Minimon Masters

Minimon Masters Android Marzo Guide

Minimon Masters Android Marzo Guide From what I’m seeing, there are players with various questions concerning the Minimon Masters character Marzo. This guide will give you the details for Marzo and some suggestions to try with it. Of course, this all depends on what all minimons and equipment you can get (depending on your luck mostly). This guide is based on a 5* Marzo. If you can get 6* or mutan...[Read More]

Minimon Masters Tips n Tricks

This is a collection of things I picked on up while playing. Again, there’s nothing overly complex here. With any luck, you’ll end up getting something useful. If not, keep trying!! Here goes!! Turn ON the low graphics mode This manages to save your device battery and make the game run a little faster. In comparisons, there wasn’t anything I would complain about graphically when I turned this on. ...[Read More]

Minimon Masters Beginners Guide Part 2 for Android

UPDATED as of April 10, 2016. Quick Links: Soul Stone Evlolution Stone Adventure Mode: The Maps Broken Abyss Envoy’s Story Arena Tower of Heroes Raid Festival Daily Dungeon Settings Equipment: ALL the equipment you gain either by playing or when you buy from one of the stores ends up here. When you tap on any piece of equipment, you’ll see the details as to which slot it belongs in and what ...[Read More]

Minimon Masters Beginners Guide Part 1 for Android

Minimon Masters Beginners Guide Part 1 for Android As the name implies, this is a guide for beginners of the game for Android. Nothing overly fancy and nothing for overly complex tactics are found here. However, there have been a lot of questions concerning this game. What all that’s provided here is based on MY OWN game play. I didn’t bother to look for a guide or other things. As of this writing...[Read More]

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