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Ran Online GS Swordsman Guide

Ran Online GS Swordsman Guide First and foremost, this is NOT my info. However, the players zzx44 and tambok were nice enough to provide this info in the Ran GS forums. The problem is that those forums currently suck. Too many posts get pushed down through the pages and too many players don’t use the search feature of the forums. It’s still a “primitive” forums and many features are just not there...[Read More]

Ran Online World (GS) HB 51F Solo Guide

Ran Online HB 51F Solo Guide For those of you who either can’t or don’t want to be in a party, here’s a soloing guide for 51F. The upside is, it’s easier than most give it credit for. The downside is, unless you have a LOT of +EXP boosting items, the leveling will be slower compared to being in a GOOD party. If you somehow manage to end up in a sucky party too many times (or always), that’s not my...[Read More]

Ran Online Head B 51F Party Guide

Ran Online Head B 51F Party Guide Here’s a guide to Head B 51F parties for those that are new to the idea and/or have been soloing previously. It’s not that big of a surprise that players are asking for info about such a party. New players ARE showing up at random and even server switching mixes up some. Also note that in Ran GS, there are different party styles in 51F depending on the server you’...[Read More]

Ran Online Pow Magician Guide

Ran Online Guides The Pow type magician is quite the tanker among other things. The fun part to it is that the character is not actually the tanker!! It’s the pet that comes with it that can tank for you. There’re a couple of variations when tanking. But as you’ll see here, any variation gets the job done as long as you don’t sit there and try to rely on the pet alone. That won’t work as anyone ca...[Read More]

Ran Online The Re-made Gold Gaining Tactics

Ran Online The Re-made Gold Gaining Tactics When it comes to Ran Online, the biggest question is “how can I gain gold”? Then the variation shows up as “how can I gain gold easily”?!! This guide will show you the various methods to gain gold WITHOUT that much effort AND with little to NO spending. Keep in mind, gold gaining was never really meant for the lazy. Even these tactics take effort. It’s j...[Read More]

Ran Online The Int Gunner

Can you help me with my Int Gunner? I have seen this question pop up a lot in various Ran Online servers (private and official) especially after others spotted my own Int gunner in action. IF I had both item setups that I wanted, it’d be a real monster!! Do note that this is based on Ran PH. However, much of this can be applied to other servers (Ran GS <<<< HINT HINT!!). Just know that...[Read More]

Ran Online The Unstoppable Assassin Guide

The unstoppable assassin is just as the name implies. In MMORPGs, the main point to most of them is that there is no one “best” character type. However, Ran managed to choke something fierce on that idea!! Hence the title!! As it turns out, there is a way to make a character so unreal, it really can qualify as unstoppable. Even at the low levels, the skills alone can increase its survival rate mas...[Read More]

Ran Online The Regeneration Build

The regeneration (regen) build is simply providing a way for your character to regenerate HP/MP/SP automatically. Mostly it’s the HP that is most sought after. But working MP and SP into the mix comes in very handy too. The regens are based on a per 1 second basis according to your maximum HP unless otherwise specified by the skill description. Some skills are providing a regen on a 2 seconds or h...[Read More]

Ran Online Stats Explained

Take a look at these weapons. Nice, aren’t they? What’s seriously wrong with these weapons? Here’s exactly what’s wrong with them: Forbidden Gravity Portal Gun. Shooting and melee are both completely useless on an INT gun. Melee is completely useless on a gun to begin with. Pow and Dex use shooting. Forbidden Mighty Fist. You would get +Energy anyway from +Attack. On a Pow + Dex extreme character,...[Read More]

Ran Online One Hit Kill Tricks

WARNING: These tricks require your character to have low Hit Points (HP). The downside is that if you are not fast enough, you WON’T like the results. The upside is there IS a safety measure known as the Laggers Variation which will be explained later.  What the what?!! 1 hit kills?? Seriously?!! Yes, there are multiple skills to do a 1 hit kill on most mobs and some bosses. Just remember that it ...[Read More]

Ran Online Extreme Fist Weapons and Skill Linking

I see lots and lots of extreme characters in game. The first mistake comes from nerfing your own extreme character with only 1 skill tree/stat type build. The next mistake is that I also see many not even remotely coming close to using skill links. Then to top it off for mistakes, players have been using 2 weapons. Ok, what’s wrong with these things? Only using 1 build/skill tree. It’s much more c...[Read More]

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