Minimon Masters Android Guild Raid Guide

Minimon Masters Android Guild Raid Guide

This is for those that want to do better in the Guild Raid. Do note: I currently don’t know all the stopper skills that work on every boss, yet!! But as soon as I find out, I’ll update this guide. But all in all, here are various tactics to use. The stopper skills refer to things like stun, paralyze, petrify and similar skills. Do not confuse them with things like Silence, movement slow downs, damaging buffs or similar skills.

When you’re playing in the Guild Raid, elements make a difference. So if you don’t know the elements table to it, there are various locations within the game that can show it to you. Don’t get too lazy on me, just find it!!

In my case, I typically play everything on full auto. Do note that playing on Auto Play, NOT Auto Skill (auto skill = full auto), can produce better results IF you know how to control it and don’t forget to use skills during battles!!

To help out your other teams do better, spread the skill effects as far as you can. For example, on Tuesdays, try NOT to put Momo and Adele on the same team. Seems like a good idea, right? But you can get better results if you put Adele on another team if you don’t have Pudding (or vice versa if you don’t have Momo). For example, team Adele with Marzo. The ice element does better against fire but Marzo has no stopper skills while Adele has a freeze skill.

DO NOTE: Immunities are normally gained at mutant level of a minimon. Even at that, the reductions can come in handy too!! Other immunities are starting at 5star heroes.

The Details


Aboom – Dark. Seduce and Blind.

Don’t bother running from Aboom. He’ll get within range and hit you anyway!! Anti-Stun helps because he spams it a lot. Mr. Bull, Gilgamesh, and other heroes and minimons offer up an immunity to one extent or another.


Briareus – Fire. Frozen and Seduce.

Momo, Pudding, Adele, Baba, and Lilith are you characters to aim for. Again, don’t bother running. Ice does more damage to fire so the characters in this list alone (except Lilith) can hit pretty hard.


Frozen Dragon – Ice. Paralyze and Seduce.

Romano, Bear, and I forget who else has the paralyze effect but there is another one (I think)!! Even while using full auto, watch out for the Frozen Dragon jumping into the air. You won’t see the Frozen Dragon but you will see a white colored circle show up on the ground. Run away from it because it’s a heavy hit. When the Frozen Dragon lands, you can resume attacking. Have a Mutant Pairan in your team for anti-freeze.


Gyges – Nature. Big pain in the ass!! Seduce and Stun.

Mutant Bear, and a hero with anti-stopping skills like Mr. Bull and Gilgamesh come in handy. Gyges paralyzes like crazy. The best tactic to use is to run around him from the very start. When Gyges vomits out that stream of green goo AND you’re behind him, stop long enough to hit him and then run again. On full auto, a fast first skill works. So with Rin + Mutant Bear on your team, you might get slowed but her first skill can heal you via a vamp effect while it’s hitting. As soon as it fires, already be trying to run away. How big of a circle you run around him depends on you. What hero you actually use is determined by how fast you can get away from him once you attack. Ranged heroes have the advantage to pop shot him from a distance if you’re on Auto Play. Again, fast attacks help (Biyolitto). The basics here are to run, keep running, and let your minimons do the work.

Jinrai is a good idea for someone to use against Gyges.


Cottus – Light. Seduce and Petrify.

Dark heroes can put a heavy HIT on Cottus but light heroes stand a chance to last longer. Running tactics similar to those used on Gyges work. By now I hope you’ve gotten the idea to use mutant heroes and/or minimons with anti-stopper skills. It’s already Friday, what were you waiting for?!!


Sand Draco – Dark. Currently unknown stopper skill that works (if any).

Sand Draco doesn’t debuff you as much as other bosses but he does debuff you. Eventually he will freeze you. So a Mutant Pairan comes in handy.  You can outrun the skills Sand Draco drops on you. You can’t outrun his normal attacks. Other than that, work your damage boosters properly. If you’re aiming for something long lasting against Sand Draco; team Mazro + Kappa + Mutant Pairan (or at least a 6* Pairan) + Rudy or Slimimic.


God of Fighters (mutant Mr. Bull) – Light. Another big pain in the ass!! Currently unknown stopper skill that works.

Mr. Bull on Sunday stacks a lot of defense buffs so it tends to look like you’re hitting with the massive force of a wet noodle!! Anti-stun helps. Another setup that can help you is teams with penetration (Andy for example) skills and defense reduction skills. Debuffing Mr. Bull won’t work.

Also, don’t get mixed up by skills with “hits a crit if there’re defense effect” in the descriptions. Yes, you will hit the crit shot. No, they won’t do much against a stacking defense buff!! The last I knew is that crit shots don’t ignore defense. Not just in guild raid but in general.

Damaging buffs

For those that didn’t know, damaging buffs include poison, splitting, bleed, burn, and several others with weird and not so weird names. The way they do damage is based on the attack stat of the character that applied it to the target. The bad news is that they don’t always do high damage. The good news is that they stack on individually. Each one does its own damage but that can definitely add up. So they do come in handy because they’ll keep on generating damage on guild raid bosses and others even while your hero is stopped via a skill effect. So yes, they’re a really good idea for guild raid where stopper skills are used a lot.

The fun part is that various damaging buffs can be gained from soul stones equipped onto minimons. << HINT HINT!! For example, I have Romano who has and relies on poison for a skill effect. I also have Ariel with a soul stone that gives a poison damaging buff. If I added Oswald to the team, that would be a poison marathon!! But I know NOT to add Bear to that team for a guild raid on Wednesday. I’d want paralysis for my other team. But that won’t stop me from putting a good soul stone which has a damaging buff onto Bear.


She happens to be built for raids. Just don’t expect miracles if you didn’t build her up properly!! Also note that she’s not the only character in the game built for doing well in raids. Is she a good choice? Yes but she’s not the only choice. So the same rules apply for her like any other hero/team. Team her well BEFORE you expect to gain higher scores.


Other than ^these things, always try to get into the guild raid. Even just for fun. Even a puny score can help your guild (you’d be amazed!!). Use it to test your teams. Just plain use it so you can get the rewards. It IS of very high recommendation to get into it as soon as you can. In ANY case, it can’t possibly hurt anything!! A joke’s a joke, fun and games, at the VERY minimum, at least you tried.


Side note…. Know your words!!

I have seen players mix up the word “debuff”. It only means the removal of beneficial buffs from the enemy target(s). Debuffing does remove negative buffs from your hero too (Gilgamesh’s third skill for example). It also does not mean it will apply a damaging buff to the target(s).

Not all stopper skills are the same. So watch the names so your anti-stopper skill attempts won’t end up all over creation!!

Gilgamesh’s third skill description shows “immunity to irregular status”. That immunity only applies to stopper skills. You WILL still get hit by damaging buffs. But others like Mr. Bull’s third skill and Pururung’s shield are a full immunity. They don’t last as long as Gilgamesh’s third skill, but there’s more to them.


HA!! And y’all thought Lilith was no good?!!


A shout out and THANKS goes to MauR1Ce and the players in the Adventure guild for providing info for this guide. Do keep in mind that not everyone has every character in the game to test things with.

Updated as of March 21, 2016.

Thanks for more info provided by Konomi27.

Feel free to check out my other Minimon Masters guides. Just scroll down the page to find them.

Have Fun!!

Just a gamer girl !!