Dragon Heroes Android Beginner’s Tips n Tricks Guide

Dragon Heroes Android Beginner’s Tips n Tricks Guide

Dragon Heroes is a top down scrolling, action RPG for Android devices. Quite possibly for iOS too!! There are a ton of options you could put together for the heroes and teams you collect. That happens to be the same reason for the large variety of questions!! This guide is a collection of tips n tricks I put together while playing. I didn’t bother to read any other guide(s) (beyond the help section) for this game so if anything happens to be a duplicate, it was 100% unintentional.

What’s the best team to put together?

The absolute best team you can put together depends on YOU. What you can afford in game and what you can manage to get while playing. Yes, this game relies heavily on 2 factors:

  • Your luck. Without a doubt much of your team will consist of heroes gained from draw tickets. So luck of the draw WILL come into it. Of course, Selection tickets help but they won’t always available to you.
  • Your skill. You might be great with one team. But while using an entirely different team with the nearly identical stats, you might end up sucking more than a black hole!! If you’re not moving properly, chances are, you’re dead meat in there!! You won’t be gaining much while your heroes are dead!!


Yes, it’s awfully easy to want to spend every ruby you have at every chance you get. No, it’s not really a good idea to do that!! Save your money. Going broke in game tends to suck on a massive scale!! Look at what in the hell you’re buying first. No real sense in buying if you can just loot it anyways!! On the upside, there are lots of ways to gain rubies for free. It’s just a matter of putting in the game time to gain them. Let them pool for a while.

Some of the ways to gain rubies include:

  • Gaining a hero for the first time.
  • Completing a part in the Story.
  • Leveling a hero or dragon. Even repeatedly leveling a character can still gain rubies.

Spending real money

So far, I have not spent a single coin of real money on this game. To date I have played 2 accounts so far. The first one I left quite some time ago because I got very busy!! The second account which is (as of this writing) ongoing is doing quite well for itself. I managed to get 3 rare heroes so far and my main character, Delphino, has quite a lot of destructive power to back him up!! But all in all, I have not found any real reason to spend real money. I’ll leave that to someone with deeper pockets than mine!! So yes, spending real money is definitely done by choice.


Yes, the specific Special Dungeons for the day are a great way to get the specific materials needed to increase the star count of your hero(s)/team(s). The trick to it is that you don’t have to wait for the specific day. Simply get 3stars in certain Scenario maps (as many as you can) and you can repeat those maps at any time. When checked, the drops are the same for each difficulty level. But repeating those maps increases the drop rates a little. The difference is in the amount of wings you spend to run a map and the EXP + gold gains. So if you’re in Easy mode, you can get the same drops but less EXP and gold compared to the higher difficulties. Take this into account when your main concern is the hunt.

Easy 2-7

Difficult 2-7

When you look at the above screen shots, the first 1 is for map 2-7 on Easy and the other is for 2-7 on Difficult. The runes that can drop from both maps are exactly the same. But you’ll have more EXP and gold gains from the Difficult mode.

Yes, any standard rune can upgrade any standard rune up to +15. The higher the rune star count, the more points you’ll gain from it. You’ll need a star count match to Grade Up (increase the star count) a rune when it reaches +15. This can go up to 6 stars. You’ll need 4 of the same star count runes no matter what runes they are. Otherwise, you can get and use an instant upgrade item for runes to increase its star count when it’s at +15. Do note the rubies cost for using those instant upgrade items.

For your heroes, you can +upgrade them to +5 maximum. You can use other heroes or dragons. The better trick is to max level 2 star and above characters that you want to use to upgrade the hero. The simple way is to use the EXP pots. You can gain LOTS of EXP pots from using Auto-Tickets. Or if you’re one of those players with much deeper pockets than mine, you can buy them in the shop!!

Guild / Guild War

Yes, it’s a good idea to get into a guild. Once you’re in a guild, you can benefit from the guild buffs set by the guild leader. The guild war is a battle which stretches across several weeks per season. Enter it, set your attack team, and find an opponent to kill off. When you get the chance, preferably as soon as possible, set your defense team. Use your best heroes in there. Of course it helps to upgrade the formation you’re using too.

Once a guild war starts (the GL can start it each day), you’ll have 3 chances to attack. Aim for opponents with 100% HP first. Also make sure the opponents you attack are someone you CAN defeat. More often than not, an opponent with at least a 5K less power rating compared to your attack team would get you’re a win. A lot of times, opponents to defeat will be easier to find than you think. You just have to hope you’re in an active guild with enough players that can gain the wins during guild war!!

While looking for an opponent, always compare your power rating to your opponent’s power rating. Then compare your formations. Try to go for the sure wins first and foremost. Beyond that, you ARE taking your chances. Each time you win a battle (3 daily), you gain gold, guild points (for guild leveling), and guild shop points. All guild war battles are done in Arena style. So it’s a “12 man” match (6 heroes per player).

Infinite Dungeon

In Infinite Dungeon, it’s as the name implies. It gives you an endless set of mobs to kill off. Each mob wave is a different type. So one wave could be light, the very next wave could be water. With this setup, it’s much harder to determine a specific attribute team. This is when you should rely more on the hero types (chaos, pendragon, etc). When building up a team, the suggestion is to find a main hero to use that boosts its same type. For example, a hero that boosts Saint Heroes can be set as the leader. Then get 2 more Saint Heroes to add to your team. So with 3, as destructive as you can get heroes, you should be able to get pretty far. You just have to make sure your flying isn’t so sloppy!! And of course, the further you get in ID, the more gold and rewards you’ll gain.

Boss Battle

In BB, you’d rely more on the heroes’ specific attribute for each stage AND boss damage increase effects of your heroes and runes. For example, you’re in a BB against a water type boss. Of course, a nature attribute hero would help but you can mix that with a hero that gives extra damage to a boss like the Monkey King. Just remember that you’re on a time limit in there.

The Arena

Put together your strongest heroes. Once you start, that would be a great time to start hoping you don’t get matched with a real deal monster opponent. Or at least not more than once in a row!! I haven’t the foggiest as to why it’s so open like that but it is. IF you wanted to get “technical” about it, you can put together specific heroes that just so happen to work WITH each other. It depends on which heroes you have and what those heroes boost on themselves and other team members. It’s a similar idea to an ID team. Of course, putting together a team like this would take some time. Again, re-read the first section above.

The Arcade

This is quite a bit of fun for trying out heroes you might not have yet. Keep in mind that those heroes in the sets are teamed quite well. So you might not get the same destructive results while using those heroes in other teams.

The main aim for the Arcade mode is to clear the dungeon with all teams. All the while you have to kill as many mobs as you can AND collect as many bonus points as you can. Some of the teams that are setup for you don’t always work so well. They’re not as destructive as you’d hope they’d be. So you’re flying/moves WILL play a big part in this. The upside is that when switching heroes, it works just like Adventure mode. Your heroes will heal up while sitting out of battle. So make sure you’re switching is used properly. Don’t take too many hits or you’ll end up dead rather than hero switched. You’d be surprised how quick your hero can end up dead rather than switched.

The Store

You have to keep checking the store each time you log in and every so often if you’re in game for long periods of time. Mostly you’ll be checking the countdown timers for the Draw Tickets section and the refreshes in Pinn’s Store. The trick is that if you login in a couple of times throughout the day, you’re also gaining points towards one of the achievements. One of them happens to be to log in!! I’m not sure why but oh well, it’s free gold!! So some could think of it as a “2 for 1 sale”!!


That’ll do for now. Much of the game really is self explanatory. The Help section turned out to be more worthwhile to read compared to other games.

Have Fun!!


Just a gamer girl !!