Ran Online Extreme Fist Weapons and Skill Linking

I see lots and lots of extreme characters in game. The first mistake comes from nerfing your own extreme character with only 1 skill tree/stat type build. The next mistake is that I also see many not even remotely coming close to using skill links. Then to top it off for mistakes, players have been using 2 weapons.

Ok, what’s wrong with these things?

  • Only using 1 build/skill tree. It’s much more convenient, but it defeats the purpose of having an extreme character right from the start. They were meant to go “hybrid” right from the very start. That’s why you have extreme fist weapons!! In only using one type, you completely lose the skill links. You’d have no chance at it whatsoever.
  • No skill links. Again, it’s a great way to nerf your own character!! Sure, the extreme characters still have plenty in the way of attacks and effects. So why did you waste the extras that come with it?!!
  • Two different weapons. That turned out to be a great way to completely waste your own time and money if you didn’t loot your own weapons since the stats don’t stack!! When you have 2 different weapons for your extreme character, it will auto switch them as needed. But when the extreme fist weapons came out, there was no further need to do so. In the case of Int + Dex weapons such as a bow or gun and a spear, you’ll need ammunition (ammo). Very effective at using up more inventory space when you didn’t have to.

Extreme Fist Weapons

Check out the screen shots below.

Forbidden Mighty Fist +4 Sanguine Nimble Fist N Banish Bizarre Fist Banish Mighty Fist Black Dragon Bizzare Fist

With these weapons, switching is done automatically as though you have the actual weapon. But when you look closer at the descriptions, you’ll see that Weapon type is just question marks. What this means is that there is no type check. So for ALL the extreme skills that require Fist as the weapon (ALL of them do!!), these are the weapons it refers to. Not brawler weapons that say “fist” as their weapon type. Note: those weapons do work on the Pow Type brawler skills. With these weapons, you have the use and full attack range of each and every skill the extreme character can offer. With these weapons, you can hybrid with up to 4 skill trees across 2 build types and include skills from ETC. Also note, these weapons do not require ammo and they’ll actually switch GRAPHICALLY to mimic the needed weapon.

Now check the weapons themselves. See the difference between the Banish fists and other fists here? The Black Dragon, Sanguine, and Forbidden extreme fist weapons all give extra stats much more in comparisons to the standard (NON- (N) type) weapons. Compare the Banish fists with the Sanguine fist. When the (N) is there, you get the extra options as showing at the bottom of the Sanguine fist description. So without the (N) or without a title, they’re primarily useless and you’re losing stats and options to make your extreme character stronger.

Each weapon is as follows:

  • Nimble Fist. This is for Dex + Int extreme characters. You’ll always get +Shooting and +Energy.
  • Mighty Fist. This is for Pow + Dex extreme characters. You’ll always get +Melee and +Shooting.
  • Bizarre Fist. This is for Pow + Int extreme characters. You’ll always get +Melee and +Energy.

No matter which way you try to think of something new, this always covers everything an extreme character can handle for each build. Remember, you can mix and match skills from the skill trees, up to 4, for each of the 2 builds available on each weapon. For examples, you can have skills from both sides of Int, and both sides of Dex all at the same time. You can have skills from Dex gunner only and Int assassin only if you wanted to. You could have skills from Pow swordsman and both sides of Dex all at the same time. Knock yourself out!!

Skill Linking

No, this doesn’t mean it will open your default browser and show you a web page based on what you used to attack!! This does mean you can gain extra effects and/or damage if you used the named skill first. See the screen shots.

Extreme Skill Linking 4 Extreme Skill Linking 1 Extreme Skill Linking 2 Extreme Skill Linking 3

Of course, these are just some examples. But you’ll get the idea.

Some skills have 1 extra effect and the others have 2 extras in total. They’ll all stack with the effects of the main skill description. The difference is that one of them is the Link effect. Check out the screen shot of Hurricane Blades. You have 2 effects with that skill. You can tell which is which by reading the yellow colored part of the skill description. In this case, Specular Surface is the Link effect. That’s how the Link skills work. The yellow colored descriptions are naming the trigger skills that activate the Link effect.

Each Link effect has 3 possible trigger skills. Simply use the named skill before the skill with a Link in it to get the extra effect. So in the case of Hurricane Blades you have Poison Smoke, Ignito, and Explosive Blast. When you check the description of Explosive Blast, you’ll see it has no Link effect. However, it is the trigger for other Link effects. Even if it was another Link effect, simply use the named trigger skill before it. But directly after using Explosive Blast, anything else that uses it as a trigger can also be activated. Note the cool downs of the skills.

Linking skills is similar to combo moves. But the difference is that combo moves are done in very rapid succession. Linked skills allow you a few short seconds to get the effect(s). Typically, you’ll have until the duration of the trigger skill effect or just a few short seconds to get the Link skill effect. When you look at Hurricane Blades, you see the extra effect Rapid Speed. That is always going to activate as long as the skill doesn’t miss. So take that into account. If you miss the attack, the Link effect is not going to activate.

In the case where the trigger also has a Link effect, you simply use its named trigger skill first. Then it will all stack. Look at Infection and Yellow Tremor. Use Sector Slash to trigger Infection and then Infection to trigger Yellow Tremor. So all together, you’ll have the standard effects of all three skills based on their descriptions + a stun + 50% extra defense for 3 seconds in the example of these 3 skills. Just remember that some effects manage to cancel out others, some stack and some have a higher casting time than others. So test them first.

If you have any questions, comments, and/or requests, please post them in the Ran Online Techtoniks Forums.

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