Clash of Clans Bot: The “Joys”

This is one of those topics which will explain the “joys” of going after and/or using a Clash of Clans bot. The real deal to it is that someone has to be awful careful in the use of most of them. Even at that, someone has to be awful careful in just getting a working bot. The upside is that there’re several Clash of Clans bots that DO work. The downside is, getting the real one. And that’s just for starters.


Getting a Clash of Clans bot

There are a lot of Clash of Clans players out there that decided they don’t want to manually play the game. Things take too long is one of the reasons behind this. Players would get bored waiting for their troops to be ready. Along with this is the fact that you have to stay with the game so it doesn’t log you out after a short amount of time. Death due to boredom quickly becomes a real problem!!

So, anyone with any common sense would start the search for a bot to use. Of course, in comes a Google search. At first glance, a player would think “oh look, that was easy to find”. And they would in fact be correct. A Clash of Clans bot is very easy to find. That would be the only good news to this. The bad news is that there are so many with nearly identical claims, a player can easily sit there for hours wondering which one actually works and which one is spyware/malware.

The problem shows up when you pick the wrong one. There are many fakes out there and that’s a spectacular understatement. These fakes can cause all kinds of problems for you, your PC, and/or the mobile device you were playing on. These things were built with the intention of causing problems, stealing information, or both.

Keep in mind that a claim of an infected app for an Android device is not entirely what you think. Don’t fall for the “media scare tactics”. It is spyware and/or malware plain and simple. Most experts would tell you Android devices don’t have viruses. But unfortunately, spyware and/or malware can be equally problematic. Next thing you know, someone else has your login and various other “goodies” stolen from your mobile device and/or PC.


Don’t let the claims of the bot “developer” trick you. You’d LIKE TO think your safe in the use of whatever bot. Do note that claims are made all the time. I can sit here and claim that I hang out with GOD on a regular basis and we talk about our Clash of Clans adventures!! Of course, the first reaction from anyone claiming to be sane would be “That’s nice. How much is your bridge for sale?”!!

With even something as simple as that claim, what makes you think the claims of “users” are far off from my claim?!! What makes you think that the “users” of whatever bot are not the person that made the bot (the spyware/malware/fake bot)?

Oh, I see, you THOUGHT the YouTube video you watched of the Clash of Clans bot in action is a real deal. Oh look, it even has comments to thank the person in the video!! Yeah, keep dreaming!! Again, person in the YouTube video is the same person saying “thanks”. Getting multiple YouTube accounts to work with to do this is not that hard!!

Sure, log into your account from a “bot” you downloaded. That’s basically the main way you get the problems. What did you think you were logging into?!! Chances are, you just gave someone a valid login to something you needed.


This is the bigger part of the problem. Getting yourself banned somehow with the use of a Clash of Clans bot. I’m pretty sure many players like to think they’ll be fine. Unfortunately, this was never the case. Clash of Clans bot users have become increasingly easy to spot. All it takes is a simple report sent in from a player that didn’t appreciate you using a bot to attack them. Bye bye account, it was nice knowing you!!

The other concern is that it’s a lot easier to get banned by using a Clash of Clans bot than most would think. One little wrong setting somewhere and it’s “so much for that account”. You’re not the one who developed the bot so if you’re new to it one wrong setting is all too easy to do. Next thing you know, your attack just used spells repeatedly even though only 1 was available to you when you attacked. I DO KNOW FOR FACT this has happened. Directly after the laughter died down, 4 days later, the exact reply was “You should know better than THAT”!! Of course, that particular player lost his account.

It’s all kinds of puny little mistakes like this that end up making you lose your account(s). So why didn’t you bother to use it properly? You took the time to find a real working bot, and you screwed it up. At that rate, it wasn’t even a challenge to get yourself banned!! But yet, these things continue.

Yeah, yeah, we get it. Why the lecture?!!

The idea behind all this was NOT to scare off players from using a Clash of Clans bot. Players are in fact going to use them anyway. The idea behind this was to give you fair warning. The bot use can be a nice method to prevent death by boredom. Many aspects of the game DO take a really long time. But you BETTER WATCH WHAT YOU’RE DOING. If you have ANY hopes of keeping your Clash of Clans account, for whatever purpose, you better watch it. Don’t say you weren’t warned!!

There are bots that work with mobile devices and emulators. It was a matter of getting a real one that does what you wanted. Even something as simple as prevent the game from logging you out so quickly when you just went to answer a nature call. That’s a very basic bot but it’s still a bot. If you’re so inclined, make your own. Anyone that knows macro recorders already has a start. Even at something this simple, there are ups and downs to it. Again, WATCH WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!

“We’re losing players Captain…. the shields are fine”!!

The idea is to have fun and don’t get banned. Especially from something dumb like this!! We’re STILL picking on the guy, in a very merciless fashion, that did get banned!! Try not to get into the same situation!! It will NEVER go away!! hahahahaha

Just a gamer girl !!