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Call of Champions

Call of Champions distills the best of old-school MOBA mechanics like lanes, minions, and item shops into a five-minute tactical brawl with game-changing power-ups and a fierce struggle over an “Orb of Death.”

Over 15 Champions with fully customizable talent trees, as well as an innovative A.I. that fills in if you need to take a call or text.







Assassins are calculated killers, able to effectively focus and eliminate a single enemy. They have very high burst damage output, which makes them dangerous foes. Use Assassins behind the front line to easily pick off weak opponents. But Assassins should beware - adventuring into the fray alone may prove to be futile.




Tanks are hearty warriors of battle. They should be at the front-line of attacks and defenses, soaking up damage and protecting their teammates. Their crowd control abilities help stun and damage large groups of enemies while others can go in for the kill. Tanks are especially effective versus Assassins, because they'll survive the Assassin's high damage output. Tanks may be able to take a lot of damage, but their lumbering movements constrict offensive prowess.




Fighters are a jack-of-all-trades. They are flexible and can fulfill roles where a team might be deficient. Bring in the Fighter to soak up damage if your team has no Tank, or deal out deadly attacks if you're lacking an Assassin. Fighters are especially versatile against Mages, because they can break their long range advantage. Although Fighters can perform most roles, they should steer clear from any Assassins, as their defense isn't good enough to withstand the Assassins' wrath.

This is to name a few, there is many more characters in game.

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