Minimon Masters Beginners Guide Part 2 for Android

Manage Screen 2

UPDATED as of April 10, 2016.

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Soul Stone
Evlolution Stone
Adventure Mode: The Maps
Broken Abyss
Envoy’s Story
Tower of Heroes
Raid Festival
Daily Dungeon

Equipment: ALL the equipment you gain either by playing or when you buy from one of the stores ends up here. When you tap on any piece of equipment, you’ll see the details as to which slot it belongs in and what bonus stats it gives.

You can upgrade any piece of equipment as long as you have another piece of equipment that you don’t want or need. The material equipment must be either the same or at a LOWER star count compared to the one you want to upgrade. It’s the same setup as upgrading heroes and minimons.

The equipment you can put on your heroes and minimons includes weapons, armors, and accessories. Each one has their own slot. As mentioned MANY, MANY times in game, you can only equip something to a hero or minimon ONE TIME ONLY. If you change it or evolve the character, the equipped item is LOST (yes, FOREVER). So watch what you’re tapping in there!!

Soul Stone: Basically, you get these from Broken Abyss at random. Use them to add extra stats and skills to your heroes and/or minimons. When you tap the Soul Stones button, you’ll see which ones you collected.

Tap a soul stone and you can either equip it or craft it. You have to craft it first to get the extras when you equip it. For example, if you have an empty soul stone, you have to craft it with a minimon. A 4 star fire soul stone is what I got for the first time. So I need to craft it with a 4 star minimon with the fire attribute. When you tap a soul stone and tap the craft button, it will show you the exact type of minimon you need. All others will be greyed out.

When you craft a soul stone, you only need a minimon. You don’t need to upgrade or level it. You can IF you want to!! Just make sure it’s a match for the star count and attribute. The stats given by a soul stone are given at random. For example, a 4 star nature soul stone. If you craft it again, you will end up with a nature soul stone with different bonuses. The first one I tried gave me +Accuracy (that sucked!!). The 2nd go round at a nature soul stone gave me +Critical Rate (much better!!). So keep trying!!

Evolution Stone: When you gain an evolution stone (for Fixed Evolutions and Mutant Evolutions), they end up here. It’s a similar idea to evolving heroes and minimons. Two stones of the same exact type AND star count are what you need. At a certain point (two 4* stones for a chance at it) you’ll get a Mutant Stone. But otherwise, this works just like upgrading. You get the evolution stones from the Daily Dungeon. The higher the difficulty setting, the higher the star count will be. DO NOTE the level mentioned under each difficulty setting. It’s mostly a recommendation but more often than not, you can ignore it IF your team is strong enough. Hell mode gets tough for those that don’t have high star count and/or a high level team.

The stone evolutions work like this:

1 star + 1 star = 2 star stone.

2 star + 2 star =3 star stone.

This continues to the maximum evolved star count (5 stars or mutant evolution stone). The maximum is 6 stars for a hero and minimon. So with a 5 star stone, you can evolve a 5 star hero or minimon to 6 stars. You CAN’T mix the types OR the star counts. It won’t let you so don’t bother!! With a pair of 4 star stones (same type) you have a chance to get a Mutant Evolution stone. When doing Fixed Evolutions, this is what you need for a Mutant Evolution.

UI 2

Adventure: You have all the battle modes in here.

Adventure Screen

The Maps: In the upper right area, you can select which map set to play in depending on what you unlocked so far. In the screen shot above (at the time this guide was initially made), I have unlocked Hell mode for the first area. Others very possibly have gotten much higher or lower depending on what all they did. Below the area selector (left side) is a bonus for your total stars gained throughout all the maps you have completed. The more stars you gain from completing the map, the faster you’ll get the crystals bonus. Tap it and slide down if needed to get the bonus. It’s a maximum of 675 stars to collect for the bonus crystals.

To the right of the bonus is the difficulty selector. It has Normal, Hard, and Hell. You have to complete ALL maps before you can unlock the next difficulty level starting at Normal 1-1. The higher the map number and difficulty level, the more exp gains you’ll get. Also, you get some better chances at 3* minimons and up to 6* equipment from Hell mode difficulty.

To the right of the map selector is a bonus for completing the map (one time bonus). Even if you only get 1 star, you can still get the bonus showing. These bonuses are anything from gold to free 3-6 stars summon tickets. You can even get a 1 star evolution stone from some of these bonuses (Hell mode). So DON’T forget to collect them!! If you try to collect these bonuses out of order, it will not work. You can’t collect the bonus from 5-15 hell mode if you didn’t collect ALL the previous bonuses.

The bottom left shows the various battle types you can participate in.

 Adventure Screen 2

Broken Abyss: This is setup as an 8 HOUR to 12 HOUR run at the maximum. You have to be VIP 9 to get the third area opened up. When this started, I started with the first 2 areas opened up. What you need is a set of heroes with a matching attribute for the map. Even 1 hero with a matching attribute will do.

Tap the area you wish to play in and tap the map attribute to select a hero to use. For example: area 1, first map = nature. You need a hero with a nature attribute. No other hero type will be allowed in there. Every hero you use in a given Broken Abyss run will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the run (up to 4 heroes total). Higher star count heroes will reduce the completion time more. When it’s done, collect your loot. Said loot can include the Soul Stones. ONLY normal and hard modes are available as of this UPDATED version (check the date at the beginning of this guide). Hell mode is still locked.

The fun part is that any level/upgrade of hero will do. All heroes are 4 star at the minimum. You didn’t have to worry IF your hero was strong enough to defeat the round. If it can be placed on the team for the specific area, you’re all set!! It’s a waiting game. You’re NOT actually playing anything in the Broken Abyss.

The upside to the Broken Abyss is that you’ll ALWAYS get rewardS. These include gold, crystals, holy waters and sometimes soul stones (I can’t remember if it gives scales!!). The downside is that you don’t always get soul stones and this takes anywhere between 8 to 12 HOURS to complete. The other downside is that you can’t evolve ANY hero currently participating in the Broken Abyss. You CAN still use that hero for everything else just fin.

Envoy’s Story: This mode depends on your account level. The higher your account level, the more maps you can play in here. This mode does give you a bonus item, gold, or minimon at random when you complete the map you played. There’re other bonuses when you first complete a map here too like at the end of a normal dungeon run. The idea is to complete the map and TRY to get a Missing Page. Get all missing pages to get a “new” hero (Panda) (Panda is not new it’s just another hero to get). Just note that it doesn’t rain missing pages. From what all I can tell of it, you can only get the hero once. Beyond getting the hero from the missing pages part, you repeat the Envoy’s Story mode ONCE PER DAY ONLY. It’s for the daily achievements.


Arena: This one is the oddball one IMO. It’s not a big concern IF you win OR lose while you’re just starting out. Just play it!! You WILL get bonuses. NOTE: Some players might have a problem seeing the heroes and minimons clearly to be able to fight properly. I’d suggest the use of Auto Skill. There’s a claim button. Just tap that one once per week after the server Reset.

If you win, you get 2 medals and a higher ranking for a higher bonus crystals reward. Also, winning is part of the achievements. If you lose, you get 1 medal and a lower score/ranking. Also, losing is part of the achievements too!! It’s based on the way the matching system works. You could end up against an absolutely UNREAL MONSTER opponent. You could end up against a very closely matched opponent. And yes, you could end up against an opponent that says “sorry” and runs away!! The opponent is so weak that it might as well have done that!!

Medal Store: Win or lose, you gain medals. Here’s where you spend them.

UPDATE: The Arena Medals Shop has changed to permanently include Evolution Stones, Holy Waters, and Romano. Unfortunately, the evolution stones cost far more in the Medals Shop compared to repeating a Daily Dungeon. It’s a huge waste so the recommendation is to NOT buy evolution stones from the Medals Shop.

Also, the Arena resets once a week. The time for it shows in the upper left corner of the Arena screen. You might have to give it a few minutes before it shows.

Adventure Screen

Tower of Heroes: Each floor of the tower becomes more difficult. You can repeat any floor you already defeated but the reward changes to gold for repeats. The main reason to repeat a floor that you already defeated is for the Daily Achievements when you can’t defeat the floor you’re on. When you have not defeated a floor, you can check the reward it will give you.


Hero’s Quest

In the Hero’s Quest, you fight your way through one of 5 maps. Be sure to have a strong team because this part can get difficult. The Hero’s Quest has been revamped so that you only have 3 tries at it per day. Unless you spend a LOT of money for a high VIP level. Even at that, it only adds 2 more tries. Look at the description for each map before you start so you’ll know what each map could drop for forging equipment. Please check the Beginner’s Guide Part 1. Look at the Known Bugs section. So far, trying to forge 6* equipment has been rendered useless because the required material, orihalcon, currently either barely drops or outright doesn’t drop. Basically, 6* is the real / highest aim when forging equipment.

Raid Festival: UPDATED: The Raid Festival has been changed so that the boss during the time does NOT die. Instead, you keep fighting it until you eventually die. You always will. The boss will keep gaining a +damage buff every so often. It’ll just keep hitting you harder and harder.

You can replay this mode up to 10 times while it’s active. The ONLY score that is counted is the highest score you gained at any time during those 10 tries. Even if you scored into the #1 ranked spot on the first try, you can still keep trying IF you wanted to or stop and leave it as is.

You can check the rankings on the left (1st tab). This is where the cheaters show up (UPDATE: when this guide was first made). They’re very easy to spot and get themselves banned when you see a 3 or 4 star hero showing up in 1st place with 20,000,000+ damage done. That’s clearly a hack user / cheater. Especially when you see 6 star mutant TEAMS showing up below it with less damage done. It’s amazing how some “players” are so impressively stupid to think they’ll be fine in using a hack this way. Free Tip: Hey no brains, your hacks are showing!! UPDATE: The hacks, or at least the truly idiotic ones are gone. There’s always the chance someone IS still hacking this game but at least they’re doing much better at hiding it!!

TIP: 6* or mutant Marzo is highly recommended in the Raid Festival. Since she was boosted (not balanced) during the last update, she can last quite well in the Raid Festival.


Guild Raid: The Guild Raid is where you’ll be fighting against very tough bosses. You must be in a guild to participate in the Guild Raid. You need at least 1 hero and 1 minimon to participate. You can have any 3 DIFFERENT heroes and up to 9 DIFFERENT minimons to make up your teams. You can’t use the same minimon under any circumstances (different star count minimon won’t work). The scores are individual but the bonus boxes you can gain are based on the collective scores of all participants in your guild. The higher your guild scores in total, the higher the reward boxes will be.

For specifics about the bosses you’ll be facing and some tactics, you can check out my guide for Guild Raid.

Daily Dungeon: This is setup for a different dungeon each day. As such, you get a different evolution stone on the specific day only. On Saturday you get gold only. On Sunday, you get a random evolution stone. Whatever the difficulty is set to (on Sunday), you get that many stars but you won’t know until you win which evolution stone you’ll get. The higher the difficulty of the selected Daily Dungeon, the higher the star count evolution stone will be. This goes up to 3 stars for Hell mode. UPDATE: The cost to repeat a Daily Dungeon, except Saturday, is fixed to 400 crystals. No increase, no decreasing. There’s also a change to it so that if you lose, whatever the reason, you can repeat until you win (if possible) for scales only. It won’t change to “crystals for repeating” until you win the first time.


Minimon Battle:

This is a minimons only PvP match. 5 minimons will “arena” battle in here. There are two formations you can set. CHECK THEM CAREFULLY and decide accordingly as to which formation you want to use. Exactly like the Arena, the Minimon Battle arena resets once per week at the same time the Arena / server resets. UNLIKE the Arena, the medals gained from Minimon Battle DO NOT reset. This makes for some nice stacking to get and/or repeatedly buy higher tier boxes. The Minimon Battle Medals Shop offers Guild Raid reward boxes. From D-Class to S-Class and you can buy orihalcon. ALL rewards gained from Guild Raid reward boxes are also in these boxes.

UI 3

Settings: For various options and entering Coupon Codes. You can log in and out of either a FaceBook or Google+ account in here. Turn settings on and off for better game performance.

Housing: You can buy skins for your “home” screen. Visitors to your “house” will see the changes. There are also skins available to change the appearance of different parts of the game. For example, you can change the appearance of the Team Manager while the rest of the UI stays completely the same.

Store: You can buy a variety of things here for crystals, Friend Points, and/or real money. Just BE SURE TO READ IT CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU BUY SOMETHING. It’ll be awfully embarrassing trying to upgrade a hero with a minimon when you bought a piece of equipment instead!!

You can buy minimons, equipment, exp boosts, speed boost, holy water, scales, gold, and crystals. Crystals are the only item in there that costs real money.


I hope you got something useful from this guide. Thanks for reading it.

Next up is a Minimon Masters Tips n Tricks guide.

Have Fun!!


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