Clash of Clans Trophy Ditching

One of the main tricks that have been going on for quite some time now is trophy ditching. The idea is to lower your total trophies by taking an intentional loss to stay within a certain league. Most would pick any given troop that they currently have available and drop it on a village and simply (and quickly) tap the Surrender button. Once the desired trophy amount is dropped to, then simply go back to attacking as always. However, the problem is that most are just costing themselves too much elixir. Even if you pick the cheapest troop you currently have available, it still costs. But there’s a way out of that too!!

CoC Trophy Ditching

As you can see in the screen shot, that 3rd attack didn’t quite work out so well !! However, that’s the entire trick showing in the 1st and 2nd attacks. In this set, I dropped 60 trophies but gained a total of 31,068 (minus the cost of the archers) elixir in the process!! Since I was ditching trophies, the elixir gain was quite welcomed. I’m aware that it’s really not much. However, it’s also not a LOSS of elixir!! Yeah, the stuff that gets your troops, spells, and other things paid for. Also note, you can go after gold mines too at the same time.

How is this done?

The basics are as described above. Just remember that this is a LUCK SHOT. You could end up attacking a village with no available targets. Also know that you could end up attacking a village with next to nothing in the elixir collectors/gold mines. Don’t worry about it too much. Again, check the screen shot above and look at my 3rd attack. Not so great, huh?!! IF you really want to “test your luck” try this with Goblins. It could work!!

Basically, you are on a trophy ditch, so in order not to spend a lot of gold (or any more gold), just stick with the first village you’re presented with (that’s the luck shot). Look around. What you’re looking AND hoping for is a village with resource collectors (gold mines and elixir collectors) that are in the open. Use archers for this trick or you’d possibly end up spending a lot more than what you should. That and other troops tend to get too close. Look for an elixir collector (or more) that was either left in the open completely or you can out range the attacks of the defense buildings near it.

Place up to two archers as far away from the resource building(s) as you can so their range kicks in. The defense buildings of the village you’re attacking won’t be able to hit you IF you did it properly. But don’t go too far off. Your archers might go after the wrong building(s) instead. So try to aim it as best you can. You can also look for resource buildings that are “protected” by defense building(s) that are being upgraded. Those won’t attack you anyway so go with it!! Also, you can go after “corner placed Builder Huts” left there by players for whatever reason. This will help you build up your Union Buster achievement.

Let’s see some examples of proper trophy ditching and the completely ridiculous!!

CoC Trophy Ditching 2

As we can see here, contestants #1 and 2 didn’t quite get the idea. They used the Brand X method…. not the MagicBabe method. Too bad, so sad, so sorry!! As of this writing, I’m at level 39 (that must be one nasty little defense I got going!!). Yet, a level 74 player just couldn’t quite get the idea complete with his level 6 Barbarian King!! Wow, all that and only got 62% on a player currently 35 levels BELOW you!! Impressive but not in a good way!! Wow. Did you enjoy that MASSIVE LOSS of resources?!! You spent 60K elixir on just those spells!! hahahaha

Contestant #2 attempted some trophy ditching but went a little too far. Check that, he completely screwed that one up!! Yes, when I checked the replay, this player has the full troops and spells list. But in an effort to ditch trophies, “press n hold” isn’t the ideal method!!

Contestant #3, finally someone, got it right!! Way to go #3!! Well, #3 was close enough. At least s/he didn’t drop the entire set of troops while 35 levels above me like a total wussy attacking a much lower level player and didn’t focus highly on the “press n hold” method. Although no loot was gained, it wasn’t a big loss. Close enough still works for this player!!

On a side note:

Do remember that players using trophy ditching are actually HELPING you. That’s right, in order to gain the Unbreakable achievement, your defense still has to win just so many times. I’m sure anyone would prefer a much bigger defense win for their own bragging rights, but it’s still a win!!


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