a much lower amount of cash gained.
  • Monkey Buccaneer. Top side = 2 points. Bottom side = full. The ability can instantly kill 1 red MOAB. So a set of them comes in handy. You can only fit 2 in a swimming pool. Even if they are completely out of range of the bloons, they still help with their ability.
  • Glue Gunner. Top side = full. Bottom side = 2 points. These come in a lot handier than anyone might think.
  • Sniper Monkey. A set of 4 or 5 works nicely. Top side = full. Bottom side = 2 points. The Engineer works better for in-game cash gains. So the bottom side of this is not worth it IMO.
  • Canon. Bottom side = full. Top side = 2 points only. The ability of the canons can do some decent damage to MOABs. A set of these, even out of range (opposite side of the entrance area), can still be helpful.
  • Bloon Chipper. Top side = full. Bottom side = 2 points. Once the top side is fully upgraded, they’ll be immensely helpful against ZOMGs, MOABs, and BFBs. It’s when any bloon is inside the Bloon Chipper, other monkeys can’t hit them. But on the way in and out, they can be pummeled by anything within range!!
  • Monkey Submarine. Bottom side = full. Top side = 2 points. These are more effective compared to Monkey Buccaneers but also cost much more. Their range is extended to ANY monkey within range of the oncoming bloons. Point 3 on the bottom side can hit everywhere on the map. Monkey Subs can, at the minimum, pop a ZOMG and anything below. At the maximum, it’ll instantly kill a ZOMG or anything below.

Again, these are just the ones I’ve used the most. Unfortunately, there’re situations where none of these monkeys will be available. So take some time to build up the others when you get the chance.


The rank you’re currently on is only part of the problem. That’s easily solved by playing on and winning on as many different maps as you can. To gain a little extra towards your rank, play into round 100 to 200 for any given map. The little harder part is that you have to level your monkeys before the upgrades become fully available. The easier bet is map 1 on Easy or Medium mode. Either one will do. Just play that map over and over until your monkeys fully upgrade. The same idea applies if you wanted to upgrade your ship type monkeys (buccaneer and submarine). Just switch to a map with water on it. There’s also an Endless mode which also helps increase your rank and get in some leveling for your monkeys.

Just a gamer girl !!