League of Defenders Android Beginner’s Guide Part 2

League of Defenders Android Beginner’s Guide Part 2

Continuing down the right side icons

The Main Game screen

The Main Game screen



The Skill section provides you a method to gain pet special skills and upgrade all skills. Get your role to a certain level (it’s not very high to unlock them all) to unlock a skill for your role. Pet special skills (Final tab) max out when your ROLE reaches level 45. The pet special skills get very costly so mind your gold and make sure the pet special skill(s) you unlock are for the pets you’re really using. Once the skill is unlocked for your role, it can be upgraded to match, but not exceed, your role’s level. You can freely change skills for your role. There’re 8 skills in total for your role but only 4 can be used at a time while in battle.

The Fast Upgrade button will max a skill to your role’s current level. This comes in handy when you have a gap between your role’s current level and the last time you upgraded your skills. The Upgrade button comes in handy to control the upgrades for each skill 1 by 1. The point being to TRY TO control your spending when you’re running low on gold.

Each skill for your role has a short description and a “counterpart” (so to speak) skill showing in the bottom right of the description. Simply tap the other skill showing in the description area to switch them. The skill description shows what the skill does and directly below it, the effect of upgrading it. The pet special skills are as is. You buy them and upgrade them. There’re no switching pet special skills like there is for role skills.



The Info tab is where you find your pets and their info. You can use a second pet in Combat mode when your role reaches level 20. Change active pets by tapping them in the upper left/middle area and then tap the pet you want to change to. This WILL change your role’s power rating depending on which pet (stronger or weaker) you change one of them to. The Pet Fetter section is a stat boost for your role. A specific combination of pets in use produces different effects. For example, in the screen shot above, having Griffon and Thor active at the same time gives your role +11% Dodge Rate. Tap the book icon to the right of “Pet Fetter” to see all the combinations to gain a bonus from your pet team. The Owned section is pretty obvious as you can see!! The Gallery section is where you can get some basic details about the available pets and craft pets once you gain enough pet souls.

Tap any pet you want and you can upgrade it in various ways. This includes the pet level and pet equipment, star count, and Refine (the pet passive skills). Pet passive skills apply to the PET unless indicated by the skill description. There’s a Rule button in there while refining pet passives. That will show you the various passive skills available for pets. The pet skills are available at a PET level 10 and above up to a level 50 pet. They unlock every 10 levels so your pet will have a total of 5 passives. Each passive can have up to a 5 star count. The higher the star count on the skill, the stronger the skill will be. The downside is getting a 5 star pet skill to show up. You gain pet skills at random.

The Nest tab is where you can summon (gain) pets. The 2 sections are Hammer (“free” pets) and Diamonds (the NON free pets). Both summoning sections allow you to summon up to 10 pets at a time. The Hammer section starts at C class (the lowest) and goes up to A class pets. The Diamonds section starts at B class and goes up to S class pets. S+ pets are the highest in the game as of this writing but can’t be summoned from the Nest tab. Hammers to summon with are gained via various rewards and looting in the Combat section.

The Expedition tab is a “set it and forget it” mode for pets only. You don’t have to do anything once you start it. You can even exit the game IF you wanted to!! You can have up to 7 pets at the same time playing in an expedition. The expeditions will last around 2 hours. So the recommendation is to use your strongest pets (highest power ratings) every time. Your pets have to get as far as they can within the time limit. The further they get the more rewards you’ll end up with.

The Depot tab shows you the various pet and pet equipment upgrade items you’ve gained. There are various ways to gain these items and you DO have a limited number of slots. So be sure to upgrade your pets as much as you can. Especially the ones you’re planning to use.



The Ride section shows you your current ride. Do NOT mix this up with your pet. You can see my current ride in the first screen above. A ride is gained from participating in the Knight War (KW). The KW will provide you with feat to upgrade your ride and buy rides. The upgrades are named after constellations/zodiac signs (kinda fun!!). You can also upgrade your ride’s talents with Talent Stones. When doing so, make SURE you have enough Talent Stones to get to the next higher talent level. That’s the better bet. There are both daily and bounty rewards for upgrading your ride.

The ride’s boosts apply to your role in the KW ONLY. The quick check of this is to summon and remove your ride while in the main map. You’ll see no change in your power rating when you do this. There’re several rides you can gain and they cost feat and require a certain role level to unlock them. The oddball part is that the only difference in the rides is their appearances. If you get a new ride, you’ll have to start over with it.


Gems were explained in part 1 of this guide. If you didn’t read it, go back and do so if you don’t know how they work.



Combat mode is the PvE maps a player can use to level and hunt for items. If you’re in a guild, which you should be, you can use these maps to complete guild quests. You can also use these maps to complete daily quests AND bounty quests. There’re 2 combat modes in League of Defenders. The first is showing in the above screen shot. That’s Normal mode. In Normal mode, you have a series of maps to fight through. Each skull is a map that can be raided (auto instant completed via a sweep (Raid button) function). The maps represented by “dots” are one time only maps. Just defeat them once to continue unlocking maps throughout this section.

Every so often after defeating a skull map, you’ll unlock an Elite map. It’ll have its own special marker on the map. Elite maps also have a Raid function (button). They provide much higher exp gains compared to other maps in Normal mode. They also provide specific items for upgrading pet equipment and S class and higher items and pieces. Also note that Elite maps can be used to complete guild and daily quests. Those Elite map quests are among the highest star counts for guild quests.

After defeating certain maps, a chest will unlock that you can gain various rewards from (tap it). If you constantly complete the skull maps with 3*, which is your main aim, the Star in the bottom left corner will light up and provide more rewards for you. So in each chapter, you can gain up to 24 stars. The rewards come at 9, 18, and 24 (24 total) stars. Don’t forget to collect the rewards and make sure to gain 3 stars as much as possible. The recommendation is to make sure you have 3 stars for each skull map before trying to unlock more maps. This is just a recommendation and not an absolute. But it IS well advised to follow this recommendation.

On a side note, check out the League of Defenders Tips n Tricks article for that fourth skull map in chapter 6. It can be a very annoying map!!


In Devil mode, the maps can be more difficult in a shorter amount of completions. In the above screen shot, that’s chapter 3 of Devil mode. There are no single time “dot” maps in Devil mode like you find in Normal mode. Each skull map costs you 3energy and really makes it matter that you have 3 stars in each. So watch your energy amounts and DO make sure to have 3 stars in every map you play.

There are no Elite maps in Devil mode but the EXP gains are much higher compared to Normal mode. When you complete a chapter in Devil mode, you gain access to the Secret Shop. Everything in the Secret Shop costs diamonds. Every available item for sale in the Secret Shop depends on how many stars you gained for the chapter. The above screen shot shows me in chapter 3 as of this writing. So IF I only gained 18 stars in chapter 2 in total, certain items in Chapter 2 of the Secret Shop would not be available to me.

In Devil mode, you can gain the rewards for each map by gaining up to 3 stars. So if you only gained 1 star, you only get the first reward. When you raid in Devil mode, you only get the Awaken Stones and not the other rewards.


The Trial section has various game modes with LOTS to do and LOTS of rewards at stake. I’ll explain each part of Trial. Just remember that each ROLE you have IS separate from one another. So the things you unlock on one role will NOT show up here on another unless your roles did unlock the same things.


Gold and Survive Instances

These 2 are done once per day only and you only have 2 rounds in each part. The “Degree” level showing at the top of these 2 instances is the difficulty level. Those Degrees will increase as you level/get stronger. Both of these instances have daily quests attached to them. Both also have a timer so you have to get as far as you can.

The Gold Instance provides as the name implies. There’re 2 setups to the Gold Instance. One has many smaller mobs. This one turned out to be the better gold gain IF you can kill the mobs fast enough. It does NOT max out at the Degree level. The other has fewer but larger mobs and maxes out your gold gains AT the Degree level. For example, Degree 6 maxes out the gold gain at 220K gold.

The Survive Instance provides each run with Pet Refine stones (for pet passives), diamonds, and smelting spars. How much smelting spar you get is determined by the Degree level you’re on. The smelting spars are the only reward that increases with the degree level that I’ve seen. In total, you gain 100 diamonds and 6 Pet Refine Stones. There are 3 stages to this instance and a timer. Defeating each stage will gain the reward and allow you to either continue to the next stage or quit on the spot. Make a judgment call as best you can for that. If the timer runs out before you complete a stage, the instance is over and you won’t get the reward for the stage you’re on.


This is just a spot to get free resources. You barely have to do anything!! Pretty cool, huh?!! You can gain gold, diamonds, smelt spars, and pet spars. The number of sub-mines you can enter is 2 on standards. So without a VIP status and up to VIP 4, you only have 2 sub-mines. With VIP 5 and above, you can enter more sub-mines AND set whichever sub-mines you want to diamond gains. The fun part to this section is that the main mine provides you with Goblin rewards every so often while the sub-mines are active. The Goblin rewards are for gold, diamonds, and the spars mentioned above. The trick to it is that ANY combination of these Goblin rewards can show up at any given time. For example, I’ve had several occasions so far where “Rich Goblin” showed up as all 3 rewards. So I collected diamonds 3 times over!!


Ok, this one seems to be causing a lot of cursing, swearing, and screaming!! Mostly by the players that have not found out that much of this section is dependent on pets, power rating, role level, and then your skill setup. Yes, in that order. If you were just relying on power rating comparisons, you’re dead meat unless those are VERY large differences. Right around 70K+ differences and even at that, you might want to consider it first. Someone with stronger pets but with a lower power rating compared to yours could wipe the floor with you. And so on for each part in that order. When selecting an opponent, do NOT try to go too overboard with power rating differences.

When you start out in the arena, you’ll be in the Newbie class arena. Get to rank 150 or below to challenge the main opponent, in the upper left corner of the screen, to get into the Ace class arena. It’s pretty easy but the trick is to DO NOT be too quick about getting into the Ace class arena. It can get very tough if your setup wasn’t really ready for it. Upon gaining a higher rank, you’ll gain diamonds. Both on the spot and daily for the rank you’re on. All arena rewards are sent to your Mail. The Arena shops offer up pets and pet special equipment for you to buy with the arena medals you earned.

Do note that while playing in the arena, it’s ALL automatic. Just sit there, watch the show, and hope for the best!!


More and more things unlock that you can craft in this section as your role gains levels. The items in this section to craft are gold cards, smelt spars, bread, gems, and exp gems. The gold cards, gems, and exp gems only give you one of each. Spars crafting gives you between 1,000 and 5,000 spars. Bread crafting provides you 3 bread for each time you craft. To craft something you need amity (hearts or lives if you wanna call it that). You can gain amity in a couple of ways. Waiting and letting it regenerate usually works too!!

When you have enough amity, select the first part to loot. You have to loot it from someone (yes, another player). You’ll be given a list of players you can loot from. Don’t worry; they won’t even know you looted them (literally)!! From that list, aim to loot from whoever shows as “Highest”. That means your chances to loot from them are that, highest. Each looting round costs 1 amity. When you get to a certain role level, you can loot 5 times in 1 shot as long as you have enough amity (5 or more). Otherwise, it’s 1 by 1.

There are 3 different outcomes to looting (it’s an automatic process). You can win and loot the part you need for crafting successfully with an item gain. You can win and gain an item only. Lastly, you can lose and gain nothing. With the last 2 outcomes, you have to keep looting to gain the part for crafting.

On a side note, do NOT 100% rely on that “HIGHEST” rating it’s showing for your opponent. I have had plenty of times where I selected the “opponent with a “HIGHEST” and spent more than 10 amity to get the crafting part. Yes, that sucked!! The recommended items to go for are bread and gold cards.


Elemental Trial

This section is a battle for pets only. Each day has a specific opponent(s). The idea is to select the best set of your pets that you can use to defeat the opponent(s). This DOES NOT imply to take your strongest pets only. When setting up, pets labeled as “best” do have advantages. To the point of winning the match compared to your strongest pets in the team only, they have advantages. You’d be surprised sometimes!! Once you defeat an instance of Elemental Trial, you can simply raid it from that point on.

As suspected, the Elemental Trial gives pet items as rewards.

Team Instance

There are 2 modes in this instance. Single (kinda defeats the name, huh?!!) and of course, Match. Single player mode is as the name implies. Just be sure you’re ready for it. You CAN BE ready for it much sooner than you think. Check out the League of Defenders Tips n Tricks article when you get the chance to see what I’m talking about!! The Match section is also as the name implies. You face the same boss determined by your role level, but you’re teamed with 2 other players. When you get into the Match part of it; that would be the exact same time you should start praying you’re not the one who ends up dragging their corpses through most of it. I kid you NOT because it’s ridiculous. I can understand you timed it to help out a friend or two. But why be in a team when you can just solo it and be done quicker?!! Basically, if any 1 team member survives the instances, all team members gain the rewards. This is as long as they did NOT exit the instance. The higher difficulty bosses become available when your role reaches a higher level.

Knight War

This is another source of swearing, cursing, and screaming!! Much of it is caused by the players that are currently cheating in there. There’s a LOT of crazy going on in the KW with just lags alone. With any luck, the developers will find a way to put an end to that soon. Anyways….

This is a LIVE PvP situation. You are in there WITH other players. The downside and weird part is there’s no chat system in there. When you first start out in KW, you have to pick a “team”. The 3 “teams” are Halo, Justice, and King. Don’t bother yourself with the names. They’re just names!! Pick whichever one you want. No, not pick your nose!! Which team you join will determine your starting area which is the only NON attack area you can heal your role in. BEFORE you enter KW, look at the map. That will show you the general idea.

You have to make it to the delivery area 5 times per day with a gem. Inside your starting area, you’ll find a fountain. Move your role next to it. Once you’re close enough, you’ll see a progress bar to gain a gem. You have to deliver that gem to the delivery area. You have to be standing inside the area where the statue is to make the delivery. Lagging WILL cause weird delays to see that you’ve made the delivery. Repeat the deliveries 5 times to gain rewards and the daily quest. When you gain the gem to deliver, you get one at random. It could be any color. The higher the color level, the more rewards you’ll gain when you make a delivery. You can try to switch the gem at the fountain for diamonds. This is NOT recommneded because it gives you a random gem as well. You could spend your diamonds just to end up with another blue gem.

All the while when making deliveries, other players from other teams can kill you. You can also kill them. You have to gain at least 1 kill in KW to claim the daily quest reward. The more kills you gain in KW, the more feat you gain. The more feat you have, the more you can upgrade your ride. The more players you kill, the better in general. You’ll also gain rewards daily from KW. It depends on your rank and the rank/score of your team.

The KW is divided into multiple matches. I’d imagine this helps keep the lagging down or at least tries to and provides some separation between the power ratings of the players. I don’t know for 100% certain so don’t quote me on this!!

If you’re trying to team with someone to help them out in there, the both of you might be in a different match entirely. You’d never see each other. And yes, you can find yourself in KW all alone too!! You’d have no enemies, no partners, and the breeze to enjoy!! If anything, being alone in there would just give you the time to make your deliveries without interruptions. You can always wait around in there to see if anyone else shows up!!

This will conclude in League of Defenders Beginner’s Guide Part 3. Told ya this game was BIG!!

Have Fun!!

Just a gamer girl !!