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10 Best Gaming Keyboards And Guide

10 Best Gaming Keyboards And Guide As gaming constantly increases in fun, popularity, and wallet draining tactics, keyboards were redesigned to specifically help gamers try to get the most out of their games. Keyboards lately can go from various swappable parts to audio and tactile feedback to programmable keys (macros). The list goes on!! So far the main differences are in what’s used to manufact...[Read More]

Remix OS For The PC Guide

Remix OS For The PC Guide The Remix OS is currently (as of September 22, 2016) a modified version of Android 6.01 (Marshmallow) that works as its own operating system just like Linux, Mac, and Windows does. Think of it more as an Android OS with Windows features. Right clicking, multiple windows open at the same time, and just about everything the Windows OS can do but using Android versions of th...[Read More]

VR Box 2.0 Android Guide

VR BOX 2.0 Android Guide Recently I bought a VR Box 2.0 to get into the various VR apps that are available for Android phones. The VR Box 2.0 is a headset and depending on where you buy one and what comes with it, you could also end up with a Bluetooth remote controller and/or other goodies. What I got was the headset, a Bluetooth remote controller, and a power bank. Unfortunately, the power bank ...[Read More]

Android Apps and Data Backup and Restore Method

Android Apps and Data Backup and Restore Method Yes, there are quite a large number of options available for backing things up and restoring them on an Android device. However, I happen to like this particular method because it’s pretty easy and (I think) most really do have the requirements for it. This particular backup and restore method for Android can be done wirelessly. This comes in handy w...[Read More]

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