Ran Online The Re-made Gold Gaining Tactics

Ran Online The Re-made Gold Gaining Tactics

When it comes to Ran Online, the biggest question is “how can I gain gold”? Then the variation shows up as “how can I gain gold easily”?!! This guide will show you the various methods to gain gold WITHOUT that much effort AND with little to NO spending. Keep in mind, gold gaining was never really meant for the lazy. Even these tactics take effort. It’s just not as much effort as other ideas.


This gets LONG!! But the info is here and should work nicely for you.

This is intended for Ran World (GS). Other servers might have a similar setup so things should work there too.

Heed the warning given far below. It’s important!! Don’t say you were not warned.

What this comes down to is everything in Ran Online RELIES on your setup. The items you have AND the character you’re using. This is all about the hunting (the PvE). But even with a really sucky set, there ARE ways to gain gold with little to no spending and much less effort.

The characters to use

One might think this is an “anything goes” situation. It NEVER was. You want a character to hunt with and GAIN. Not something that would end up costing you while you’re hunting. A character that requires ammunition (ammo) is something to be avoided. The use of Auto-pots is another one to avoid. These things end up costing you in both gold, inventory space, and time (time to go get more pots and/or ammo).

Here’s a list of recommended characters:

  • Swordsman …. Dex swordsman being the better bet. The high regen rate a Dex swordsman has makes it ideal for longer hunts.
  • Assassins …. Int and Pow assassins have so many upsides that it’s ridiculous. The Dex assassins can work but the Int and Pow assassins work far better.
  • Exterem characters …. Just about any setup using an extreme fist weapon would do. NOTE THE SPECIFIC WEAPON. With that weapon, no ammo is needed. Int assassin + just about anything else you want is the main recommendation.
  • Brawlers …. The recently renewed Pow brawler turned out to be better in PvE situations. But it’s not overly great so you’d have your work cut out for you in the building of this character type. All in all, it can still work.
  • Magicians …. Doesn’t matter which one you take. They’re ALL good for hunting. Dex and Int magicians can hunt and NEVER get hit. Not one time. Pow magicians can do the same but they do it with their very own built in tanker!!

Of course anyone can use any character they want to. However, it’s when you’re using characters that require ammo (bullets, talismans, arrows), you LOSE inventory space that could have been used for more loot. Other than that, do your best to pick a spot that won’t get you hammered on or outright killed!!

Places to hunt

This always depends on your current setup. IF your setup is still weak, aim for lower level maps. IF your setup isn’t so weak, aim for both lower level maps and higher level maps. The main 2 things to look for are:

  • A place to hunt in that won’t get you hammered on or outright killed. So judge your characters PROPERLY.
  • A place to hunt in that has LOTS of mobs.
  • Maps with mini bosses.

Here are some places to hunt in while at a lower level and a higher level with or without a sucky setup. Only hunt the school campus maps while at a very low level. Gold gains are gold gains so there’s no harm in it!!

  • School Hole Maps …. You can find many mini bosses and some places with a good amount of mobs. You won’t find much of anything for VIP mobs but that’s still ok. While at the lower level, you shouldn’t have THAT much difficulty in killing off the mini bosses.
  • Leonine Maps …. Just about any of them would fit the description of having LOTS of mobs that are not too tough to kill (setup and character dependant). For higher level players, don’t forget your chance at the Dark Arts Master (DAM). Yes, there are VIPs in many locations of the Leonine maps. These maps server well for Box Hunting.
  • Trading Hole …. Many mobs, some VIPs, and not overly tough to kill. Also a good spot for Box Hunting.
  • Trading Passage #4 …. Same mobs as school holes and a couple of bosses. Also, the extra objects are in this map. It’s a good way to get crystals and odd stones. The bosses here can HIT. So do watch what you’re doing when you attack them. Also, the moving flame mob thingies can 1 hit you near instantly. Either kill them with Int based skills or do your best to avoid them.
  • The Wharf …. Lots of mobs everywhere and a decent chance for bosses from Box Hunting. Do note there’s a LOT of players found in the Wharf. So always expect it to be crowded in there.
  • HangOut 3F (HO 3F) …. This one is sometimes overlooked. This map has the most mobs compared to the previous 2 floors. All 3 bosses are in there at the same time.
  • The Prison …. Lots of mobs and VIPs. Lots of moron in this map too so it gets tough just trying to level here. But if you can get in some hunting here, there’s a good chance you can start with weapons from here too. The boss is meant for 1 hit kill skill users while at the lower levels. Higher level players can also use the 1 hit kill skills but they’d have other methods to kill the boss here.
  • Middle Hole …. This starts to get tougher but there’s plenty of mobs and some bosses. Also, this is the place to hunt 180 rings and necklaces. The drop rate is low but sure enough, they drop here. <<You’re welcome!!
  • Root Hole …. Now you’re starting to get into the upper levels. The mobs get tougher here but for higher level players, this should pose little difficulty. The main problem is the massive amount of moron running around in this map. It is record breaking and not in a good way!! You’ll see/meet some of the most idiotic and annoying players in RH.
  • Head B …. Now you’re in the upper levels. The hunting can get very high but this HIGHLY depends on your character and setup. Macro users are making a massive amount when they use a PROPER setup here.
  • Directors Room …. Only one of these maps has mobs in it. They are VERY tough mobs too. However, there are ways to easily hunt in here. Magicians <<<< HINT HINT!!
  • Saint Research …. This map is meant for the 1 hit kill users. When it comes to hunting, this map WORKS. The 1 hit kill users WILL BE spending on their pots. But their potential gains can far outweigh that cost. It’s those potential gold gains that you’re after and not so much for the exp gains. Don’t forget that part.

All these locations have plenty of mobs to hunt. It was just a matter of your setup and getting into one of them. Even in the lower level maps, there’s still plenty to be made in terms of gold. You just might have to get a little creative in the lower level maps. HINT HINT>>> See the Crafting section below.

Things to hunt

Ok, now that you have a variety of choices, what will you do? Will you load your inventory with looted pots?!! There are specific items to look for AND you still must keep something for a place to ditch true junk. There’s a LOT of times when these things don’t seem like much of a gold gain. Then consider how much effort it took to gain said item(s). What, 2 attacks or less in the lower maps at some point?!! Then consider how many items you just sold in the Market NPC. This tends to start stacking up sooner or later.

  • Blue Colored Armors …. It’s the name color that counts (blue colored). These, even true junk which will show up a lot, can sell quite nicely in the Market NPC. IF it’s true junk, even the NPC can give you a decent gold gain for it. Yes, even higher than weapons. Just throw away the white colored armors immediately. Also note there ARE specific armors for higher level crafting. Armor crafters would pay more than the NPC price for them. For example: Place a level 205 true junk armor in your vend for 1M gold. When it sells, you made more than the NPC would have given you!! But when you hunt somewhere such as the Leo maps, you can gain a LOT of armors and other things to sell in the Market NPC. It starts to build up nicely after a few rounds back to the Market NPC.
  • Weapons …. The place to start worrying about weapons is the Prison and higher maps. Below that, they’re ALL not worth keeping. Either ditch them on the ground somewhere out of the way OR sell them to any NEARBY NPC. Don’t go too far looking for an NPC. But when you get into the Prison and higher maps, weapons CAN start getting more expensive. Just remember that the name color won’t make much of a big difference in the price when selling to the Market NPC. Weapon name colors make ALL the difference when vending them. Don’t bother vending true junk.
  • Crafting Materials …. You should hang on to most crafting materials you looted. Either for your own crafting OR sell them in your vend. NEVER sell crafting materials to the NPC. The number of crafters is far higher than most would think. That number of crafters is growing. Just remember that crystals can drop from just about anything. Odd stones only drop from the extra objects (rotten garbage, rotten cars, and vending machines). Odd stones can run out faster than most give it credit for. <<<HINT HINT for your vend!! If you can get your ETC built up, fine and luxury crafts usually have a decent gold gain to them. Even if you can’t build it up at all, low crystals still sell.
  • Refines …. Keep at least 1 set for your own use. Sell the rest in full sets in your vend. Some of these lower level maps are surprisingly good for hunting refines. For example, the Leo campus. I have gained a LOT of refines there. Then again, that could be just my luck!! No real harm in testing your own luck!!
  • Mystery Keys (silver and gold)…. Or is it Misery Keys?!! Call it what you like!! The common mistake is not finding out the prices of these in the Market NPC. So when you sell them in your vend for less than the NPC price, pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Great job at LOSING gold!! Sure, your keys sold quickly. That’s because someone spotted them in your vend and sold them for a much bigger gold gain in the NPC!! Silver Mystery Keys sell for 250K EACH in the Market NPC. Gold Mystery Keys sell for 500K EACH in the Market NPC. So when you see a player without the use of brains vending them for less, go ahead and buy them all. Then go make your gold back AND a profit from the NPC!! The recommendation is to keep a set of keys for your own use and sell the rest in the Market NPC. It’s a much faster gold gain than trying to vend them.

Now consider these things all together. Doesn’t seem like much, does it?!! Now ask yourself what effort did it really take for you to kill off a bunch of mobs in the Leo maps and/or TH (<<examples only) and end up with a lot of silver keys? Said keys can sell for 250K a pop. What, that doesn’t add up after a while?!! Blue colored armors from the Wharf and some other lower level maps can sell for 50K or more each. You better believe it adds up after a while. If it was THAT hard for you to do, chances are, you REALLY should read my other guides to help you out. Some are listed at the end of this guide.

The more inventory space you have, the more loot you can have when you go to the Market NPC. That’s why you don’t rely on characters that require ammo for these types of hunts. Also note, the NPC in 51F gives you the same prices as the Market NPC. Yes, we tested it!! There’s some time saving for you in having to go back. Time is money!!

Here are some tactics to try out

The DQ Hunt …. This is one I cooked up while playing in Ran PH. Most players from Ran PH would know there was a Daily Quest for each character you had/still have. Basically, you’d have to stay in game with each character for at least 30 minutes up to 1 hour. Many players were just creating characters and making them stand somewhere while waiting for the time to countdown. This was truly boring and very wasteful!! The main advantage in Ran GS is you don’t have a DQ. So there’s no timer and no character switching to be concerned with. The downside is that there’s no DQ in Ran GS. Those boxes had nice and USEFUL prizes inside.

So, I went hunting rather than just standing around!! The main aim is the crystals, odd stones, and essences. I happen to be a multi-crafter… that’s why!! But I ended up with more items while hunting for a specific box. What I did was spot a giant loop that runs through 5 maps in total. I start in the Market and end there too. There IS a way to do this in half an hour or less, gain at least 40 crystals, and have little to no backtracking through most of it. All that and it’s not hard at all since most of it is done while NOT attacking mobs. Also, luck does play its part in this.

The highest level map for this hunt IS the Wharf. So it’s not THAT hard to do!! The gold gaining potential is very high for both crafters and non crafters alike.

I start in the Market and buy + equip Scamper shoes. With or without a ride, there’s your movement speed boost.

Go straight to the Wharf. DO NOT go after the extra objects first. Instead, go after the mobs and get a Lucky box. It’s the Lucky box that increases your chances for a crystal to drop from the extra objects very highly. Odd stones ONLY drop from the extra objects. But while hunting for the Lucky box, you could loot some blue color armors for NPC sales and possibly other crafting materials.

Once you have a Lucky box, LOCK IT. Then go after the extra objects. You’ll have to get a Lucky box for each map. There are multiple ways anyone can loop through each map. When I do it, I end up running through most of each map. Starting in the Wharf, then I work my way through to TH. Then again down through to the School Hole map of my choice. Then again down through to the Campus map. Then right back into the Market to handle any NPC sales for whatever I looted (armors and whatever else got in the way). Of course, I kill off any bosses and mini bosses I find on my way. Repeat.

Box Hunting …. This is one of the most overlooked hunts in the game. The main aim is essences. However, you can still loot whatever else happens to drop (there’s your extra gold gains). While hunting a place with LOTS of mobs, loot EVERY Destiny box that drops. Do not bother being worried about what kind of box you’re currently on. You don’t care and shouldn’t. You’re HUNTING THE BOXES!! The trick to this is that bosses pop out of those boxes at random. Essences DO DROP from those bosses at random. Crafters go nuts trying to get essences. They’ll SELL in your vend as long as you didn’t put some mindless high price on them!!

The Leo maps are a good place for this idea. The Wharf and TH are other good places.

Boss Hunting …. It’s as the name implies. This one takes a lot of running around but in certain places, it’s not hard at all. The aim for this hunt is essences and Tarot Cards. The recommended places are HO floors and School Hole maps. In HO 1F and 2F, you have a single boss. The 2F boss will respawn every 5 minutes. The others are all on their standard timings. All 3 bosses are on 3F. The HO bosses also drop Tarot Cards a lot. Keep them for your own use or sell them in a vend.

The mini bosses in the School Hole maps are usually all too easy to kill. But they DO drop essences. There are multiple mini bosses in the same areas for some of these. They respawn every 5 to 10 minutes. I forget the timing for these but it’s not long!! In the School Hole maps, there ARE other mini bosses that spawn on their normal timing (usually once every few hours). These include a Ninja Knife, Dark Swordsman, Ethereal Fist, and another one. They do hit a bit harder than the mini bosses but you can kill them off for Activity Points and hunting purposes.

The mini bosses in the Campus maps DO NOT drop essences or much of anything else useful. Use them for the skill point quests only. The DS Jr. in those maps DOES drop essences AND is the requirement for Activity Points. Go merciless on that thing!!

Macro Users

This is the tricky one.

WARNING: Use the macro in a dungeon while solo only. Save yourself the problems and heed this warning. Option 2 could amount to “bye bye account….it was nice knowing you”!! Enjoy the ban.

Some players I know IRL asked a GM in game about this. The reply they got is that the use of the macro in Ran GS IS LEGIT. <<You GOT THAT?!! Read it till it sinks in!! However, HEED THAT WARNING. If you use the macro in open maps, you’re BEGGING for problems. Don’t even remotely consider it otherwise. You might get lucky in an open map here and there. Don’t test your luck THAT much.

Ideally, you have places such as 51F and SPA to do this in. You can solo those places while using a macro and no one would bother you or care. You’re in there while SOLO, remember?!! Why would anyone else care when you’re not bothering them?!!

Also note the use of dual or more CLIENTS works. Note the difference between dual client and dual login.

Dual client = legit. This is 2 or more accounts on the same PC/Laptop at the same time. This uses 2 or more game clients running at the same time but can be very draining on system resources. So watch out for the lag caused by this.

Dual login = PROBLEM. This is 2 running clients trying to use characters from the same account. Don’t bother because this usually doesn’t work anyway. Even if it does, WHEN (not if) you get caught doing it, EXPECT a ban.

Keep in mind ANYONE can make their own macro. You just have to figure out how so that it works with your character(s). Side B controls. <<< HINT HINT!! Gotta love those nice and subtle hints!! XD

The idea is that using a macro does NOT alter the actual game and does NOT alter the gameplay to create an advantage for the player in question. It just plays the game for you. So YES, your character CAN still get killed too!! In that, you CAN still drop items once killed. You still have to setup your character to be strong enough to handle being in the dungeon you’re using the macro in. You also have to keep checking it every so often.

The 51F “Solo?” Hunt

Many players don’t realize this but 51F can be hunted in various ways while solo. The trick to it is you don’t always have to go after cannons. Cannons hurt A LOT. The thing is, the Roses drop the same items as the cannons. But instead of dropping your defense by at least 600 points, Roses cancel your attacks. It’s still a very acceptable trade off.

But IF you’re interested in including cannons, the best bet is to use a Pow magician. Let its pet tank for you. That’s what it’s there for!!

1 hit kill users can also gain very fast in here. Even from just 1 door at a time. Even using the Laggers Variation works plenty well. Just try not to get killed in the process!!

Wait, why did it say “solo”?? That would be because now you know the use of a macro and a dual client setup are both LEGIT. Are you really still solo?!! HEED THE ^WARNING. So setup one account for a holder and the other as a tanker. Then run the macro. It takes some doing/setup, but once you get used to it, it’s like second nature. The gold gain potential is quite high even though the effort isn’t so high eventually. Even with 2 doors, this works well. Ideally, neither holder nor tanker is relying on buffs. However, a shaman holder works nicely. Use its buffs to help during the largest wave which is the very first incoming wave. Also, avoid the use of skills that make you invisible. You’ll lose all the mobs.

Once you get started, place the holder far enough away so that it won’t get exp but it can gain loot. It’s YOUR HOLDER so YOU gain the loot!! Don’t worry about the exp gains of the holder. Worry more about the tanker coming after the VIPs while using a macro. You can add more characters to the party depending on how strong your PC/laptop is. Some use 3 to 4 clients on the same PC/laptop. Your other characters from other accounts can stand around doing nothing and be fine. As long as they don’t get in the way, you’re all set. The macro only works on the active client. The others just stand there UNLESS they’re being run from another PC/laptop with a macro.

From there, IF your setup is good enough, you won’t have to bother with buffs. Only the tanker relies on the pet and that’s mostly for looting and/or regens. A pet loot all skill + the rejuvenation skill is a pretty nice combo on the pet. When using the macro, your skills will eventually fire at random. It doesn’t matter as long as those are attack skills. Also, some macros have an auto loot function built in. It’s VERY nice to have BUT you’re tanker WILL MOVE around. So do be careful about that.

Once the macro is going, just leave it. Go watch a movie or 6 somewhere else!! NOTE: Using a macro means YOU ARE using the mouse and/or keyboard. Screen savers and monitor shut offs won’t work, chatting will be messed up, and using your PC/laptop for other things is a big NO NO!! Once the tanker client loses focus, it STOPS. Even when switching to the holder client or other clients.

Stop the macro before switching clients. Some of them have a pause feature. The main reason to stop/pause the macro is to go empty your inventories. Be sure to check your inventories every so often or you could end up losing loot (no space). That, and check your tanker’s pet.

Among the good ideas is to keep place holders for each character you have in the 51F party. These are for stacking items such as crafting materials, refines, and pots. The macro that has auto loot OR your pet loot all won’t get picky while looting. They mean business!! So make sure you have the inventory space.

Remember, you’re filling 2 or more inventories when using a dual or more client setup. The gold gains CAN get into the 10s of million each time in just a few hours per run (tanker’s killing speed dependant). Those running more than 2 clients on the same PC/laptop can get higher. It’s extended more for those with multiple PCs/laptops to work with. That’s after you NPC sell the true junk. But even if all of the armors and weapons are true junk, you still can gain refines, crafting materials, and crystals. These things always sell in vends!!

Now imagine all these accounts and characters you’re running in 51F. Put them all in one guild and set them all up to be able to use the guild storage especially if it’s your guild. It’s a nice way to shift items and gold easily to where you need them.


You’d be surprised at how well some items can sell in your vend. Selling crafted items to the NPC just sucks. But if you can craft good items, gold gains are not so tough anymore!! The fun part is that it doesn’t even take much effort at all to gain crafting materials. The downside is that crafting can produce a lot of true junk. It IS a test of your luck.

But to help things along, the crafting system is now complete with many more 100% success rate crafts. Previously, some of these items were at 10% or less success rate. The trade off is that they now need more crafting materials.

But do check your crafting for things like Man Rosary of Legend, Knife Pattern Earrings of Legend, Forbidden weapons, pots, certain higher level belts, and certain higher level bracelets. No more of that “taking a chance” nonsense!! This is just SOME of the items that can sell well in your vend.

Yeah, I know this one got a bit “novel length”!! I deem this as needed to try to produce more players rather than more questions. But for those with more questions, check out these guides.

The 1 Hit Kill Tricks

The Regeneration Build

Extreme Fist Weapons and Skill Linking

The Pow Magician Guide

Have Fun!!

Happy Hunting!!

Just a gamer girl !!