Helix Cabal Battlemode 3 Guide

I have already seen this being asked repeatedly in game and other places. This is intended for players who either dont know it at all OR players that have had it elsewhere and may have forgotten certain things.

Side note…. im just writing this from scratch and based on experience gained elsewhere. I KNOW there’s various BM3 guides elsewhere but this one is meant for Helix Cabal (EP8). With any luck, this will leave us with more players instead of more questions. A bit long but ALL THINGS BM3 are here. And yes, some names were switched as a joke!!

Of HIGH IMPORTANCE….. This is NOT for the lazy. Getting BM3 was NEVER an easy task. If it was, they’d call it BMCheapGiveAway. So dont go crying like a little girl because you have a hard time getting the stain clones or have no alz… etc etc. You’d only prove beyond doubt that you’re a poor, yet, total wussy.


1 Char with CLASS RANK (Grade) 14
Minesta Chapters…. for getting the stain clones.
Stain Clones…. a certain number of these for each level of BM3
2 Items ….. Trans Force(BI Grocer) AND Minesta Crafting Stone (YOUR CHAR Starting Town Core Alcoholic) (<<Each to the appropriate level and character type. <<<SO READ THEM CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU WASTE ALZ.

BM3 cost for the 2 items = 30m …. needs 40 stain clones
BM3.2 cost for the 2 items = 20m….. needs 50 stain clones
BM3.3 cost for the 2 items = 15m …. needs 70 stain clones
(^these prices DO NOT include any chapter buying you happen to do. Just the needed items.)

Starting towns:

WA / FS = Bloody Rice
FB / FA = Green Repair
WI / BL = Desert Whisper

1) Should be pretty obvious by now…. get your char to CLASS RANK 14. You CAN NOT start the Minesta quests before that. You CAN collect as many Minesta Chapters before and after Class Rank 14 as you can. Any level concerns are already included in getting Class Rank 14.

2) Get Minesta Chapter Training books.  Buy them or hunt them. Your choice. You can get ONLY ONE PER DAY FOR FREE from the PL NPC(Between PL Occifer and Yerte(PL Core Alcoholic)). Chapters 1-3 ONLY. Those are bound Minesta Chapters and done in the open maps. 1=MF, 2=PF, and 3=PI. Right click the Minesta Chapter to activate the quest. While hunting, chapters 1-3 can drop.

2.1) The daily free chapters you can get are usually overlooked due to their completion speed and you only get 1 stain clone….. which happens to be pretty slow. However, they usually turn out to be a GOOD idea. As in, extra hunting and leveling are the overlooked parts. IF you were looking for faster results, use chapters that give you DX Dungeon hard modes. Do note….. it says hard mode with GOOD REASON!! Fastest, IMO, is Steamer Crazy (Hard). In there, you only need def + destructive power. Even at that, destructive power + vamp would also work with the lack of def (WIs). Once you figure out how to beat that dungeon (as in what to do and when), you’ll see how easy it really is in there.

3) Once you complete the quest given by the Minesta Chapter(s), go to the NPC in Port Lux to finish the quest and get your stain clone(s). Also, you can complete multiple Minesta quests before you turn them in. This kinda stacking is a little nicer than constantly going back and forth to dungeons / NPCs. Do note that they each must be different quests for stacking purposes. EX: Complete one quest in each difficulty level of Lava Hellfire, then one quest in each difficulty of Steamer Crazy. Then turn in all 6 in 1 NPC visit. Example 2: Complete Steamer Crazy(easy) and trying to do that again before turning in the quest  =  not possible.

3.1) Each Minesta Chapter can give you 1 to 5 stain clones. It depends on the chapter number / difficulty. Premium Minesta Chapters (when available ) give 5 stain clones. Other chapters CAN give you 5 stain clones but DO NOT expect an “easy go” of those quests. Some are kills only, some are get a certain number of quest items.

Example: Chapter 16 = Finish Steamer Crazy (Easy Mode) and get the quest item = 1 Stain Clone. Chapter 18 = Finish Steamer Crazy (Hard Mode) and get the quest item = 3 Stain Clones. Chapter 1 = Kill a certain number of mobs in MF = 1 stain clone. So before you buy / use a Minesta Chapter, READ IT. Make sure its something you CAN DO. Otherwise, its gonna be nothing but problems and/or trying to get help. Said help might not be available for a long period of time. That sorta thing happens ya know!! Also note, the DX Dungeons are SOLO ONLY. Yes, i have seen shouts already from players looking to party in places like Hazardous Valley(Hard) and Catacomb Frost (Hard)!! hahahahahahaha good luck with that!!

4) Once you have the required number of stain clones AND the 2 items from the NPCs in your inventory, right click the Minesta Crafting Stone. Once you right click it and you’ll craft the BM3 skill book. Right click the BM3 skill book. Congrats !! Welcome to the woderful world of BM3!! Repeat the above steps to level BM3 to BM3.2… etc.

4.1) Open your skills window (press K). Click the Special tab at the top. Set the BM3 activation skill and 3 given BM3 skills into your skill slots in places as you see fit. Its 2 attacking skills(A and B) and the Synergy trigger skill. Yes, BM3 CAN BE used with aura. No, not with BM1 or BM2 <<< that would be unstoppable / ridiculous !!

4.2) When you upgrade your BM3 to BM3.2 and BM3.3, you DO NOT need to set any other skills for it in the skill slots. It just automatically kicks over. Especially the trigger skill. Just keep pressing the trigger skill accordingly to the level of your BM3. Once for BM3, twice for BM3.2, and DUUHHH for BM3.3!!


Synergies are the extra effects given to your char when you press a certain combination of BM3 attack skills and THEN the trigger. These effects only last for a short period of time. You can stack none of them or all of them at the same time before using the trigger. Each char type has its own unique Synergies. Stacking all 3 before using the trigger gives best results. As in, i have personally seen it hit in access of 30K damage. No joke.

Example: Some give CRI, some give AMP, some give Def / Resistance. Stacking would give all the effects. You can test it on the training dummies to see the actual effects. Just leave your char window open and watch your stats at the lower part of the char window to see what you get. Some are obvious as to what they do when you see the named effect(s) flash on your screen. Others….. not so much!!

The Combinations:

You have 2 attack skills in BM3 (A and B) + the trigger skill. Use the ATTACK skills themselves in the order given below. Use the ATTACK skill SET in any order you like. Use the TRIGGER skill as you like for stacking. IF done correctly, you’ll see the named effect flash on the middle of your screen. IF stacked correctly, you’ll see each (up to 3) of the effects flashed on the middle of your screen at the same time.

AABA….. trigger
BAAB….. trigger
ABAA….. trigger


You can use A and B from those above given sets in any order. As long as they’re pressed in the given order, you’re Synergy will work. Otherwise, they’re just attacks. Plain and simple.

If i press attack skills in order ….aaba and then immediately press the trigger…. whatever my char type is, THAT ONE effect for it will be activated and shown on screen.
If i press attack skills in order ….aaba, and then immediately press baab, and then immediately press the trigger…..whatever my char type is, THOSE MULTIPLE effects for it will be activated and shown on screen.
Same for stacking all 3 Synergies. Just include the ABAA before pressing the trigger.

With upgraded BM3 levels, repeatedly pressing the trigger DOES NOT multi-stack the effects. Stacked or not, you only get the effects once no matter how many times you press the trigger. On the upside, pressing the trigger for each BM3 level = more trigger attacks  = more damage done. That 30K damage mentioned above is a TOTAL. Also, the trigger attacks never miss. Personally, i have never seen one miss.

In most servers, especially official servers, the Synergies have a downside. <<With the good comes the bad. Each Synergy has a negative effect to them.

Example: On a FB, using the Synergy that gives +500 attack costs you -500HP at the same time. It’s a one time cost for the duration of the effect EACH time the effect is activated. Those negative effects are in EVERY Synergy. They do NOT stack for a massive negative effect against you while using the same synergy(ies) repeatedly. The game and your fingers are not that fast to get that kinda negative effect anyways!!

Personally, I have only seen a MINIMAL, if any, of the negative effects. Then again, i use a lotta vamp in my chars(<<HINT HINT). So it wont bother me!! Others with “monsterous” sets would also not notice it much. Their set can easily compensate for any of the negative effects as though it wasnt even there. It just turns out to be not very noticable in those cases.

Have Fun!!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please post them in the Cabal Online Techtoniks Forums.

Just a gamer girl !!