League of Defenders Android Beginner’s Guide Part 3

League of Defenders Android Beginner’s Guide Part 3


Chess Contest

Oddly enough, it’s not a chess game!! Your role is placed on what looks to be a chess board and you have statues to protect. Mobs will spawn at random to attack either you or the statues or both depending on where you’re standing at the time!! Basically, kill all the mobs before they kill off the statues. When you complete a round, you can raid it (insta-win) from that point on. You gain Talent Stones (green colored rocks) to upgrade your ride’s talent from this instance. The level you can play in is determined by your role’s level. To be honest, there’s really not much to this section. Stick n move tactics and as much damage as you can muster. That’s about all it takes!!

Mysterious Land

This section has a large variety of maps. The only aim for most of them is to simply survive. Of course, you kill off the mobs too (if any)!! But it also has “running” maps. The running maps are either run around to avoid incoming attacks until the timer runs out or the same running while trying to collect “energy balls”. You need to have a specific role level to be able to continue into the higher level maps. The recommendation for Mysterious Land is to get as far as you can BEFORE you raid. The further you get before you tap the raid button, the more rewards you’ll gain. Tapping the raid button will start the “sweep” from the very start and end where your role currently stands. This is NOT an instant win. It takes time for the raid to complete. But you can go do other things while waiting for it to complete.

There are only 2 stoppers in this section. The first being your current level so you can’t continue opening more maps for the raid. The second being you lost both hearts (2 lives) via dying.

Clan War

This is another fun give away mode!! All you do is enter the section when it opens. It’s open and runs for 1 hour daily and 2 hours on the weekends. Then as quick as possible, tap the Match button. That’s literally it. This is a 100% “set it and forget it” section!! One tap is all it takes. You can even exit the game and CW will still be running with your role in it!! This is all because you never really know what kind of results you’ll get each day. According to what all I’ve seen of it so far, it’s just randomly giving the “kills” away that make up your score. One side will win and the other side is getting free stuff anyway!! We never found out what truly determines the scores. Not just your own scores, but also for the winning side. So far, I’ve seen many occasions with players that have “lower” power ratings scoring highly and vice versa for high power rating players. Then it’s all mixed up the very next day. So yes, the immediate thought quickly becomes “WTF?!!”!!

The main recommendation for CW is to get into it as soon as it opens. The later you enter, the lower your chances are to score either better or at all. That’s about the only constant to it. In any case, you always get rewards. So it’s not all bad!! It’s not like you had to actually do anything!! You CAN switch roles and enter your other roles into CW at the same time. All it takes is to simply switch to the other role as soon as possible.

Edge of Glory

This section has to be the biggest pain in the ass section the entire game has to offer. Its match making is ALL KINDS of screwed up. That’s IF it doesn’t disconnect you from the game at random. It’s gotten to the point where I no longer want to bother with this entire section beyond collecting the medals to buy stuff in the shop it has. It’s really THAT bad. Even at that, the Gems Bag IV (HINT HINT!!) in that shop gives gems out at random from pink level up to red level. I do expect a lot in the way of pink gems.

The biggest problem with the EoG is that it matches you with players that have a spectacular power rating advantage over you. I’ve been “matched” with players at 3 TIMES my power rating. When you lose to that player, IF no one was randomly disconnected from the game, it then tells you to “Try Harder”.  Are you KIDDING ME?!! WTF? Let’s see YOU “Try Harder” when YOU’RE matched with someone at 3 TIMES your power rating. Yeah, “I didn’t think so” goes to the CLOWN that setup that wreck.


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Have Fun!!

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