Mino Monsters 2 Evoloution : Beginners guide

Mino Monsters 2 Evolution Beginners guide

In the beginning…

OK firstly the balance of this game is a little out so getting Gems can be quite difficult but if you spend them very wisely and sparingly it can help you progress quite quickly, the game has a massive number of Mino’s that you can attain, some very easily and some with great difficulty.  The first Mino I managed to attain was part of the story mode and indeed an Earth (ground)  based Mino and is far from the best you can get, the trouble with this Mino is that he is very expensive to level up, so don’t spend too much of your coins on him as there is a far greater Mino around the corner.

Mino Classes


Appear more than normal as expected and very easy to catch.


As the name says slightly rarer and relatively easy to catch

Mega Rare

Appears very little and can be tricky to catch


Some of these can only be gained


You can capture the guardians on each of the islands, generally take more than one guardian stone if you want to catch it

If you want to level up quickly then I strongly suggest making sure you enter every event possible, this will give you the berries you need and will also help you get other items that will help you in your quest.