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10 Best Gaming Keyboards And Guide

10 Best Gaming Keyboards And Guide As gaming constantly increases in fun, popularity, and wallet draining tactics, keyboards were redesigned to specifically help gamers try to get the most out of their games. Keyboards lately can go from various swappable parts to audio and tactile feedback to programmable keys (macros). The list goes on!! So far the main differences are in what’s used to manufact...[Read More]

Ran Online GS Swordsman Guide

Ran Online GS Swordsman Guide First and foremost, this is NOT my info. However, the players zzx44 and tambok were nice enough to provide this info in the Ran GS forums. The problem is that those forums currently suck. Too many posts get pushed down through the pages and too many players don’t use the search feature of the forums. It’s still a “primitive” forums and many features are just not there...[Read More]

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