Dragon Nest SEA Cooking and Farming Guide

There are a number of guides out there that show you how to level your farming and cooking quite fast. So I won’t be getting into that in this guide. There simply is no method to quickly level fishing and it doesn’t matter. You’ll still get the same fish at any level of fishing. It was a matter of spending enough time in EACH fishing spot to be able to get all the fish. Eventually, you WILL need all of them. The fishing is to be able to cook broths. The broths are used as some of the ingredients for cooking. You have to either hunt or buy the rest of the materials needed. Some of the materials are sold in the NPC near the farm entrance.

This guide is made with the intention of showing you some of the “better bets” when it comes to cooking and farming.


Have at least 5 characters in your account for farming to work out great. All 5 have to be at least level 24 to begin any of this stuff. Keep one of them as a storage character for materials. Especially the materials you have to hunt for. All 5 should be on as high a level of farming as possible. Only one character is needed for cooking. IF you want to have a 2nd character for cooking, make sure it’s for cooking recipes the main cooking character doesn’t have. The idea is to keep the recipe switching to a minimal IF you want more.

Keep your planting together. Time it as best you can while considering the server maintenance times. There’s no real point in planting some at one time and then planting some more on another character one hour later or something similar. Plant, switch characters as quickly as you can, keep planting. It works out better when it comes time to harvest. Also note that the harvest produces random results, so having many characters to farm with, all planting the same things, helps.

You only need one set of tools since you can only have one character logged in at a time. Yes, they’ll all get a set of tools when they learn each part of farming, cooking, and fishing. But to save inventory/storage space, just keep one set. The rest you can sell back to the NPC. Some players like Lord Ago and MegaWilma (they went tag team in this game!!), have created their own guild just to have extra storage space and make it easier to transfer the tools to each character.

Fishing is just one LONG, BORING process. It’s definitely an AFK mode type of setup. Just remember that you’ll have to switch fishing spots every so often. Get a set of at least 100 worms from the NPC just outside the farming entrance. Then go watch TV or a movie for a while. Basically, spend around 1 to 2 hours in EACH fishing spot. Base your timing on the amount of worms you buy and which fishing rod you use. Also remember that the type of fishing rod ONLY changes the speed and NOT the types of fish you get.

By now you’re probably wondering why bother with fishing, cooking, and farming? The pots involved are a lot more potent compared to the pots bought from the NPC and they have much faster cool downs. Other pots give stats boosts. Others are used in specific situations to make your character invulnerable for a certain period of time. In any of these cases, it can be a real advantage having these pots. The only 2 ways to get them are cooking them yourself or keep spending your game gold to buy them (IF someone is selling them).

Cooking Recipes

These are sorted by the levels a character can use them. For the most part, you can see the specific requirements of each pot in their descriptions. Each pot that gives +stats will last for the entire dungeon run.



Example: B4 = Basic cooking level 4.

Level 24-32

NameCooking LevelDungeon TypeRequired PlantingPot Type
Apple JuiceB3NormalHP Recovery
Lowest Grade Iron WallB8Nest+ P Def
Lowest Grade TentB8Nest+M Def


Level 33-40

Black Net Mushroom BunB9NormalHP Recovery
Low Grade TentB12Nest+M Def
Low Grade Iron WallB12Nest+P Def
Low Grade RecoveryB12NestHP Recovery
Low Grade DestructionB9Nest+P Attack


Level 41-80

Sanctuary Watermelon JuiceI1NormalHp Recovery
Medium Grade RecoveryI1NestSanctuary WatermelonFrost Coffee BeanBlack Pine Shroom SporeHP Recovery
Medium Grade Iron WallI8NestShade Orc Shroom SporeGreen Hat Shroom SporeWhite Umbrella Shroom Spore +P Def
Medium Grade TentI8Nest +M Def
Medium Grade DestructionI2NestRose ThornScale ThornWillow HerbSwamp Eggplant +P Attack
Medium Grade Magic PotionI4NestSame as I2 +M Attack


You can mix and match cooking all you like. But this set can have a wide range of things covered when dungeon running.

If you have any comments, questions, or requests, please post them in the Techtoniks Forums.

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