MagicBabe Guides Intro and Info

Hi All, MagicBabe here!!

These guides were created by me with the help of my cousins and friends. Several of us were taught by Lord Ago. This includes:

  • GX ZyverGwapo …. Help with testing things.
  • MochaFrappuccino …. Help with testing. Started the Unstoppable Assassin.
  • Artemis …. Help with testing things.
  • MegaWilma …. Ran smack into some cool stuff for Clash of Clans!!
  • Lord Ago …. The teacher of several of us.

And one of us swiped Lord Ago’s email addresses for use in her online gaming!! I won’t name any names (cuz it was me) in this matter. But it’s ok. He won’t get mad about that!!

All of us, except Lord Ago, have played Ran PH in the Rage server ( all SG). Several of us know each other IRL (friends, cousins). Some of us played Ran PH and started in the Kalayaan server. But recently we found out that Ran PH is going to merge with Ran GS (in August 2015).

Basically, we’re just several girls and a couple of guys that spent a LOT of time playing these games. We never really looked into the guides for these games much at all. We either learned as we played or, as repeatedly done by MegaWilma, blindly ran right into something cool anyway!! So yes, there’s a good chance you’ll see similarities in other guides. It’s really a matter of we didn’t know about it because none of us went fully looking into it. It worked…. Ok, here’s a guide!!

These guides were created and meant for specific servers. However, some will be changed eventually if need be. Do note, even though this is the case, the guides still have a chance to be used in other servers of the same games. It was a matter of matching skills and the such. If skills and effects are the same in another server, the guides can still apply there. If maps and setups are similar or identical, the guides can still apply there in the other server(s).

Specifically, these guides were meant for:

  • Ran Online PH (soon to be Ran Online World (Global Server (GS))
  • Dragon Nest SEA
  • Helix Cabal
  • Some day more to come!!

When it comes to the Clash of Clans guides, no one really has to worry about “which server”. It’s really all the same things no matter where you’re playing it.

Do note that these guides were in fact meant for beginner players in each game. However, there’s always the chance that “veteran” players of any of these games could find something useful to try out.

Have Fun!!

Thanks to Techtoniks Game Reviews and Information for hosting these guides!!

Just a gamer girl !!