League of Defenders Android Beginner’s Guide Part 1

League of Defenders Android Beginner’s Guide Part 1

This is a beginner’s guide to the Android version of League of Defenders. I have no idea if the FaceBook version has any differences. Then again, I don’t even know which language the FaceBook version was in!! I couldn’t find any language switching there as well (because I couldn’t read it!!). So much for that!! There’s also an iOS version for those using iOS but for this beginner’s guide, the Android version of the game is what I’m using. I’ll also include various tactics and ideas for you to try out.

First and foremost, League of Defenders is huge. It’s over 800MB for the download (game + updates) and the options for both play and role setups are plentiful. There’re various game modes to keep you busy for hours on end. There’re so many options to apply on your role that it’s ridiculous in a good way. Then you have pets, rides, gems, and various options to upgrade for each. I really hope you didn’t think this was some “kiddie game” where you equip some item(s), go play, and that’s it. Keep dreaming!! In any case, that’s what makes it much more interesting.

NOTE: As of this writing, this game is only more than 1 month old. Of course there’re still bugs and other problems. Also note, games have a tendency to change/update so various things might look different between now and when you read this.

A shout out goes to the NA~MOO guild!! The guild I’m in. Yes, along with Mega_Wilma, CH4D, HolyKamote, and “Mr. Deep Pockets” Boss (VIP88) among many other good players!! One day they’ll face the Wolfking and not die horribly!! Just kidding!! Have fun guys and girls!!

Your account and the beginning

From the start, you can make an account in game. Simply give it an email address and password THAT YOU CAN REMEMBER and your account is made. When you first start playing, you’ll be given a few tutorials to go through. This will happen for each role you create. You can’t skip the tutorials but there will be a Skip button in the upper right corner to be able to skip through certain things here and there and move on with the game. For the true blue first time players, pay attention while the tutorials are playing.

When you first start, you’ll notice a “V” floating icon on the right side. Tap it and tap the Boost icon in there. It’ll help. Afterwards, it just gets in the way so drag it to the bottom of your screen to get rid of it. Exiting and restarting the game will bring it back in case you needed something else in there.

When you create a role (a character), you have the choices between a warrior, a mage, and a gunner. Each has their pros and cons. Each has a skill set of 8 skills (4 skills x 2 sets) that can be freely swapped and experimented with to suit a play style you’d like to have. As far as I know, you can only have 3 roles in an account at most. However, also as far as I know, you can make more roles in the same account but on different servers. Just change servers when you want to play any other role in whichever other server you created in.

As you level, more and more options will be unlocked. IF you decide to start in a new server, there will be events like the ones you’ll see in the screen shots below. Take part in those events as much as possible. The diamonds you gain can get to large amounts (over 10K worth). For example, that Holiday event icon was only there for around 2 or 3 days. So yes, things can change quickly.

The Main Screen

The Main Game screen

The Main Game screen

Across the top, left to right:

Player and account info is in the upper left along with any VIP status. Tap the picture of your role to see some of its info and be able to get to the Settings and Change Role options. Directly under your role’s picture is its power rating. The higher that number, the better. Just note that number can increase or decrease depending on multiple factors. The VIP status is gained and increased via spending real money. I happen to find the spending to be very inexpensive to get to VIP2 so that’s what I have on my gunner. Do note that whichever role you decide to spend money on, it’s for that specific role. It DOES NOT cover all roles in your account.

Across the rest of the top are your resources. You have gold, diamonds, and energy. What’s displayed there will change depending on which screen you’re currently in. Below the resources are the View Shop and event icons. The View Shop gives you quick access to most or all of the in-game shops. Those event icons can change depending on what type of event(s) are being held. That FaceBook icon is NOT an event but it happens to be a VERY good icon at that!! The first 2 parts of that FaceBook icon are very easy to deal with. Do those when you get the chance!!

Going down the right side you have the Bag (your inventories), Skill (role and pet skills you have to unlock), Pet (for all pet needs), Ride (gained from Knight War, upgraded here), Gem (stat boosting gems), Combat (for PvE situations), and Trial (various game modes). Going down the left side you have Chat (normal and guild), Social (Guild, Friends, Rank, and Mail), Quest (Daily and Bounty), and Punch (a gorilla smacking thingy!! It’s a bit more fun than it sounds to animal lovers!!). I’ll explain each of the parts. Each of them will unlock when you reach a certain role level. When you make or switch to another role, they are completely separated from each other. You won’t have the same things unlocked unless your roles are on the same levels.

Main Screen2

When you tap the icons on the right side, you’ll enter the screen(s) for them. On the left side, the Social icon opens up a menu as you see in the above screen shot.

The Social icon



When you reach level 16, you can join a guild. When you reach level 25, you can make a guild. Either way, make sure you get yourself into one.

Here’s each part explained.

In the Home tab, you have basic info about the guild you’re in and the 4 sections just below the guild info. Guild Building is a once per day cost. Just pick which one you want to participate in and tap it. The more you spend, the more you AND your guild will gain. Assign Task is a set of 6 quests you must do daily. Each one has a star rating difficulty. The higher the stars count on a quest, the more rewards you’ll get. They’re usually very easy things to do anyway. Just remember that the guild exp gains in Assign Task section remain the same regardless of the star count on a quest. The recommendation is to take 3* or higher quests only. It’ll cost 10 diamonds to refresh the quest list. Guild Boss is another way for you to earn guild EXP and rewards. If you’re the one who kills the boss, you get extra rewards. Eternity Hall is where you collect rewards from guild members sending you Awards.

The Skill tab is a set of passive skills which cost guild coins. Guild coins are a currency for each guild member separately. You can see mine (upper right area) at the time of this writing showing 11K+ points. So for now, I have a bunch of guild money to spend!! Each boost adds some extra stats to your role. For example, 2 of the passives are for attack boost and damage reduction (separately). Each passive skill can be increased by increments of 4 levels at a time. To gain higher skill levels, you need to be in a higher level guild. So go level your guild!!

The Member tab shows each guild member in a list and provides a way for you to give Award to a member. Simply tap the Award button on the opposite right side of their name. This provides the guild member you Awarded with gold and provides you with energy (Vit). You can also see a guild member’s current power rating and if you tap their name, you’ll see the equipment they’re currently wearing.

The Shop and Store tabs are just as their names imply. You spend your guild coins in these shops. You can buy item pieces and pet souls (1 at a time for each) in the Shop. You can buy special pet equipment pieces in the Store. The refresh button resets the sold status so you can continue to buy the same items. Just remember you have a set number of refreshes. In the Guild shops, that’s number is determined by your Refresh Tokens. You’ll see those wherever they are used in the bottom right of the screen at the time. The recommendation for the Store is to buy as many items as you can before tapping the refresh button. The Shop only shows just so many things anyway and changes the pieces list every so often when you tap the Refresh button.


You can add a friend, delete a friend, and send amity to your friends. There’re requests, searching, and the whole bit you’d normally expect to find in a Friend section.


This screen will show the various ranks (yours included of course). This also includes the rank for your guild if you’re in one. By level 16, you should be!!


Various prizes and messages will show up here for you to collect. For example, rewards gained for the Arena rank you have and rewards gained for Clan War participation will show up here. Killing a Guild Boss will make the rewards show up in the Mail.


There are 2 types of quests in here, Bounty and Daily. Bounty quests are done throughout the game. More like a type of achievement. For example, upgrade a pet to a certain star count or reach a certain power rating. That will complete the bounty quests. They’re a one-time deal. The higher you manage to get, the higher the rewards will be from bounty quests. I know I’m only at level 49 as of this writing but there seems to be no end to the bounty quests as of yet!!

The Daily quests are done each day. These get a little tricky because they offer a set of rewards for doing the quests AND another set of rewards to collect at the top of the screen for reaching 300 or more points. When you first start out, you have no real way to reach 300 points UNLESS you spend more money. Now that doesn’t seem very cool at all, huh?!! However, you can reach well over 300 points when you gain levels. With leveling, more parts of the game get unlocked. With more things unlocked, more quests are automatically added to the daily quest list. The catch is that there’s no indication of this whatsoever (sneaky developers!!).


The Punch game is a setup where you simply tap the screen to punch a gorilla. Odd as it may seem to anyone, there are good rewards involved with it. All you have to do is tap and it gives you stuff. No, NOT beat the daylights out of your screen!! Just tap. You don’t even have to tap that fast. The gorilla doesn’t even fight back!! Basically the gorilla just stands there taking punches and picking his nose (literally).

The Bag


The left side shows what items you have equipped and some basics to them. In this case, I’m wearing a Sun set. The Gear Master icon is also on the left. You can drag and rotate your role’s image in the middle to check it out more. Tap the Detail button to see specifics about your role. That includes your current power rating, HP, damage, and various other stats. These stats are boosted further with the use of gems and upgrading those gems.

When you have a complete set of Set Items, you can gain bonus stats. Tap any item you have equipped to see if it gives bonus stats. In this case, an S+ set, the Sun set, gives bonuses to increase damage. When you tap an item, for example, any armor, you’ll see its info and you can check how many pieces of the set you have (9 / 9 for example). Tap that number showing how many pieces you have of the set and that will show you the bonuses for having the set equipped.

On the right are the various item inventories. There’s 1 tab for each type of item. Each inventory starts out with 60 slots and increases with VIP levels. On the bottom right are the Smelt and Tidy buttons. Clearly you can see only 16 of your 60 slots at the most. So be sure to tap the Tidy button every so often. In the Item inventory, tap the Tidy button after you’re done smelting. In the Gear Piece tab, tap it every so often even if you didn’t craft an item from collected pieces. The Gem tab holds the gems (not to be confused with the in-game currency diamonds) that are used to boost the stats of your role. The Fashion tab holds items bought with diamonds to also boost stats.

Gear Master

Gear Master Screen

There are 4 parts to the Gear Master section. Each part is dependent on various things such as the level of your role, the materials you have, and the upgrade level of the item.

The Gear Upgrade Master depends on having each equipped piece upgraded to a certain level. It does NOT matter what items you have equipped. So if you have, for example, both Sun and Ray parts equipped (not recommended), you have to get each part to a certain upgrade to gain the Gear Upgrade Master bonus. In the above screen shot, I have Gear Upgrade Master Level 5 because all my equipped items are at level 50 and higher upgrade. The upgrades for this section need smelt spars gained from smelting and pillaging.

Gear Enhance Master provides a way for each equipped item to have a +upgrade. The way to enhance your items is to have an S class or higher class item to use/sacrifice. Tap an item you want to +upgrade and tap the Enhance button. As of this writing, that gun weapon in the above screen shot (first screen shot below BAG) is at +4. This means I had to use at least 4 S class items to enhance it (+upgrade it). The items that you use/sacrifice do NOT have to be a match to the item you want to enhance. When you enhance an item, your chances of success will vary depending on the “strength” of the item you want to sacrifice for the +upgrade. Take my gun for example. It’s an S+ class gun. I need to use at least an S class item to +upgrade it. But since S class is lower than S+, the success rate decreases a lot. But if I used a modified/upgraded S or S+ item to make that sacrificial item stronger, the success rate increases. You can also use Mould items that you can either buy or gain from the daily quest (top side rewards).

Gear Enchant Master allows you to place enchant stones into the slots of your items. Do not confuse this with the Gems section of the game because they do look similar. The enchant stones you need are only gained via diamond purchases AND WHILE you’re enchanting the item. Enchanting relies on the Enhance upgrade level of the specific item. This starts at a +3 enhancement of the item. This will allow you to insert a blue colored enchant stone into your item. From there, you have to upgrade the stones via more diamond purchases while enchanting. The power level order for stones (all of them including gems discussed below) is blue (lowest), purple, pink, orange, and red (highest). To gain a purple enchant stone to insert into your item, you need to buy 2 blue enchant stones. Then you upgrade it within the enchant screen (tap the gem). At blue, you have 80% success rate to get a purple enchant stone. The only way to buy the enchant stones is to tap the one showing when you select an item for enchanting. That’s also when you’ll see the upgrading option. To gain a pink enchant stone, you need to have 2 purple enchant stones. And it goes on like that for the rest of it. The enchant stones add things to your equipment. This includes damage boosts, damage reduction (deduct), and even vamp (the necklace to be specific about it!!).

Gear Awaken Master allows for even more upgrades to your items for a higher power rating and stat boosts. The red color stones are gained from Devil mode in the Combat section and you can buy them with diamonds too!! It requires a certain number of those red color stones to fill a slot. Fill the 10 slots and you need the stones + the same item your awakening to get to the next level of awakening for that item. That same item does NOT have to be a match in the various upgrades. Just the same exact item itself is all it takes.

Gear Pieces

You can collect gear pieces from smelting, pillaging, looting from the PvE maps, and punching the gorilla (get the chest). These pieces start at S class. Whenever you gain 10 or more of a particular item, you can craft the pieces into the item. Once you craft an item, it’ll be found in the Inventory tab. So make sure you have space for it first. Do tap the Tidy button after crafting an item AND every so often throughout your playing day. I’ve noticed a minor bug sometimes where the pieces are scattered instead of stacking on existing pieces. The Tidy button fixes that. When they’re scattered instead of stacked, they’ll take up more inventory slots than what they should.

Gems (Inventory and the Gems section)

There are various ways to gain gems. The main way being looting in the Combat mode maps and in the Team Instance section of the game (discussed later). Tap the Tidy button in this tab IF you felt like it!! These gems are permanent and they are placed on your role. They are NOT attached to your equipment. If you remove a piece of equipment, the gems and their effects will remain. Gems boost the stats of your role as showing in the screen shot below. There are two types of gems. One is the gem itself that gets equipped (screen shot below) and the other is the EXP gems to upgrade the equipped gems.


The recommendation is to start upgrading equipped gems at PINK and above. I only upgraded purple and blue gems because I felt like it and I was running out of space in my Gem inventory!! As showing in the above screen shot, the gems can NOT be removed. They can only be replaced with higher gems. Obviously if you’re replacing them with lower power gems, you’re wasting your time!! The replaced gem will return to your Gems inventory. Tap a gem and you can upgrade or replace it.


This section offers costumes and hairstyles. You can buy costumes (fashion) in the Mall. Costumes cost diamonds and some will require a certain VIP level. For example, at VIP1 you can buy wings and pretty much count only on the fashion items that don’t have a VIP requirement. But at VIP2 and above, you can buy the higher fashion items and wings. Yes, the fashion items do have stats for your role.

The hairstyles offer up a way to really change your role’s appearances. This is even to the point where your role that started with a male appearance can suddenly appear female!! So there’s your gender changing!! The hairstyles cost you one way or another. Many of them have a diamonds only cost. Others also require certain accomplishments in the game too. In any case, the hairstyles ONLY change appearances and don’t provide any extra stats.


This will continue in League of Defenders Beginner’s Guide Part 2

Have Fun!!

Just a gamer girl !!