Grand Chase Reborn Rufus/Luxus PvE Guide

Grand Chase Reborn Rufus/Luxus PvE Guide

This is a PvE guide for Rufus. I didn’t get the chance to try him out in PvP. This character went by two names. He was named Rufus in some servers and Luxus in others. For simplicity, I’ll stick to calling him Rufus!! NO, NOT the guy from Supernatural !!

When it comes to Rufus think of one seriously fast attacker. That’s where much of his advantage comes from. Much of his damage would be coming from his normal attack. As such, his evasion shows up a lot. So getting hit became a lot harder!! It was just a matter of controlling it properly so you’re not shooting up the entire horizon!!

Unfortunately, in Grand Chase Reborn, the HP/MP Drain stat is no longer there like it was in previous seasons / servers. This is what helped Rufus stay alive for very long periods of time or the entire map outright. If you had that stat high enough, you could tear through a map and never need to use a single pot!! This was referred to as “Never Die” mode. The name held literally and even caused accusations from party members even though it was a 100% LEGIT tactic. Even if he got hit, he could vamp right back into full HP in no time. The MP Drain stat would keep his AP pretty high most of the time even without a MP regen stat and/or an AP regen pet. That just added to his desctuctive power.

When you’re on the attack with Rufus, you just had to make sure to watch the mobs. That way you’d know to evade and which evasion to use. As long as you evade properly, your use of HP pots drops massively. But all the while, you can keep on attacking. Rufus is just that fast!! He’s also one of the easiest characters to play.

As of this writing (January 2016), Grand Chase Reborn is still conducting an event to give a free automatic level 70 character. That’s how I got Rufus at level 70!! This comes with a Thanatos set. Unfortunately, said set typically sucks. It’s free so there’s really not much to complain about!! Also, when you make an account in GCR, you get a free pet and 25,000 VP to start you out. The pet is a random gain. So far, I gained Nurse Tammy and Madeline with the accounts I made. Keep in mind, Tammy works better when your HP is high. And yes, she can resurrect you if you time it properly. Otherwise, she will heal based on your max HP.

The Skills

This is what makes Rufus so easy to play. His skills setup is incredibly straight forward. If you want the higher level skills, you have to unlock all the previous skills. At around level 75 – 80, you should be able to get all his skills maxed out. From there, just pick the ones you want.

I used these skills:

  • Make it Rain
  • Twin Tooth
  • Soul Shackle
  • Bullet Time
  • IS

For the event that gives you an automatic level 70 character, you also get the 4th MP bar and the IS already activated. This leaves you with the full 25,000 VP to spend as you see fit with 2 fewer expenses and fewer quests to deal with/have to buy.

The idea being, have some heavy hitters in there and some faster skills with lower AP costs. It’s a nice blend to keep Rufus alive and on the move + on the attack. The only switch I can think of for my use would be Soul Shackle for Expunge. But at the time of this writing, my Rufus is only level 70!! Basically, whatever floats your rock for skills, go with it!! Just as long as you have the level, you can!!

The Set

This is where you have to be very concerned. A sucky set on Rufus is GOING TO increase the time it takes for you to complete a dungeon run. Much of Rufus’s attack/damage will come from his normal attack. He’s not relying on skills use so much like Ley or others. As mentioned, this opens up your evasion tactics a lot.


As you can see from my set, my dungeon runs are going to take a bit longer!! Only S- stat rank, 14K attack, no hell spear, no crit chance to truly speak of!! But it does still get the job done in the idea that I won’t be taking many hits unless I get sloppy with my game play.

You main stats focus with Rufus is Attack, Critical Chance, Hell Spear, Defense, and HP. You can mix in MP regen and Special Attack as much as you want. But with the first mentioned stats, you’re going to be quite busy trying to boost those!!

Note the Critical Chance and Hell Spear. That’s where you’re going to see much of your damage being boosted. But Rufus is so fast on the attack that he can take high advantage of these stats. The idea being, try as much as possible to make it rain Hell Spear and crit shots!!

On the upside, Grand Chase Reborn is currently conducting mini-events which could land you Property Reset scrolls among various other goodies. This comes in awfully handy when you’re trying to put Hell Spear on your Rufus!! It also happens to be the only way to put Hell Spear on your character!!

Rufus in Action

Here’s a gameplay video to see Rufus in action. This is a Forrest of Life run. I cut it short to skip to the good part, the mini bosses + boss, to save you some time from watching an incredibly lengthy video!! This one is done in Expert mode because I ran outta Champion tickets and my set would heavily increase the finishing time!! But you can still get the general idea. It’s heavy on the normal attacks and not AS much in the way of skills use.

Rufus Forrest of Life

Feel free to check out the Ley guide if you’re interested in her.

Have Fun!!

Just a gamer girl !!