Minimon Masters Beginners Guide Part 1 for Android

Minimon Masters Beginners Guide Part 1 for Android

As the name implies, this is a guide for beginners of the game for Android. Nothing overly fancy and nothing for overly complex tactics are found here. However, there have been a lot of questions concerning this game. What all that’s provided here is based on MY OWN game play. I didn’t bother to look for a guide or other things. As of this writing, the game is still fairly new and wasn’t released THAT long ago (October 22,2015). So as far as I care about it, and there was mention of this, there are no guides as of yet for this version!!

This guide will show and explain most aspects of the game as I have played it so far. So if something new shows up between the time of this writing (November 20, 2015) and the time you found/read this, that’s not my fault!! XD Anyways, most or all of these basics should apply just the same. This also applies to iOS devices as well.

NOTE: This guide will be split into 2 parts. This does get long!!

UPDATE: This guide is updated as of April 10, 2016. Thanks for adding more info to the various guides here goes to the players of the Adventure guild. Thanks guys and any girls that also might be in there too!!

Quick Links:

User Interface
Account Info
Chat Window
Manage Team
Fixed Evolution
Random Evolution
Mutant Evolution

Known Bugs

With any luck, these things will get fixed someday soon. DO NOTE: Again, this game is still fairly new as of this writing. YES, bugs can and eventually will happen.

Coupon bug

This one was posted about in FaceBook repeatedly. When a coupon code becomes available to the public, for example during events, some players are not getting anything except an error message of one type or another when they use the code which should still be valid. If you encounter this, do post it AND report it to their Support WITH a screen shot and your account ID number. Providing the info for them DOES help them. With any luck, this will eventually get straightened out. I hope!! Future coupon events depend on it.

Mail bug

Do check your mail every so often. I have found several things in there but never saw the “N” icon on the mailbox.

Andy’s 3rd skill

Andy’s 3rd skill (at 5* and higher) has an incredibly short range. For whatever reason, no matter the situation, if that skill fires while the target(s) is out of range, you won’t hit anything. At this rate, Andy might as well not have a 3rd skill at all.

Orihalcon Drop Rate

At best, they either don’t drop or drop so few and far apart, it renders the Hero’s Quest useless for gaining 6* equipment materials to try to forge with.


I forget the exact details but there have been reports of healing skills not healing at all. One of them was for vamp effects but it was explained with a damage reducing buff stacked onto your hero so your hero is not really producing damage much at all and you get 0 HP regen. The other one, is showing up as a zero heal even though it’s never supposed to do that.

Mobs run away

While playing in the Adventure mode stages/maps, at random the targeted mob will run away instead of attacking you. All the other mobs are still attacking you at the same time until the next mob gets targeted (IF at all). Once the next mob is targeted, it stops attacking and runs away. It’s a great way to waste time and holy waters.

I’ll stop it at these only. With ANY game or program, there’s always a chance some bug will show up somewhere. If it’s something giving you real problems, do your best to report it WITH a screen shot. That info helps to TRY to fix it. Just TRY not to get too carried away. It IS just a game!!

User Interface

UI 1

This is the left side of the UI for the game. I’ll go through each part starting with the top bar. From the left:

UPDATE: Certain elements of the UI have been changed compared to the screen shots provided. I’ll just explain them as needed.

Account Info: You can check various things in there like your ACCOUNT level (don’t mistake this for hero, minimon, or team level). When you open it, you can see how much more exp is needed to level it. Envoy’s Story requires a certain account level to continue. You can also check and set titles gained from hero leveling and playing in general. You can see other bonuses gained from account leveling. The rest of the top bar is your resources and the chat window.

Chat Window: You can get to the standard and Guild chats here. Unfortunately, the chat system has proven itself as completely useless.

Collection: You can see info about all the heroes and minimons that you both did and did NOT collect. It was all there anyway!! This info is vastly more important than you think. Especially when getting into evolutions. You can see which minimons evolve into which heroes or other minimons. All the skill information for each hero and minimon is in there, including the evolved versions.


Friends List 1

When you open it, you would see a list of the “friends” you have (up to 50). This entire feature of the game works nicely. Tap the Recommended Friends to see a list of people you can request an Add from. They can add you if they want to when they find the request. It DOES NOT matter if you know them or not. It DOES matter that you gain as many friends as possible for the achievements (sending points). It also comes in VERY handy with the Helper feature of the Adventure mode and Envoy’s Story.

The Request List tab shows anyone that sent you an Add Friend request. People can show up in there at random so check it every so often. Again, it DOES NOT matter if you know them or not. Add them if you want to but the recommendation is that you add them.

You can also search for specific players in the Recommended Friends tab.

You can send Friend Points to each person in your friends list. Thankfully there’s a “Send to all” button. Those points can be used in the in-game Store to buy certain things. So when you gain “friends” in your list, do make sure to send to all!! At certain points, you gain an achievement. Also, the more friends you have, the more Helpers you end up with (hopefully) that can help you get through certain things.

When you send points, you get points. Again, thankfully there’s a “Send to all” button!!

Achievement: You can check the requirements to gain an achievement in here. Then go ahead and do the requirement as you see fit. Once it’s done, tap the Claim button to get the prize(s). There’s a Daily Achievement tab as well. It’ll reset so you can start over each day. The normal achievements reset themselves to higher values or the same value each time you complete them depending on the achievement.

For example, in the normal achievements list if you gain 1million gold, you gain the achievement prize and it resets itself to gain the same amount again and not 2 million. But if you kill X amount of mobs, you gain the achievement prize and it resets itself to a higher number of mobs you have to kill for the next prize.

UPDATE:The Achivements have been changed to provide different resetting. Unforutnately, many achivements require 100,000 “points” to complete them. Yes, that does say 100,000. For example, one of the achievements is to kill a Land Boss 100,000 times. Until you kill them 100,000 times, you won’t get the reward.

Land Boss = map 15 in any stage. Bosses in the Envoy’s Story DO NOT count. Thankfully the Land Bosses in 4 -15 and 5 -15 count as 3 bosses towards the achievement. But that DOES NOT help you with the 100,000 Adventure mode runs you have to do for the other achievment. Same problem with the 100,000 wins AND losses you need for the Arena Achievements.


Guild Screen 2

UPDATE: My guild is now level 14. XD

You can either join a guild or make your own. In this case, I made my own. Join my guild if you like!! Don’t let the mean bunny scare you away!! As the person who made this guild, I would check the Rqst Status tab every so often while I was playing to see if anyone wants to join. Otherwise, as a member of a guild, just play as always. The other tabs next to it are as their names imply. On the right, you have the basic info for the guild.

The Contribution Points showing on the right build up as you play the game maps/dungeons throughout the day. The more you or the guild members play, the more Contribution points you gain. As a guild member, you should tap the Attendance button once per day. Do note this is not just some one way mess. Those points accumulate to level up the guild. Each time you tap the Attendance button for the day, you also gain Holy Waters.

The guild skill tab shows which passive skills have been activated for all the guild members to have. Of course, I just recently started this guild (check UPDATED date listed above). But a few days later it was already full (UPDATE… not any more!!). Tap any skill showing on the right to see its description. As the person who made this guild, I can set the skills when the guild levels up. Tap the Setting icon in the upper right of the skills. NOTE: The skilled listed on the lower part of the guild skills require 3 points to activate them.

UI 2

Mail: Any in game mail and certain prizes show up here. DO check it every so often as mentioned in the KNOWN BUGS section above.

Manage Team: As the name implies.

Manage Screen 1

In the upper left, you see the team selector which also shows the current team’s level. You can unlock to add another team to the list for 100 crystals. In the middle left you’ll see the stats gained by the minimon passive skills and items of the hero. Basic info about the minimons is just below it. The entire left side is the Team currently selected. You can build up to 5 teams. The right side lets you select a hero or minimon to work with.

Manage Screen 2

When you tap a hero or minimon that you have collected, the screens for each work exactly the same. The difference between this screen and the screen showing above this one is that the hero stats are different. This screen does NOT show the passives gained by the hero from the minimons or other bonuses. Look at the HP difference in the two screen shots of my hero.

Upgrade: You can upgrade any hero or any minimon you have as you see fit as long as you have a minimon to upgrade with. The recommended idea is to use minimons to upgrade heroes and other minimons. Don’t use heroes because they’re not as easy to get. The closer the star count of the minimon to the hero or minimon you want to upgrade is, the higher the success rate will be.

For example, if you want to upgrade a 5 star hero like the one showing in the screen shot, but you have a 1 star minimon. This still works but the chances of a successful upgrade are very low. However, IF you fail an upgrade at any time, hero, minimon, or equipment, you do get a bonus to add to your chances. In the given example, a 1 star minimon would not give the bonus. A 2 star would give a +3% increase to your chances if it fails. The higher the star count, the higher the chances of success. Also, the higher the bonus will be if the upgrade fails.

A matching star count gives a 100% chance. The recommended idea is DO NOT use it unless it’s your only option when you already have a bonus added to the success rate. Save star count matching minimons for hero or minimon upgrades when there isn’t a bonus.

You need to upgrade the hero or minimons you want to use in battles for two reasons. The first is to get a stronger hero or minimon. The second is you need a hero or minimon at its maximum upgrade before you can evolve it.

You can not use a higher star count hero, minimon, or equipment to upgrade with compared to the current one you’re trying to upgrade.

Upgrading ANYTHING costs you gold. The higher the upgrade and star count, the more gold it will take.

The maximum upgrade for any hero or minimon is TWO points above its star count. So a 3* minimon would have a maximum upgrade of +5. A 6* or mutant hero/minimon would have a maximum upgrade of +8.

Evolution: This one seems to trip up many players from what I have seen in FaceBook posts!!

Random Evolution 1

There’s the setup for a Random Evolution in the screen shot above.

Random Evolution 2

There’re the results I managed to get on this try. Thankfully, it was something I could use!!

There are two types of evolution. They BOTH have their pros and cons so make no mistake about it. Evolutions provide a higher star count hero or minimon depending on what you used/did. Fixed evolution provides a +1 star count (up to 6 stars and then 6* mutant) for the specific hero or minimon outcome (the same hero or minimon). Random evolution provides a +1 star count but produces a different summon all together. Could be a hero, could be a minimon. One way to find out!!

Both Random and Fixed evolutions work the same way. Fill the 2 slots PROPERLY and tap the lever in the bottom left. You can see the gold cost just to the right of the lever.

Fixed Evolution

Starting with the requirements for each character type.

For A Hero:

1) Hero is at maximum level AND maximum upgrade.

2) Hero IS NOT in any team.

3) Hero IS NOT set as the Leader (set another hero as Leader before you attempt an evolution with it).

4) Hero IS NOT currently involved with the Broken Abyss when you try to evolve it.

For a Minimon:

1) Minimon IS NOT on ANY team. This includes a team for Minimon Battle.

2) The Minimon is at maximum level AND maximum upgrade.

For both:

1) The required amount of gold. The gold requirement to evolve something increases as the star count increases.

2) Evolution Stone that matches the attribute AND star count of the hero or minimon you want to evolve. For example, if you have a 5* minimon or hero that you want to evolve to a 6* same minimon or hero, you need a 5* evolution stone with the same attribute (nature fire, dark, etc) as the minimon or hero. Rin has a Nature attribute. You’d need a 5* nature evolution stone to evolve Rin to 6*.

Once you have all the requirements, tap the Evolution button (NOT Evolution Stones) for the character you want to Fixed Evolve. Be sure it’s on the Fixed Evolution tab (you’d see the evolution stones you have collected). IF you selected the proper hero or minimon for a fixed evolution, it would already be set in place. Tap the proper evolution stone and tap the lever at the bottom of the screen.

Random Evolution

This one is somewhat less difficult to do. That’s one of the upsides. You only need two heroes and/or minimons of the same star count. Both have to be at maximum level and maximum upgrade. Both should NOT BE on any team including Minimon Battle. Another upside is that it’s pretty easy to get minimons and the result CAN BE a new hero for you. You will NOT need an evolution stone for Random Evolutions.

The downside is that you won’t know what you’ll get until it’s too late. It’s not like there’s a “rollback” in this and it does say “RANDOM”!! So the possibility that you end up with something completely worthless is always there. The possibility that you end up with something absolutely awesome is also there!! Do note, ending up with something completely worthless is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to do. Keep in mind, a minimon or hero could be used to upgrade another hero or minimon. 4 and 5* minimons could be used to craft soul stones. More changes and updates could happen to render the “useless” character much more useful than you thought.

Take a look at the screen shot showing my attempt at a Random Evolution. One of the minimons showing in that screen shot started as 1 star only (gained via loot). With Fixed Evolution, I made it a 3 star minimon. Unfortunately, doing so turned out to be a waste since random evolutions work better for this. Use 1 and 2* minimons to upgrade 3* minimons. Random evolve the 3* minimon pairs (any 2 you want to use) and continue. Then the other one showed up already at 3 stars (also gained via loot). So I tested my luck. Sure enough, I caught some pretty decent luck and ended up with a minimon I could use. That one has very similar skills to the two I just gambled with.

The other part to this is that you DO NOT need a matching attribute on the minimons used. So it just got a little easier to deal with. Random Evolutions are better suited for minimons. Like I said, you could end up with a new hero. In any case, a minimon is far easier to get.

I tried a Random Evolution with a 4 star hero and a 4 star minimon. I got a 5star minimon as the result. Not entirely cool until I checked the skills of the 5 star minimon!! It was a 5 star Kappa I ended up with. THAT was cool !! At that time, I needed a Kappa!!

I could have ended up with a new hero or I could have ended up with better or worse. Don’t forget the word “RANDOM” in there!!

Mutant Evolutions

Mutant is the highest evolution level any character can become. It is 6* so the maximum upgrade applies as indicated in the above section.

What you need is TWO of the same 6* hero or minimon. The same requirements are needed as described in the Fixed Evolution section. Of course, you need the gold to evolve with!! You also need a Mutant Evolution Stone. Once you have all the requirements, tap to select either matching character you want to mutant evolve. Tap the Evolution button (NOT the Evolution Stone button). IF you really do have all the requirements, everything will already be in place. Just tap the lever at the bottom of the screen. IF something isn’t proper, you’ll see the 2nd character showing an error and/or the lack of gold and/or the lack of a mutant evolution stone.

The rest of this continues in Part 2.

Just a gamer girl !!