Dragon Nest SEA Booster’s Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Booster’s Guide

One of the more popular ideas for Dragon Nest SEA is boosting. So many either can’t level while solo or simply don’t want to. This guide is NOT for those players!! So they either join a party or get someone to boost them. One of the more profitable ideas also happens to be the same thing; boosting others. For quite some time now, many players have used their characters to boost for gold or other items/reasons. However, some are not going the full distance in offering boosting services. Here, I’ll show you how to setup and provide boosting services which can be very profitable in more ways than some would suspect!!

The Setup

You’ll need something to work with in boosting others. So you better setup properly to make sure the people you boost not only remember your name, but recommend you to others. When you setup for THIS stuff, you’ll need the following:

  1. At least two accounts. That’s right; you’ll need at least 2 accounts to do this with. If you have more, that’s even better. The reason being is that you’ll need to stay OUT of one of them for anywhere between 1 week to 1 month. I can never remember the timing on this but I do know it’s somewhere in that range!!
  2. The player(s) you’re trying to boost will need to be in your friends list. There’re extra EXP gains in it.
  3. At least 1 character in your accounts that can really tear apart dungeons and anywhere else needed at a very quick rate. So a character at maximum level would do, complete WITH the items that won’t get you killed and/or embarrassed easily!! This is needed in each account you plan to use.
  4. The player(s) you’re trying to boost should be in the guild you created. There are extra EXP gains in it AND extra gains for your guild. Yes, make your own guild. It’s quite beneficial to you as a Guild Leader anyway!!
  5. Master/Apprentice should be in place for the player(s) you plan on boosting. There are various extras in it for both of you.
  6. A Returning Hero This is the one most overlook. It’s also the reason you need at least 2 accounts. When you get this on a boosting character, there will be extra EXP gains in it for the player you’re boosting. There’re also other items in it for the person with the Returning Hero title.
  7. A good and STABLE connection. It’s going to be ridiculous if you’re trying to boost others when you’re constantly getting DC’ed.


As for the other EXP items, you won’t need them. That’s the concern of the player(s) you’re boosting. Let them deal with it. Besides, you as a booster should already be at maximum level. You wouldn’t care about EXP items to use!!

The Explanation

Why would you need these things to be a good booster? Simply put, you want to do it right, don’t you?!! In attempting to do it right, you really should go all out and have all these things.

Starting with #2…..When the player(s) you’re boosting are in your friends list, there’s a bonus EXP gain in the dungeon runs.

For #3…This should be very self explanatory!!

For #4……The player(s) that are in your guild would gain for your guild and gain their EXP too. It’s a win + win situation for both of you. If they stay in your guild and continue playing, that’s even better for you/your guild. If your guild is a high enough level already, the player(s) you’re planning to boost can but the Guild Items to use for more EXP gains. This is a very attractive feature to make others want to join your guild. One of the nice benefits to having your own guild is having the extra inventory space.

For #5….With the Master/Apprentice setup, there are extra EXP gains in it for the player(s) you’re boosting and items for both of you.

For #7….Again, this should be very self explanatory!!

For #1 and 6…. This one is the part that most will overlook and often don’t bother with. It’s not so easy to do but the benefits are pretty nice. The idea being that if you have more than one account built up properly, you can let it sit around for the time needed to gain the Returning Hero title and go play/build up your other account(s). That’s exactly how you gain it. Stay OUT of the account long enough. Do not attempt to log into the account in question or the time will reset and you have to start over. Also, don’t leave things in the account you’re planning to stay out of. Nice having your own guild with the extra storage to work with, isn’t it?!!

Basically, if you’re doing this from scratch, you can setup one account with however many characters you want in there and all in your own guild. Play that one account to build up at least one character to maximum level and have a good enough set so that you can tear apart any dungeon very quickly. Once you’re convinced that the account can get the job done, make another account and go at it again. Leave the first account alone for a long enough time. There’s going to be a lot more switching accounts when you have more than 2 accounts involved.

You’ll get some nice benefits for yourself if you can boost your own other account(s). So those with multiple PCs have a real advantage to all this. <<<< HINT HINT!! Nice and subtle!!

When you eventually go back to the first account you built up, you’ll get the Returning Hero title IF you stayed out long enough. Once you have that title, here come the boosting requests the second someone needs it and spots your title!! Anyone that knows that particular title WILL KNOW it’s a nice EXP bonus included for the player(s) being boosted. So it should not take long for someone to spot it and come after you!!

The Pros and Cons

With just about everything else, there’s going to be 2 sides to this. If you don’t mind the cons so much, you’re all set!!

The Pros

  • There’re a lot of extra gains in it for you even though you’re at maximum level.
  • This turns out to be a good way to become very popular in game as long as you didn’t screw up horrifically!!
  • It can be profitable.
  • Some can setup a character as described in a week or less. Usually less depending on your “Addict Mode” moves!!


The Cons

  • This does take time to setup. Possibly up to 1 month in trying to gain the Returning Hero title.
  • The profitable part does have a possibility to get your account banned.
  • If you don’t have a stable connection, don’t even try.


Ok, so where’s the profitable part?!!

The profitable part comes in various forms. It just depends on what you deem as a good trade off in the process of boosting and/or how well you can sell things. And no, not just the items you could end up looting while running those dungeons. There are many players that sell accounts too.

WARNING: YES, selling an account or item for real money IS something that can get you banned. However, IF you’re not a scammer that would cause a report against you in the matter, you won’t have to worry. Truth is, there are many item and account sellers all over the place. You just have either find one or be a good one. Then you won’t have a problem with it.

Basically, some players will boost entirely for the hunt while boosting. They want the items for whatever purpose. Others might do it for gold only. Pay them and you’re all set. I’m willing to bet you’d rather be on the receiving end of that payment!! Others might setup their account to be ready to gain the Returning Hero title and sell that account. Just be sure you don’t sell the account that has a Guild Leader character.

When you get a good enough item, there’s always the chance you can sell it for real money or cell phone load, or whatever else you might be after. I do know players of Dragon Nest SEA, among several other games, that have NOT paid for their own cell phone load in years. Yes, that’s how far it’s gotten and they’re barely trying!! I kid you in no way, shape or form in the matter.

Again, some that have multiple PCs to work with can setup one account and use it to boost other accounts. As you can see, the list goes on and on for possibilities. It was just a matter of getting creative about it and not scamming someone to draw bad/un-wanted attention towards you.

Have Fun!!

Just a gamer girl !!