Minimon Masters Android Marzo Guide

Minimon Masters Android Marzo Guide

From what I’m seeing, there are players with various questions concerning the Minimon Masters character Marzo. This guide will give you the details for Marzo and some suggestions to try with it. Of course, this all depends on what all minimons and equipment you can get (depending on your luck mostly). This guide is based on a 5* Marzo. If you can get 6* or mutant Marzo, all the better for you!! All in all, Mazro can get pretty “heavy duty” with the self healing it has.

This guide is updated as of April 10, 2016.

The skills

With each skill, you have a certain amount of damage done based on your attack stat which is boosted by a percentage. It’s anywhere from 230% to 300% boost (5* Marzo).

Normal Attack …. You can gain HP by a certain CHANCE. This is NOT a vamp effect. How much HP gained is not shown. But it’s based on a chunk of HP gained in one shot. Just like the healing skill of Ariel. Things like this rely on attack speed. Unfortunately, I didn’t spot much of anything to boost normal attack speeds. Multi-hit normal attacks boost vamp effects such as Rin’s 1st skill and Slimimic’s 2nd skill. The thing is, the effect happens so fast that it’s very easy to not notice it.

Hedgehog’s Quills …. You have a definite counter effect for 8 seconds. Anything that damages you, also gets 10% of the that damage automatically (more at a higher Marzo star count). Unless the attacker(s) are shielded. This is a reflected damage back to the enemy/enemies. It’s NOT a block or reduction of the said 10% amount of damage. You still get the FULL damage but the enemy/enemies get 10% of that damage too.

The healing effect trigger (activation) is based on you hitting a critical attack (a “crit”) WITH this skill. The healing effect is based on Slimimic’s healing skill. You’ll gain a certain amount of HP each time you do damage to a target(s) (vampiric or vamp effect). I don’t know if this is bugged or not but when you hit mutliple targets with this skill, you can multiple vamp effects. Each one can regenerate your HP. In the case where you hit many targets with this skill, you could see vamp effect buffs the length of your HP bar. Yes, each one is seperately regenerating your HP for every damage Marzo does.

Rolling Chestnut Burr …. This provides a definite bleed effect for the enemy/enemies. That bleed will do damage over time. Typically a bleed effect is based on a percentage of the attacker’s damage. The higher your attack stat is, the more damage this effect does.

It’s a chunk heal just like the healing skill of Ariel. Again, the HP gained is based on your maximum HP. The latest update boosted Mazro more in not requiring to hit a crit. It always heals you as long as this skill activates.

Explode, Chestnut Burr …. It’s a definite heal for 8 seconds just like the healing skill of Kappa. After the healing effect wears off, you have a 20% chance (aww… so low!!) to gain a chunk heal effect like Ariel’s healing skill.

Marzo’s equipment setup

NOTE: This is just a suggestion. It’s your hero. Go do whatever you want with it!! But at least here’s something to try with it as well.

As anyone can clearly see, Marzo has a chance to go very high HP regen mode. This would increase its survival rate very highly. But you still have to trigger its healing capabilities of the 1st skill with a crit hit.

The higher the damage done, the higher the bleed effect damage will be. The higher your crit rate is, the more you’d see the healing effects of the skills being triggered. The higher your HP is, the higher you’ll gain HP (both in chunks and over time). The healing effects are based on your MAX HP.

The downside is that most would want high defense. Any hero would want that!! But that defense also reduces the damage done to Marzo. The lower the damage done to Marzo, the lower the reflected/returned damage will be. Kinda wastes the skill, right?!! But the workaround is to hope the attacker(s) have something in use that ignores defense. Even that has its pros and cons but that’s the workaround!!

So what you’d want for equipment is a high powered weapon, a high defense armor (mostly for the +HP), and a +crit rate accessory. Naturally, higher star count items are going to give you better results. Switch the title to whatever you gained from the Arena for extra crit rate.

The Minimons

Again, it’s your hero and collection of minimons. Do whatever you like. But at least here’s a suggestion to try out.

This idea is for both PvE and PvP situations. The idea is to play to Marzo’s strengths. Namely, it’s potential to have a high survival rate and still whoop some ass with a high crit rate!!

Kappa …. This minimon adds to the attack due to cold attribute. The healing skill is a HP over time on a per second basis. The higher your HP, the higher the HP gain will be. This minimon is suggested as a permanent team member.

From there, you can mix and match just about anything. Here are some suggestions to try.

Devildice …. This minimon adds to the attack of the hero regardless of all else. It’s also a nice disabler.

Rudy…. Want to go that “extra mile” with the healing? Rudy is the way to do it. Rudy can also come in handy with her Blind skills (from normal attacks and her 2nd skill).

Slimimic …. This would add to the vamp effect of Marzo’s 1st skill. Slimimic has been changed to include an HP boost. As of a certain update, you can’t stack the same effects onto 1 team. So anything else giving an HP boost won’t stack. It will take the highest HP boost available.

Arachne …. This one is a “tricky trade off” when used on Marzo. The shield is the main concern. Yes, that shield sure saves a lot and HELPS with your HP regens. But it completely wastes any reflect/return damage. Nothing to return because no damage was done!!

Ariel …. This one is well liked due to its healing effect. At mutant level, she can remove negative effects when she heals you.

Pairan…. HP boost + freeze(stun) immunity + float. I can’t remember if a mutant Pairan still has 8 seconds of immunity to all negative effects or if it’s been nerfed to damage reduction only. That, and the descriptions are different between the actual mutant Pairan and the Collection. But he does come in handy, especially against a freeze type boss in the Guild Raid!! “Anti-Freeze”…. it’s not just for vehicles any more!!

Cerberus…. Bleed + Float + standard damage (attack stat) boost. Get him with a high enough weapon to make his attack stat nice and high and the effects can be devastating. The bleed from Cerberus and Marzo’s 2nd skill stack.

I’ll stop there. The list can go on and on depending on how the player (YOU) is seeing it.

All in all, Marzo has the potential to have a VERY high survival rate. The oddball part is that Mazro no longer relies on crit hits to make her 2nd skill work and at the same time, you WANT as much crit rate as you can get on her. Keep in mind, the harder you hit something, the more HP regen you’ll get from that potentially long string of vamp effect buffs.

Have Fun!!

Just a gamer girl !!