Minimon Masters Tips n Tricks

This is a collection of things I picked on up while playing. Again, there’s nothing overly complex here. With any luck, you’ll end up getting something useful. If not, keep trying!! Here goes!!

Turn ON the low graphics mode

This manages to save your device battery and make the game run a little faster. In comparisons, there wasn’t anything I would complain about graphically when I turned this on. Then again, I focus more on game play rather than graphics.

Terror works better on ranged heroes

When you’re attacking at melee range, the Terror effect and any similar effects cause your opponents(s) to run around like crazy. So a melee type has to go chase the target to get in range before it can hit (normal attacks… maybe some skills too). Usually the effect wears off before getting in range. A hero with a ranged attack can simply stand there and continue to pop targets that are within range. No time or effect wasted.

Check the Collection as much as possible

This helps a lot more than you think. You get the info about which minimons can evolve to what hero. For example, a 3 star Mio can evolve to a 4 star Rin (did that today!!). You can get the details about skill effects for the various star counts of the heroes and minimons. This helps with trying to setup a tactic/build to use. Sometimes a player will ask where to get a certain hero. Most of the time, checking the Collection can answer that. Evolve a minimon. Ok, which minimon?!!

Look at the heroes list in the Collection. Tap any hero to see its details. For example, tap the 4 star Pudding. You’ll see her details. Tap the evolve icon (2 cats looking thing) in the bottom right of the description. You’ll see which minimon Pudding evolves from (Myjjumi). It’s the same thing for minimons. Tap the right side of the Collection screen to select an attribute. Tap any minimon and tap the evolve icon in the bottom right of the description. You’ll see what it can evolve to.

Random Evolutions

ALL KINDS of things can happen. You can get another hero, you can get another minimon, and you can end up with useless from either two. Of course, this depends on what you were hoping would come out!! The better idea is trying Random Evolutions with 3star minimons. They’re not so tough to get, level, or upgrade and at least you’ll end up with something 4star!! The idea is NOT to try random evolutions with heroes unless you already have said hero as a mutant.


Try to skip upgrading 3star and below equipment. Save 3star and below equipment for upgrade materials. But IF 3 star and below are the only things you have, go ahead and try to upgrade it as you see fit. I’d recommend you didn’t go overboard.

Auto Repetition

This comes in VERY handy for 2 cases. Just make sure you have enough holy water and/or scales. The better 2 bets for Auto Repetition are the standard dungeon runs and the Arena.

For the standard dungeons, hunting and/or leveling becomes a little quicker using Auto Repetition. Just find something you can defeat with the team you want to use and go ahead. The trick is to defeat the map WITHOUT using any boosts first. The better bet for settings is to leave the first 2 turned on. These are “Suspend in case of full inventory” and “Suspend in case of full character inventory”.

If you use the third option, that’s for stopping when a character reaches maximum level. In the case of leveling only 1 hero or minimon, use this option. Heroes and minimons at different levels would trigger this condition and it stops when everything reaches max level.

Set the Auto Repetition in the Arena and let it go build up medals for you. Quite possibly points too!! Auto Repetition requires a level 20 account.

HP Steal

HP Steal (A.K.A. Vamp attack…. Vampiric attack…. The damage you do heals your hero). The higher your damage, the higher the HP regen will be.

This works on melee heroes but works way better on ranged heroes. Ranged heroes can hit multiple targets with their AoE (Area of Effect) from their normal attacks better and faster. The attacks of ranged heroes float through all the targets in range. This shows up as a long stream of +HP being displayed. It also shows up as your hero regenerating very heavily!!

For example, a 5 star Rin. Try it with theses minimons (if you can)

  • 5 star Kappa…. 30% HP regen over time. 30% of your heroes max HP.
  • 5 star Slimimic…. Vamp attack effect. This stacks with Rin’s vamp attack.
  • 4 star Hellbreath…. A stun and extra defense.

If you get Rin’s damage up high enough, it’s going to be freakish!! I have personally seen this in action and in PvE situations, have gone from a nearly dead Rin to full HP Rin awfully quick!! Vamp attacks rely on high damage and hitting many targets. So using it in a PvP situation isn’t always such a good idea.

But even with other ranged heroes like Pudding, this can be a real life saver in PvE situations.

Some Fun

When playing with Auto Skill or Auto Play turnded on, you can see your hero run and not actually try to loot anything. This is because there’s an auto loot function built in. However, when your hero is running away from the loot and the loot follows, it looks like the loot is going up your hero’s butt!! THERE, I said it !!

I’ll add more when I managed to catch on to them. But for now, this will do!!

Have Fun!!


Just a gamer girl !!