Crasher beginners guide

Crasher  beginners guide  & tips n tricks

When you begin a  game like Crasher the main decision you need to make is how are you going to play the game and what role you would be playing.  Most MMO games provide  you with a vast array of roles and characters to give  you the best experience.  Here we will give you an overall look at what roles and characters you can play  and the  strengths and weakness of each role.  Myself I like to have a  hands off approach to the game and allow others to do the hacking and slashing.

 When you select you role you should understand the basics of that role to ensure you level  up accordingly and you find the right equipment for the class or role that you choose, I mean there is no point having a  an  armulet  that gives you  additional magic damage if you are playing as a  warrior that rarely casts any spells.   You can have  a class that is good at dealing with a lot of enemies or a class that can quickly destroy a boss .  Either way you need to be able to determine your strengths to make the right choices.  Here you will find the information you need to  get started playing Crasher on android


A very popular class in most MMORPG games for android, the Warrior has a balanced set of attributes and is a good choice for any gamer,  useful in the art of defence and offence the Warrior can be a  great character to play with,.  The best role for a warrior is to be used as a tank,  they are great for  boss battles and  can help you defeat even the most powerful bosses but should only really be used as part of a team  due to the nature of the character, generally the Warrior can be slow and can only really focus on 1 target at a time which causes problems when the fight gets a little crowded.    Compared to a lot of other classes the  warrior has  some disadvantages that can hinder you while out farming.    Farming with the Warrior class can be a frustrating experience if you do not have the right party  to go with  so I would only choose the Warrior if I am going to find a party to join while out farming/grinding.

Overall good class if you are going to join a group and farm with but  not for the lone ranger.


The Mage is a great character to play with when you are playing MMORPG , the main function of the Mage is  high damage from range with high area of effect damage.  With the mage you can quickly mince  a group of enemies  and that allows you to farm quite quickly,   although be aware high damage dealers unfortunately have the side effect of being high damage takers.  This means if you don’t have the  best defensive equipment you could find yourself being taken down quite quickly yourself.  Playing with  the Mage on auto can be quite ineffective due the the  damage that they receive, its best to be alert with this character at all times to ensure you are dealing the most damage but also keeping a safe distance so that you don’t get crushed yourself.

Overall good for farming but better if you have a team around you keeping you safe.


The archer is again a great character for farming  because you can take out enemies from a safe distance without loss of life , the archer also possesses high damage attacks and is great when in PVP mode, the archer is quick and can inflict damage at a good rate allowing you to take out enemies quickly, again like all ranged characters you can find yourself overrun if you take on to many enemies or you don’t have the team to help protect you .  it’s best to avoid any close quarter battles due to the low defence stats of this character.



The assassin is a great character to deal with the threat of long ranged attacks  due to the speed in which it can deal damage,  this means  it is useful for PVP  due the damage that can be done in a short space of time.  The problem with the assassin like the Warrior is that farming/ grinding  can be  hard work so it is better to be in a party that can help you  mince your enemies  quicker to give you more gold  and XP.