Order & Chaos Online Android Beginner’s Guide

There’s quite a lot to this game so here’s a beginner’s guide to help you out!!

There’s quite a lot to this game so here’s a beginner’s guide to help you out!! In saying “there’s a lot to this game”, do note that the game takes up nearly 2GB of storage space on your device. So an emulator or another Android OS running on your PC/laptop might come in handy for those who are short on space. Do note, when it comes to another Android OS, they do typically run just fine even on older hardware. This also helps save some wear n tear on your mobile device!!

The game is available for mobile devices running Android, iOS, and Windows phones. You might find some differences here and there if you manage to play on different platforms.

WARNING: Like any other online game, you WILL eventually end up facing a scammer. NEVER give out a password or any login/account information to ANYONE. <<< Anyone asking is a sure sign that you’re about to be scammed/hacked. Also, attempting to gain things from other third party sites is a near guaranteed way to get your account hacked. So watch what in the hell you’re doing. Chances are exceptionally high that you WILL NOT get helped in these cases.

Getting Started

As someone who started playing this on an Android device, I simply logged into the game with my Google account. It was just faster/easier for me and it worked fine!!

Once you’ve logged in, you can select which side you wish to play on. Much of this is just personal preference. If you start with Order, you’ll have humans and elves to choose from. If you start with Chaos, you’ll have orcs and undead to choose from. The Mendels are the newest race to join the game. They have their own starting areaS and they can play as any class.

There are 5 character classes to choose from. Some classes simply work better for some races. For example, an orc monk or mage isn’t really as powerful as an elf monk or mage. Then again, an orc warrior is going to be better off compared to an elf or human warrior. It’s a matter of the starting stats each character has. There are 5 classes in total. Each class has 2 Talent sets (skills) which can be selected based on what you prefer to try out/use. This starts at level 5. Once you pick a Talent set, the skills on the other side will no longer be available to you.

  • Warrior. This class branches into Bloodseeker and Guard. So one’s a tanker and the other is a killer type (DPS). It should be pretty obvious as to which is which!!
  • Mage. This class branches into Elemental and Stargazer. Elemental is as the name implies and can be a nasty attacker. Stargazer is a support type complete with attacks.
  • Ranger. This class branches into Archer and Assassin. Either side is meant for the same thing…. KILL. Of course, one is melee based and the other is ranged based.
  • Monk. This class branches into Divine and Martial. Divine is the healer but sucks while solo. Martial is the attacker side but has some trouble getting into parties. More players want healers!!
  • Flame Knight. This class branches into Blazer and Garrison. The Blazer is for DPS and Garrison is the tanker. To create a Flame Knight, you need a level 70 character in your account and a free slot.

From there it’s a typical character setup (gender, appearances, and etc) and into the game you go!!

Places to play

The land is divided up into various areas. Each area has a level requirement to be able to gain access to it. Once that level is reached, you’re good to go from that point on. When you select your race, that’s what decides your starting area. With humans and elves, you’d start in Ancient Forrest, Fallen Leaf. With orcs and undead, you’d start in Tanned Land, Roar Military School. With Flame Knights, you start out at level 65 in Sanctuary, Flare Island.


The main method to level in Order & Chaos is questing. There are a large variety of quests available to pick up the leveling pace. But eventually, you’ll run out of quests OR there’s always the chance you won’t be able to complete the quest(s). Option 2 is grinding. Mostly the grinding is meant for hunting but you can still gain EXP from it. It’ll definitely be slower but it works.

Other EXP gaining options are

  • Items to boost your EXP gains.
  • Daily quests.
  • Repeatable quests.

It’s really self-explanatory stuff!!

Quests are color coded from grey to red. Grey colored are the easiest while deeply lacking EXP gains and red being the hardest quests for you to do at your current level.

Lucky Crosses

You gain these from the Daily Lottery. They really do nothing and lots of it. On the upside, you can trade them in Greenmont.


Yes, this is incredibly important. Using teleporting will save you a mountain of time trying to travel around. This can be done either at a Teleportation Master or using a Teleportation Wing. Some Teleportation Masters have an apprentice that’ll teleport you for free to certain places. So keep an eye open for them. You can buy the wings in Greenmont. There will be various situations where the wings will be of much more use to you.


This is your profession. Use this to make items for yourself or to sell. Crafting starts at level 8 in the town of Silence via a quest. It’s quite a system to go through!! Once you have the ability to craft an item, you have to gain the materials either via hunting or buying. Some items can only be bought, the rest can be hunted. You level your crafting via crafting items.

There’re 3 types available:

  • Tailoring. This allows you to make the armors for Mages and Monks.
  • Blacksmithing. This allows you to make armors for Warriors and weapons for all classes. You just have to make note of which class can use the weapon in question. For example, a Devil’s Dagger can be used by a warrior, mage, and a ranger. A blood-covered spear can be used by a warrior and a monk. It just depends on the talent selection.
  • Leatherworking. This allows you to make armors for Rangers and some accessories.



There are multiple currencies in the game. These include:

  • Copper. The cheapest currency and easiest to get.
  • Silver. Next in line and a little harder to get.
  • Gold. Last in line and a lot harder to get unless you figure out good hunting spots or have multi-crafting (3 characters for 1 crafting type each) going.
  • Runes. You have to buy this with real money.


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