Grand Chase Reborn Ley PvE Guide

Grand Chase Reborn Ley PvE Guide

Here’s a setup to try in Grand Chase Reborn for Ley. Ley is heavy on the attack but not always so quick on the movement. She does have an evasion skill in the form of a “dash blink” move. But do note, if you’re busy tap dancing on the attack key (“Z”), then your evasion tactics won’t work so well. So DO control your attacking or you’ll take a lot more hits!! For this guide, I’m using a level 75 Ley.

During December 2015, GCR held an event that would give you 1 automatic level 70 character with a Thanatos set. It was NOT a great set to have but at least the automatic level 70 was a nice touch!! When you make a new account in GCR, you get a pet at random and 25,000 VP. Sometimes you could get a Nurse Tammy, or something else. I ended up with a Madeline pet. I used the 25,000 VP to buy scrolls to try for a level 70 Gacha set. Of course, I only got some Gacha parts!!

Anyway, the level 70 Gacha and other items I currently have in use are just temporary. The main aim would be to get to level 80 and have a full set of Relic level Phantom Phoenix items. Iron Dragon items can come later if need be!!

NOTE: This is a PvE guide. I have no idea how well it would work in PvP. I’m hearing various war stories about too many cheaters in the PvP to even wanna bother with PvP. But my first guess is that if you manage to pop someone with a skill from Ley, it’s either gonna kill or hurt something awful!!

The Set

It’s important to know what’s really involved with a character. Too many times I have seen a video in YouTube showing off some skills. But what most YouTube game tactic videos deeply lack is the real details behind the tactic(s) being used. They don’t tell you what all is involved with getting the setup they’re using. The prime example for Grand Chase is Dio using OnRush. So many thought it was great when they saw it in action. But they certainly had no idea what was involved in getting that setup. So here came many more questions due to not getting the same results. In any case, HOW you get these characters, pets, and items to do this is your concern!!


Although I gained an automatic level 70 Ley, the Thanatos set that came with it was terrible!! So I managed to get 4 Rexion Gacha parts and looted the helmet you see in the above screen shot. Later I crafted the Thanatos gloves. Then added cards to boost attack, special attack, and MP regen. Eventually I crafted the upgrade stones for the 4 Gacha parts. I also crafted the level 69 weapon. Special Attack and MP regen are the main focus of my Ley build.


All looted accessories except for the necklace and anklet that came with the character. I bought the mask in the Shop for GP. It’s been useless but slightly better than no mask!! Also note that at the time of this writing, there’re multiple mini-events being conducted. Specifically, the Water Balloon event is where I got the level 70 Nixie’s Fins. Other mini-events at the same time are how I got Property Reset scrolls for gaining Hell Spear. I also gained a pet Rutherford and other pet scrolls from the Paper, Rock, and Scissors mini-event. Eventually I was able to craft the Rutherford pet.

My Stats


As of this writing, I have a S+ stat rank. The main focus for Ley is the Special Attack, MP Recovery, and Attack. Hell Spear is just a bonus but definitely a welcomed one!! Attack isn’t such a high priority but it comes in handy.

The Skills

You can get the idea just the same so I’ll only include the screen shots of all the skill screens rather than all the names and descriptions. Just do remember that my entire Ley skills setup can be gained by level 70. At level 70, you can have the same build and you should have extra points left over. Since the current level cap is at level 85, you can definitely still gain more points.

I did NOT use the extra skills for the summons. I’m not into micromanaging them. IF your fingers are fast enough to do it properly, you’d still have, sooner or later, skill points to add them in.

This particular build uses both Real Dark and Havoc. I have seen others on many occasions asking which one to get and which one is better. I get them both. Real Dark has a lower AoE and a a bit lower damage done but it does shoot through clear down to the bottom of the map. Anything under it gets hit so get to a high spot on the map before using it. Havoc has a wider AoE and hits harder but only on the level and above you’re standing on. Get to a lower spot on the map before using it. Some mobs / bosses tend to stick up on the level you’re standing on. They will also get hit even though they’re standing 1 level below you at the time.

I swapped the IS for the AP regen skill. Ley’s IS isn’t so great IMO. It does work to clear a stage but its damage wasn’t so high. Or do I have that mixed up with my low attack stat?!! I didn’t check!! Hahahahaha Anyways, the AP regen skill works nicely to help keep your AP up. Do note that an AP regen pet only gives just so much and with a longer cool down time. Adding in the regen skill makes it work nicely.

I stuck with Ley’s ranged attack. There are many PvE situations where a ranged attack comes in awfully handy!! For example a mob that has shockwave as one of its effects. Of course you don’t wanna be standing next to it to continue attacking!!

Definitely get the extra summoning skill. All you have to do is press the “C” key and pick a direction. That will summon one of the 4 them at a time so you have them all available without using a skill slot. You can only have 2 summons active at the same time BUT you can summon them all to have all 4 buffs.









Ley in Action

Here are a couple of videos to show this setup in action. I can thank my own sloppy gameplay for adding more time to the dungeon runs and to the use of more pots!! Then again, if stats such as HP/MP Drain were still available, pots use would be vastly reduced. Also, my set is really NOT a good one. That was the point. Even with a not so good set, Ley’s destructive power can still be there. After watching the videos, just imagine what all it can do with a really powerful set!! XD

To save you some time in watching videos, I skipped to the ending parts for both. But you’ll still get the idea!! These are done in Champion mode.

Ley Forrest of Life

Just some basics to give you the idea of what Ley can do.

Ley Sands of Illusion

Of course, the better bet is to run Champ mode Seth’s Pyramid. But what happens when you’re after a title in the other map or something else where The Machine isn’t available? Ley’s destructive power can still be there.

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