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Aurcus Online Android/iOS Character Guide for Beginners

Aurcus Online Android/iOS Character Guide for Beginners Here’s a list of characters and the sub-classes that they can become. Included is some extra info to help you select, or at least try to help you select, a character and its sub-class. There are 4 main classes. Each main class can eventually gain 1 of 2 sub-classes. Much like the game Dragon Nest, you can use the main class and sub-class skil...[Read More]

Albion Android Guide For Beginners

Albion Android Guide For Beginners Here’s something to help you beginners out with your Albion adventures. With any luck, this will help prevent you from getting slaughtered all over the place!! There’s a LOT to this game because its setup with a “classless” system. Whatever you have crafted and equipped on your character happens to be your character type at the time. For Android users, it can get...[Read More]

Crasher beginners guide

Crasher  beginners guide  & tips n tricks When you begin a  game like Crasher the main decision you need to make is how are you going to play the game and what role you would be playing.  Most MMO games provide  you with a vast array of roles and characters to give  you the best experience.  Here we will give you an overall look at what roles and characters you can play  and the  strengths and...[Read More]

Mino Monsters 2 Evoloution : Beginners guide

Mino Monsters 2 Evolution Beginners guide In the beginning… OK firstly the balance of this game is a little out so getting Gems can be quite difficult but if you spend them very wisely and sparingly it can help you progress quite quickly, the game has a massive number of Mino’s that you can attain, some very easily and some with great difficulty.  The first Mino I managed to attain was...[Read More]

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