Clash of Clans The “Juicy Center” Defense

I’m all too aware that every defense setup in Clash of Clans has its pros and cons. But this one definitely has potential to cost your opponents and be a spectacular pain in the ass!! Check out the picture and yes, I’m aware that it’s not exactly a “masterpiece” but it’ll do!!

Juicy Center Defense

This is a triple wall setup. All your resource holding buildings are in the middle of it all. The main idea is to make it hard for an attacker to get at your resources which are the main targets. Along those lines you have a 2 fold setup; namely your defenses and the timer. The real goal is to make sure as much as possible that anyone trying to attack you ends up spending more than what they gain (check for the No Money Defense).

Each part is as follows:

  • Inside Green Area. Place your resource holding buildings here. You can skip the inner wall if you want to but make sure the resource holding buildings are surrounded by mortars and anything that can attack air units except towers. Place defense buildings so they cover each other. Anti Air attack range overlaps mortars and vice versa.
  • The Red Area. Place cannons and towers here for both an outer + inner defense setup. Try to place all defense buildings in this area to cover as much as possible (overlapping). In short, the overall size is really not going to be that large. The gap between towers and cannons and walls is also not very large.
  • The Outer Green Area. Place all your other buildings here. Place them close enough so the red area defenses can cover them.


The idea is that anyone starting from any point has a lot to go through just to get at the real targets. Then they have to get there before the timer runs out!! The outer buildings are going to serve as “cover” while enemy units are getting shot from cannons and towers. Even if they get destroyed, it really doesn’t matter THAT much since they don’t hold resources. Then they have to get past the walls and defenses on the outer red and inner green areas. Let’s not forget bombs, hidden teslas, and springs. Place them wherever you feel they’ll best suit your defense.

In comparison to a “scattered” defense method (buildings everywhere), you have an advantage where your defense buildings can overlap and protect each other as well. When you use a “scattered” defense, you’d only have just so many defense buildings trying to cover each area.

You have to make note of the fact that in any defense your village finds itself in, your resources are the main target. Why would anyone bother to attack you without the real aim being your gold and elixir becoming theirs? Aside from trophy hunting of course!! And do note that gold is just a bonus. It doesn’t get your troops and spells paid for like elixir does. That should have been your main concern on the attack. Is it worth attacking?

Currently I’m only using a basic version of the juicy center defense because I’m still at a lower town hall level. But have a look at the results I have been getting.

CoC My Recent Results 1CoC My Recent Results 2

Oh my, it seems one person, out of SIX, for recent attacks (the replay button is still there on the first 3 in the list!!) managed to gain. I have a whole long list of results like this. But you get the point by now!!

The 1st, 4th and 6th attackers spent their own elixir to attack me AND someone else’s elixir too. Every one of them lost on trophies. Every one of them, except the 5th attacker, lost on elixir. And it’s not like any of them were ditching trophies during these attacks. Not with THAT many troops. The lot of them gained enough gold to get laughed at!! I’m really having a hard time trying to decide which attacker took the worst beating in just this list!!

 Do note: This can also work well in other games like Castle Clash.


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