League of Defenders Android Tips and Tricks Guide

League of Defenders Android Tips and Tricks Guide

Here’s a collection of tips for League of Defenders Android version. These are based on my own experience and some info was provided by the good folks in the NA~MOO guild. Hi to all NA-MOO guild members!!

League of Defenders is Pay to Win

This is a 100% absolutely WRONG answer. It’s only those that don’t know how to play properly that would think or say something like that. I know many players with VIP2 status and above. My OWN gunner is included. I also know players with roles that have a HIGHER power rating compared to VIP status players. One such player is currently a member of the NA-MOO guild the same as I am. Said player started playing League of Defenders 1 or 2 days AFTER I started playing. Currently, said player has the highest power rating in the guild. Yes, that says GUILD and NOT in the game!! Note the difference!! Truth is that you just have to figure out how your stuff works AND catch some good luck in looting and opening things (eggs, chests, etc).

To drive the point in a bit more, MY OWN mage does NOT have a VIP status but DOES have a higher power rating compared to my gunner as of this writing (update… no, not any more!!). Truth be told, having a VIP status is nice. Make no mistake about it!! But it doesn’t absolutely give you THAT many advantages over NON-VIP status players unless you spent a very large amount of money!!

Combat mode

In Combat mode (the PvE maps) when you get to Chapter 6 F4 (the fourth skull map), you’ll see that you supposedly have to kill your way around the entire map to get to a door that leads to a teleport pad that leads to the boss that’s in the middle of the map. All the while, the timer is running down. The door at the end other side of the map won’t open unless you kill off all the mobs. But of course, unless you have a real deal monster of a role, your chances to get 3 stars for this map are slim and none. Even at that, it can still be tough. The timer would always run out and you end up with 2 stars or less. This is one pesky little map to try to get 3 stars in!!

Here’s a better way to do it.

This shows off how a mage can complete that map with 3 stars easily. A gunner can do the same thing. Just simply aim and fire the missile stun attack the gunner has at the boss. You’ll kill it!! The boss in that map is very weak anyway!!

As mentioned by a guild member, using Short Tim’s skill can also get the job done. Credits go to HolyKamote for this tip. Even though I don’t have a warrior role to give advice about, at least there’s something else to try!!

Team Instance

Before you enter the Team Instance to play it, you’ll notice that there’s a recommended power rating to have to either be in there or solo it in Single player mode. In this case, it IS just a recommend power rating. And yes, it’s often set too high. Here’s what I mean.

LoD Gunner Power Vs WolfKing Solo

Take a look just above the Rewards list in the bottom right area of the above screen shot. That’s for my gunner. It does say “Advised Power” and not “absolutely needed power rating”!! In any case, as of this writing, my gunner’s power rating is far lower compared to the advised power. Truth is that you just needed some moves!!

The same goes for my mage.

LoD Mage Power Vs Wolfking Solo

Not too much for a cranked up power rating, is it?!! But still, my mage gets the job done too!!

At this point, I really hope you’re not thinking a warrior role is far off from being able to do this!! The downside is that I never made a warrior role so I don’t have a video for it!! Sorry guys and girls!! hahahahaha


For those that don’t know what lag is, it’s a delay between what you do and what happens in the game. It can cause a LOT of strange things to be seen, especially in Knight War. Keep in mind that League of Defenders is HUGE. There’s a lot to do and a lot of options to play with. Eventually, the game starts lagging. Yes, even on an optimized octa-core phone with 2GB RAM, eventually, the game starts slowing down.

As mentioned in the League of Defenders Beginner’s Guide Part 1, when you first log in with a role that would be a good time to tap the “V” icon and tap the Boost button. Afterwards, you can drag the “V” icon to the “trash can” to get it out of the way. It does help. MAYBE not in KW but it does help you keep playing longer before the game starts to slow down and/or lag.

UPDATE: July 15, 2016

Team Instance

For those mages and gunners that are having a hard time against Dolong, here ya go!! Sorry warrior players. I still never made a warrior!!

Here’s my gunner vs Dolong.

Here’s my mage whooping the skirt off Dolong!! Ok, not exactly my best run but I still win!! BOOYAA!!

I know they’re hard to see but at the beginning of each of these videos against Dolong, you can see my power rating at the time. To be honest, my gunner was able to solo Dolong at 900K+ power and my mage at 732K+ power. You just needed the moves and destructive power to do it. Watch Dolong’s attacks for a couple of rounds. You’ll see how he attacks so you can avoid all of it or the large majority of it. Don’t worry about your pets getting killed. Most of the time, they will anyway. Just make sure you ROLE doesn’t get killed!!


As it turns out, the attacker has the advantage in the arena. Also note, certain skill setups DO work far better compared to STP setups. (STP= Slap Together and Pray). IF done properly, your skill setup can help you MELT opponents with 200K+ power rating over your role. Sorry, I’m NOT going to give you the exact skill setups in the arena I use for my gunner and mage. IMO, that ruins the fun of discovery. No spoilers here !! hahahahaha


IF you have ANY intention of NOT watch your pets get slaughtered horribly everywhere you go, you better upgrade them. AT THE MINIMUM, match your main 4 pets in both level and standard equipment level to the level of your role. You can upgrade the pet special equipment whenever you can. The recommendation is to level the pet special equipment as much as possible. Yes, I know this is an impressively LONG and BORING process but it pays off. So far, especially in the arena, I see my opponents 5 and 6 star pets just wasting away in an instant while at the same time, my pets are still going strong. It’s because they didn’t fully upgrade their pets. So the match QUICKLY becomes a 5 vs 1 against my opponent.


That’s it for now. When I get more info to share with you, I’ll update things here and there.

Have Fun!!

Just a gamer girl !!