Minimon Masters Gold Farming Guide

Minimon Masters Gold Farming Guide

Here are the details as to how I got to 73M+ gold in Minimon Masters. Despite the screen shot below, as of this writing, I’m at 73M+ gold and GROWING. Do note: some of these details depend on YOUR LUCK. Much of said luck is in your timing AND getting into the Treasure Room a lot. The rest depend on having a hero high enough to handle any stage while SOLO. That’s right; you have to test the stages while your hero is completely by itself to see what it can get through. The higher the Adventure Mode stage/map, the better. The upside is that most players can eventually see what their current hero can handle and go from there. No real need to test the hero while solo. But if you can’t, then go ahead and test while solo.

Don’t let this screen shot trick you. I’ll be the FIRST to tell you that I STILL have a very long way to go before I get the teams I want built. But as you can see, I definitely have the gold to pay for it!! I have been playing since late October or early November of 2015 (can’t remember which). I don’t have mutant teams because I’ve been busy testing as much as I could this entire time!! This screen shot doesn’t even show the Romano I have!!

Much of this guide depends on you being in Hell Mode stages and/or having 5-15 defeated and under your belt. To the point where you can defeat stage 5-15 blindly at any given time. However, anyone at lower stages/difficulties can still gain gold.

Gold Gaining

Starting at ACCOUNT level 20, you unlock the Auto Repetition feature of the game. Before that, you’ll unlock the Auto Play/Auto Skill feature of the game. This will handle the majority of your hunting/farming. IF you’re trying to farm manually, you’ll end up dying of boredom!! Set it and forget it is the better bet.

How does the timing and luck work in?

You’ll need timing to take advantage of events. There are gold boost buff events BUT the buff is only on during certain times of the event day. So be sure to check the Minimon Masters FaceBook page at least once per day to check for the gold buff AND any other events you might want to participate in. When it comes to SERVER time, it’s on +9 GMT. So either calculate it according to your local time OR get a world clock and compare. NOTE: They don’t always get the timing perfectly every time. So just wait if you know you have a prize or more coming to you.

When it comes to luck, you’ll be seeing that in the drops and in the number of times you get into the Treasure Room. When you’re running low on gold, getting into the Treasure Room repeatedly comes in VERY handy. Some get into it 4-5 times in a row. Some get into it every other run. Some can go a whole day without seeing it at all!! Your mood about it depends on how much gold you have and what you were hunting at the time. So, luck calls can go either way with this map!!

The Treasure Room

This is a “hidden” map that just shows up at random. It’s no big deal for the most part. Like any other map, all you have to do is defeat the last boss. Once you do, it’ll switch to “Fever Time”. You’ll have a short amount of time to keep tapping to gain more gold. The instructions say to tap as fast as you can. The trick I use (in Hell Mode stages) is to tap quickly at the start using 3 fingers. At about 60K+ gold, stop and let it slow down. Then a single finger slower tap until either the time runs out or a max gold gain is reached. If done correctly, you can gain at least 90K+ gold every time you get into the Treasure Room. The idea is to quickly gain rather than 1 finger slow tap the entire time. Constant fast tapping with multiple fingers usually cuts of the gain at around 80K+ gold.

Ok, how about some good details concerning setups and what to look for?

Take a closer look at the screen shot. See the 55/64?!! There’s your part 1, first and foremost. It’s all in your available inventory space. It’s the same thing with your equipment. As you can see, I have 55 slots used up. That’s already getting loaded. So it’s time to start upgrading and evolving heroes and/or minimons to free up space. The trick to it is to load up your inventory FIRST. The other part is to NEVER fully load the max for either characters or equipment. If you do, you could max out and lose some minimons and/or equipment (full inventory = lost stuff). Part 2 is to stop spending on upgrades and evolutions until you get loaded up properly.

HELL YEAH you WILL be spending when it comes to upgrading and evolving things. But when done in a larger group only, you’ll end up spending more time hunting. Compare this to the rushed version. For example, you ran 3 maps only. Then tried to upgrade and/or evolve something. Kiss your gold BYE BYE because those 3 runs could have given you 3 more minimons to work with. No real gold gain there. No real chance to build up gold. I upgrade and random evolve minimons A LOT, especially the 3* minimons. But my gold is GROWING. Now I have gold to easily pay for higher star count upgrades and evolutions. I’d say this tactic works!! So EASE UP there killer!!

Side Note: Don’t sell minimons. Always hang on to them for food, evolutions, or soul stone crafting. Take your pick. Selling them is a much bigger waste.

For equipment, again, don’t overload your inventory. I never even expanded mine (still at 40 slots)!! When you’re first starting out, you want to use the best stuff you can get all the time. Later, when you get much stronger teams built, you can get picky as to what to keep, upgrade, and use later. I set “keepers” at 4* and above. Even at that, I still get picky!! At 3* equipment and below they’re either used to upgrade the “keepers” or just sell them to free up the inventory space. So when you start keeping things, DO BE CAREFUL of the Class Sell function. Try NOT to accidentally sell higher star count equipment. Yes, it’s a great way to get REAL pissed off about the game!!

The never ending cycle

There are many that know this trick and use it all the time. But for those who don’t know it, here goes!!

You start out with a certain amount of Holy Waters for the adventure mode and Scales for the arena to play with. Each time you successfully complete an adventure mode stage, you gain 1 scale. When you play in the arena, you gain 1 (loss) or 2 (win) medals. The arena has its own shop where you can buy holy water with medals. So just keep buying holy waters. Repeat over and over.

In the screen shot, mine is still on 30 holy waters and scales as the maximum. When you start out, you’ll have less. At certain account levels, the maximum will increase. IF you spent real money on Minimon Masters, the VIP bonus increases the maximum limit for both. But you can still gain more than the maximum anyway. In the screen shot above, you can see a +25 under my holy waters and +20 under my scales. The +20 came from playing in the adventure mode. The +25 came from buying holy waters from the Medals Shop in the arena. These numbers can get VERY high too so you can have a really nice supply to play with!! This is one of the aspects Minimon Masters has over many “must use energy” games. It’s easy to gain the “energy” needed to do things and the max limit is mostly just for show!!

Here are the tricks I use as much as possible:

  • Do NOT drop the holy waters below your maximum limit. Waiting for the regen sucks!!
  • Use up ALL the scales. More rounds in the arena = more potential medals gained.
  • Buy scales with Friend Points as much as possible but make sure to keep at least 30+ friend points at all times. This is for the daily achievements. Always go for the 100 Friend Points for 10 scales.
  • Buy holy waters OR scales with crystals as needed ONLY. GO EASY when doing this. As in, try not to. But IF you have to, get the maximum offerings in the in-game shop.
  • Switch maps every so often. Playing in one map only gets boring!! It just depends on the amount of holy waters you have at the time AND what you’re really hunting for. I bounce around maps including 2-2, 2-12, 3-15, 4-1, 5-1, 5-2, 5-14, and 5-15. All in hell mode because I can!! As I type this, I’m running 2-12 to gain more minimons. You’ll see why later!!
  • Always try to keep an eye on your inventory space after each full level up of minimons and/or heroes.
  • The most hunting I do is while leveling a set of 3* and below minimons in my team (6* or mutant hero). Once they get to level 30, there’s at least 3 crystals gained. Even a set of three 1* minimons will do. If you’re leveling minimons 1 by 1, you’re basically wasting holy waters just to get the same amount of crystals.
  • DO NOT fall for that Tower of Heroes nonsense. Your gold gains will suck in comparisons to hunting in the adventure mode. The lack of the Treasure Room entry in ToH is just one part of the losses. That’s even WITH the ToH gold buff on for the day. Only do the ToH once per day for the daily achievement OR when you wanna try to get to a higher stage in it for the reward.
  • DO NOT hunt in Envoy’s Story. Stick with once per day for the daily achievements.
  • Auto Repetition is your FRIEND!! Get your account level to 20 as soon as you can.
  • DO NOT rush too much. You WILL run out of gold.

What happens when you run out of minimons to level to get crystals? Switch to your PvE team and hunt some more. Just try not to run below the max limit of holy waters while trying to hunt more minimons to level. Also, you can buy a minimon egg or 3 with Friend Points. Again, keep at least 30+ friend points for the daily achievement.

Why not just constantly use a PvE team to hunt? Because you won’t get crystals from characters that are already at max level. Waste!! Go multi-mode!!

So which maps are the best to gold farming or general hunting in?

Basically, ANY of them would do. Just remember that the higher the difficulty and stage you CAN HUNT IN, the better the GOLD GAINS will be. NOT minimons and equipment hunting. When you’re hunting minimons and/or equipment, the game ADDS more to the drop list as you get higher in difficulty levels. It doesn’t remove lower level stuff. This just tests your luck in the loot even further but you gain the chance to get said higher star count equipment and minimons.

As it turns out, 5-14 hell (Adventure Mode… Stage 5 – Map 14….Difficulty Hell) gives the most gold from what I have seen so far. But it can take more time. 5-15 is next and CAN BE faster but not everyone can finish it with a low minimon team to include crystals hunting. It wasn’t that big of a gold gain difference between 5-14 and 5-15 but 5-14 did give me more gold.

How about a faster and easier map?!! Compare 5-14 to 2-12 hell. 2-12 hell is MUCH faster to finish. But when you look at the gold gained in 2-12, you’ll see you have to run 2-12 at least twice to match 5-14. Not Cool!! What this amounts to is that you’re not spending so much holy water in 5-14 to do the same thing. This leaves you with more holy water to work with = more runs.

How about other maps? It’s just a matter of you checking the Field Info. Try to avoid bosses that can shield themselves. Also try to avoid timed maps. Bosses that can shield themselves can burn a lot more time on you. Timed maps can go screwy and you lose. Bye Bye holy waters!! For the most part, stick with the highest stage/map/difficulty as you can.

Side note: By the time I got to this point, I just upgraded two more 3* minimons. With a random evolution on them, I got a 4* Jack. Not sure how to feel about Jack just yet but I’m STILL at 73M+ gold and now I have my inventory space back!! Now I need more minimons. I’ll run 2-12 because it’s fast and I usually get more minimons in this map.

Ok, how about a happy medium?!! As it turns out, adventure mode 5-9 has a shortcut. In many stages/maps (NOT all of them), it’s when you kill the last boss, that will end the run successfully on the spot. Gold, loot, and exp gained…. Yey!!

Side note: Just got another 97K+ gold in a Treasure Room!! Hahahahaha

In 5-9, right after the first gate is opened, the last boss (Cerberus) can get lured. This doesn’t happen every time but it does happen. So when you’re nowhere near the end of the map, Cerberus comes after you. As long as you kill him, take a look. You’ll see the gold drops coming at you from various directions. The remaining mobs you didn’t even touch just die and you get the gold. In hell mode, you have a chance a 6* equipment, higher gold gains from being in the higher stage/map, and a chance at more 1* to 3* minimons. There’s no shield involve with Cerberus so you won’t have to burn more time getting past it.

Some extras for you!!

Beyond this, here are other things to try to help you out.

  • Get into a guild as soon as possible. Hopefully said guild will have a high or max gold buff.
  • Get the 1.5x speed up. It helps!! 80 crystals per week is the recommended option.
  • Make sure to do the daily achievements all you can. It just amounts to more for you.
  • There never were any gold gains in the daily dungeons. Just saying!!
  • Re-read the first extra listed here. Participate in the guild raid. Even small gains can help. Do what you can. Most won’t even bother to complain about a low score as long as you participated to at least TRY to help in there. This also helps guild leaders want to keep you in the guild.
  • Again with that first extra listed here. Be sure to tap the Attendance button once per day. Usually the better bet is after the server resets for the day. It’s not more gold gains directly BUT it’s more holy water for YOU to use. More holy water = more adventure mode runs = more chances for you to gain gold. You were not only helping your guild, you’re helping YOURSELF too!! See? It’s not a one way setup!!
  • Unless you’re spending real money on Minimon Masters, take some time to build up. Don’t take an eternity!! But take a look at what’s really involved in the game while you’re at it. Again, all that rushing will leave you with a deep need for more gold.
  • Take the given advice during the loading screen. Don’t worry too much about your win/loss rate in the arena. Especially when you’re just starting out. It’s a gain in multiple ways anyway. But beyond holy waters and Romano, don’t bother buying the other things in the Medals Shop!!

Gold Gaining 2

Oh. You thought I was kidding about the 73M+ gold and/or that 4* Jack while I was making this guide? Yeah, sure, go with that!! Hahahahaha

Take a look at my inventory space. I JUST told you NOT to sell minimons but my available inventory space increased. And now I have around 700K more gold compared to the first screen shot. Fun, huh?!!

Just note that there ARE plenty of others with higher amounts of gold.

Have Fun!!

Just a gamer girl !!