Clash of Clans Extra Tips

Here are some extras to help you out.

How-to reset your Clash of Clans account.

1)      Uninstall CoC from your device.

2)      Open your SPECIFIC Gmail account in any browser you like.

3)      Click the profile picture icon in the upper right.

Reset CoC1

4)      Click on the Account link. This will open your account settings.

5)      Scroll down to “Connected apps and services” and click Account permissions.

Reset CoC2

6)      If your CoC account was backed up, you can click the “Revoke” button. That will wipe out the specific account.

7)      Reinstall CoC.

Usually this will reset your account. Just be careful and MAKE SURE you logged into the right account BEFORE DOING THIS. Don’t say you were not warned!! Once CoC is reinstalled, you can simply play again from the start on the same account on the same device. As far as I know, this will work unless you didn’t backup your game. If that’s the case, uninstalling and reinstalling CoC should do it.


Super Units!!

This one gets pretty funny because it’s a 100% LEGIT method to put big ugly holes in someone’s base with only a few units!! Go ahead and re-read that in case you have not spotted it. Yes, it IS 100% LEGIT. And as it turns out, quite a nasty little trick too!! Oddly enough, most overlook this completely but it’s pretty funny to watch when done right!!

Here goes:

1)      Get 2 or 3 WIZARDS. That’s right, use wizards. They have decent HP and they hit both ground and air targets. And they’re not exactly stingy on the damage!!

2)      Get 3-4 HEALERS.

3)      Anything else you throw into the mix is your concern!!

It’s a simple tactic really. All you have to do is launch the wizards first. Then naturally it would take a few short seconds (1-2 seconds or less, keep them close enough) to switch to and launch the 3-4 Healers right BEHIND the wizards. It’s your choice IF you want to give the wizards a few extra seconds when aiming for anti-air defenses. The idea is to aim for the anti-air defenses as much as possible first so the healers can be safe. Then watch as the wizards put big ugly holes where someone’s base used to be while the healers keep them going the entire time!! I have personally seen 1 or 2 wizards get bombed by towerS, mortarS, wizard towers, etc all at the same time and still kept on going like it was nothing!! Another case was 1 wizard and 1 barbarian up against 2 level 4 mortars at the same time. They both survived without a scratch. The mortars were bombing the wizard and barbarian per usual so the healers were fine.

Some might think a variation is to use archers and/or giants. However, variations like that are flawed. Giants won’t hit air targets in the case of clan building defenses. They have the HP but tend to scatter while aiming for defenses. Archers don’t have that much HP!! The healers won’t heal air units so you can skip that idea!! The healers won’t attack and they won’t heal each other.

The only good variation is instruction 3. You can send giants or other units to go after defenses and/or other units for distraction tactics.


The No Money Defense

This turns out to be one of the best defense setups all around. ANY defense can lose. It’s just a matter of someone launching a big enough attack. The whole idea in any defense is to make sure your opponent pays. The more horrifically, the better!! So naturally, when you didn’t leave much of anything for resources (gold and elixirs), they will always pay!! Most actually look at the amount of resources you have for them to loot. Basic common sense would tell you that if there is less loot to gain compared to what you spent, move on. Naturally, you almost always end up with some mouth breathers that didn’t quite get the idea. Check the screen shots.

CoC No Money Defense Results1Basically, three are showing here that didn’t quite get the idea!! In short, thanks for the trophies, SUCKERS!! But when you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the first in the list spent his own AND someone else’s elixir to walk away with a LOSS and a puny amount of resources. At least the second person in the list had the decency to waste their own elixir. I hope the first in the list apologized!! The third in the list must have been ditching trophies. Do note: there ARE much cheaper/better ways to ditch trophies!!

It’s because of things like this I got over 600 trophies from defenses alone by level 14!! Even if they destroyed my town completely, what did they really gain? It’s not like my troops were lost or repairs for traps were overly expensive!! How much did they spend in hopes of gaining trophies with a “win”?!!

CoC No Money Defense Results2

I can understand experiments that have gone wrong or a seriously messed up judgment call. I’m definitely not innocent of such things. But sometimes this gets ridiculous!! Keep in mind that the gold loot is just a bonus. Gold doesn’t pay for your troops. This is just 6 examples of a very long list of screw ups that are loading my battle log!!

Contestant #1….. How much did s/he spend and still didn’t even get anywhere NEAR what s/he gained? Really, all that for 11-12 trophies? I doubt that rather highly!! Contestant #2….. Really? All THAT and only got 15% with NO RESOURCES gained?!! Yeah, YOU’RE FIRED!!


For BlueStacks and other emulator users

One of the bigger concerns is while you’re away. But for emulator users, get a macro recorder. It might not keep you in game forever, but they do work and you won’t get DC’ed after a short time of inactivity. Do note that macro recorders can “take over” your computer. Basically, your computer will be running the macro and controlling the mouse. So screen savers and monitor shut offs won’t work. Basically, set the macro recorder to record clicks on various random buildings. Set it to record gold and elixir building clicks (to collect) if you want to.  You’ll have to redo the recording each time you move the game screen because if you rerun the same macro, the chance of you getting the same positioning every time is slim and none. If you rerun the same macro, you’d end up clicking the wrong things.

But as it turns out, some might deem this as a cheat/bot and others would not care. I DO NOT care if anyone uses it or not. Emulator users have it as a choice. It was just a matter of time before players caught on anyway. In any case, it comes in handy if you get called away and didn’t want to get DC’ed on the usual few short minutes of inactivity.



Yes, emulators work for playing Clash of Clans on your computer. However, emulators don’t always work or cooperate properly. So try out a couple of them to see what results you can get. Do note that emulators such as Bluestacks can take up a lot of system resources. So the stronger your system specs are, the better. Also, even though it’s an emulator, you can still configure some or all of them as though it was a mobile device. CoC is just one game/app that can work on them. The actual list of working games/apps is very large. Your own experience with each game/app just depends on your system specs and the version of the emulator you get.

Here’s some extra help for installing and using BlueStacks.

Again, that’s just one way to do it (Bluestacks) and there’s included help information in case you run into problems. There are other emulators and things to try out but as it turns out, I had better results using Bluestacks. Just remember you might not always get an exact match for the instructions from that site. Different versions of emulators will give different results. In any case, the basics of the whole thing are still going to be the same.


NOTE: Bluestacks IS NOT FREEWARE. I just simply used the Install Apps button. For some reason, there never seems to be anything installed that I can locate.

Side note: When you exit Bluestacks be sure to close it completely. Check for its icon on the system tray and use Task Manager for ending the other 2 that stay in memory. Specifically the two running apps are: HD-UpdaterService.exe and HD-Agent.exe.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the Clash of Clans Techtoniks Forums.

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