Ran Online GS Swordsman Guide

Ran Online GS Swordsman Guide

First and foremost, this is NOT my info. However, the players zzx44 and tambok were nice enough to provide this info in the Ran GS forums. The problem is that those forums currently suck. Too many posts get pushed down through the pages and too many players don’t use the search feature of the forums. It’s still a “primitive” forums and many features are just not there. In any case, now here’s an “easy to find” swordie guide!!


ALL CREDIT FOR THIS GOES TO zzx44 and tambok of the Ran GS forums. They were nice enough to put in the time and effort to provide this info. I just wish they were nice enough to provide screen shots too but they didn’t!! That’s still ok!! They were nice enough to provide hybrid info into this as well. I’m only providing some info here and there and I’m just doing some minor editing to fix it up a bit.

NOTE: Things might change at any given time for any given character type. You can “thank” renewals and attempts at balancing for that however you see fit.


From zzx44

First off, let me explain the 3 main stats:

Pow – increases melee, shooting, and min-max attack stats

Dex – increases melee, shooting, defense, min-max attack stats (not as much as Pow)

Int – increases energy stat, magic based damage, and MP.


When deciding which build to go for when building your SM, remember these tips:

The Pow build has the highest potential damage output out of all the builds with skills having decently fast cast animations making it good for early leveling. A good portion of the skills in the Pow build grants a buff that increases your critical hit chance as well as the critical damage, especially in the higher level skills. However, you will be very dependent on your accuracy stat since you can miss your attacks.

The Dex build is the “tankiest” out of all the 3 builds since the Dex stats increases your defence with cast animation speed slightly slower than the Pow build. It also has several skills that have an additional HP regen buff that triggers when you use them as well as other defensive oriented buffs, further increasing your survivability. However, in terms of damage output, this build has the lowest out of the 3. And like the Pow build, Dex also requires a high accuracy stat to become viable, especially in late game content.

The Int build has the amazing benefit of never missing skills (in general) and having skills with a wide array of debuffs they can apply to help them in fights along with damage output just behind the Pow build. However, they have the slowest cast animations out of the 3 builds, except 237, making PvE and PvP difficult in lower levels pre-237.

I have decided to not include an explanation of each of the skills since they are pretty much self-explanatory. Yes, READ THE SKILL DESCRIPTIONS. It’s not hard to do!! Instead, I will include suggestions in the builds to give you an idea of a combo that might work for you. Also, I’ll include item’s options (the RVs) that are highly recommended in order of importance for each build and reasons why.

I will only mention this once as an overall requirement for any build you choose to go.


Amplify is not necessary unless you try for a deviation of the Int build.


Pow Build

Stat allocation:

Pow – enough to master 237 skill which is 635.

Vit – pump the rest here for survivability.

Melee – Increases damage of melee skills.

Attack – Overall increase in damage for both normal attacks and skills.

Defense / Resistance – Defense decreases damage from physical attacks. Resistance reduces damage from magical attacks (Note: it’s the one that says energy.) But the other resistances reduce the duration and effects of other elements. Get them high enough and you could negate the attacking element.

Accuracy – Ability to hit targets with evasion. This stat provides you with fewer chances to miss your attacks on mobs too.

Attack and Melee are pretty much a must-have as they help increase the damage of the already high damage Pow SM.

Defense and Resistance, again, generally are a must-have to reduce damage from all sources.

Accuracy. This is the dilemma that all NON-Int builds face. Which stat to sacrifice so that you may include accuracy? However, evasion isn’t as prominent in Ran GS as it was in other Ran servers such as Ran PH. So you may opt to skip accuracy entirely and focus on Defense and Resistance instead. But if you find yourself needing more accuracy to hit those butthole extremes, assassins, archers, and gunners who build HIGH eva setups, you can drop Resistance for Accuracy.


Pow Skill Build

Master all skills from 207 to 237. Also think about mastering Revolving Slash as it lets you initiate very quickly as well as reducing opponents attack speed. Also getting Triple Slash is highly recommended as it is the Pow build’s only debuff. You might also consider getting critical wound as it skill links with Devastate to turn it into a stun.


Suggested combo

Revolving Slash (pulls opponents in, slowing their attack speed)

– > Twilight (a simple and quick 1 second stun)

– > Triple Slash (since they are stunned IF you hit first AND there wasn’t a stun counter AND you didn’t miss, it’s easy for you to debuff enemies)

-> Cyclone Slash (a pull that reduces movement speed, as well as increasing your attack and defense)

-> Ascension (a good follow up due to high damage, reduces opponents attack, defense, and attack speed. Also has chance for a “mini-stun”)

-> Devastate OR Critical Wound(if you opted to go for the stun)

High damage, prevents opponent from using skills for 3 seconds, increases your attack and defense, and stuns if linked.

-> Continue with filler skills until combo is off cool down if necessary.


^This is just a suggestion. Most Pow skills have a buff that increases critical chance and critical damage as well as reducing opponents defense. Try experimenting to figure out combos with higher damage potential.


Dex Build

Stat allocation:

Dex – enough to master 237 which is 635

Vit – pump the rest of your stats here




Defense / Resistance



Pretty much same RVs as Pow build except here you might wanna focus on your defenses to further amplify the Dex build’s strengths i.e. tanking hits all day while dealing moderate damage. But do note that the regen skills RELY on the attacks not missing.


Dex Skill Build

Master 197 to 237 skills. You might also want to get skills that give the buff Self Recovery to give yourself 2% hp regen for 2 seconds making you even harder to kill.

Suggested combo

Chain Tie (pulls opponent in while slowing attack speed and movement speed)

-> Weightless Slab (debuffs and increases your HP and resistance for 12 seconds)

->Shadow Swordsman (prevents your opponent from using skills, allowing you to follow up with another attack)

-> Veno’s Wrath (slow animation but stuns for 3 seconds at master level as well as providing a crit buff)

-> Electric Sparkler (high damage, high chance to crit due to Veno’s Wrath, as well as decreasing opponents HP total, defense, attack speed, and attack range.)

->Aero Boomberang (simple high damage skill)

-> Follow up with skills that give Self Recovery to offset enemy damage, rinse and repeat


Again, ^that’s just a suggestion only. If this combo doesn’t feel right for you, try experimenting yourself. For me, this is the best I can come up with from reading skill descriptions and testing.


Int Build

Stat allocation:

Int – enough to master the 237 skill which is 635

Vit – pump the rest of your stats here







Probably the best part of the Int build is that it will never miss (in general). Therefore, you will never need accuracy, allowing you to get both Defense and Resistance options. High attack stat on your items is highly recommended as it also increases your Energy which is the main stat that affects how much damage your skills do. However, slow cast animation makes initiating difficult so high Defense and Resistance is also favored to survive initial burst damage and give you a chance to retaliate.

Added by Me, MagicBabe….

The fun, but not easy to do part, is to switch defense for a HIGH eva setup. On an Int character, you can become a real deal pain in the ass target to kill. Optionally IF you can manage to get both HIGH eva and a good amount of defense, you’re good to go!! From there, focus on +Energy Resistance to reduce incoming magic based damage.

Int Skill Build

Master 207 to 237 skills. Also might want to think of mastering Chain Sickles(massive attack speed slow) and Terrene Detonation (movement slow, massive SP drain, accuracy drop) and Staggering Sting(link skill with 237 and Resistance decrease for 20 seconds)


Suggested combo

Electrecute (fast skill animation, high damage, 2 second stun, small HP drain, crit buff)

-> Dark Incantation (high damage, debuff, movement slow, attack speed buff, high crit chance thanks to Electrecute)

-> Glint (skill prevention, resistance decrease)

-> Glacier Tornado ( high damage potential – applies stigma to targets that are hit, meaning if you hit those targets again with another skill, the damage will increase by 10% times the number of targets with stigma, lock pot, resistance decrease)

– > Crimson Lightning (high damage, chance to “mini-stun”)

– > Terenne Detonation (movement slow, SP drain, accuracy decrease)

– > follow up with filler skills until main combo is off cool down


^ AGAIN, it’s just a suggestion. If another combo is better for you, cool. This, to ME, provides the best application of the numerous effect Int skills have to increase damage potential and control.


Time for Hybrid builds!!



The reason why is because you just won’t have enough skill points for your high level skills and buffs that you need. Going hybrid at low levels will just hinder the skills you can get compared to if you only went a pure build, thus reducing your damage and effectiveness.


Pow – Int build

Stat allocation

Pow – enough to master 237 skill – 635

Int – enough to master 237 skill – 635

Vit – any leftover you might have, no matter how little, just throw it here



Melee / Energy




The choice between Melee or Energy is determined by which skill tree you want as your main, Pow or Int. Whichever


Added by Me, MagicBabe….

Apparently, Pow + Int is the better bet. But as of the time this info was posted, this was all there was. With any luck, someone might try Int + Dex and have a good time with it to the point where they make a guide and post it.


From tambok

On the hybrid part, as for my point of view, you need to set your goal on which main skill you want to take, not unless you’re already on level 260.

As for me, I’m on 252, last skill not mastered, and lack of skill points on going to full hybrid (all mastered).

Here’s what I have observed. I tried using a Pow + Dex build (not Good build), as you need to sacrifice your Defense stance and the Guardian Stance is for escape only. Dual 237 skill, need to follow the 237 skill tree of Dex, so you have secondary last skill. (Note: I thought if you add 633 on Dex, your Def will increase. But as for my character, it still has the same Def. I was assuming that it would add 200 def on my equipment build but I’m sad to say it only added 100. Casting the skills and a combo for a Pow – Dex Build need to be practiced. You need fast hands because after you cast the 237 Dex skill, you have less than 2secs to cast the other 237 skill from Pow (1sec stun).


My current Hybrid Build -> Pow + Int. My main skill tree is Pow and my secondary is the Int skills -> 237 – down to its lower skill tree, I did not take skill that has “can’t use skills” effect. As I mentioned, I don’t have the skill points.

The reason for my build: Pow type has a high Critical damage with enemies that are within close attack range, especially when they’re stunned with your Int 237 skill. The second reason is Defense Stance decreases 20% movement only. So no worries even if your movement speed is slow. All it takes is you can cast that shield buff and get closer to an opponent. Cast all the high damage skills. Then back out if the enemy still standing or has an allies.


My own Combos :

Cyclone (to let enemies get sucked up) -> Int 237 skill -> Pow 237 skill – Pow Twilight skill -> Pow 217 skill – > Int Debuff skill – > Int Lower Skill Range skill.

Note from Magicbabe….


Clearly tambok didn’t remember the skill names at the time of writing this!! Hahahahaha

That’s ok. The info can eventually help other players which is the part you should be focused on. So don’t get lazy on us and do READ THE SKILL DESCRIPTIONS.



I choose ^that combo so that enemies can’t move, because of the stun effect of the Int 237 skill (2secs), Pow 237 skill (1sec), and Twilight. 🙂


I hope this would help others. As of now, I am still wondering why the developers don’t want to get rid of that Guardian Stance –> decrease 100% damage once casted. It’s useless if you have high damage. You will be forced to have an Int skill just to take that Defense stance.

Another note: equipment should have high attack as to which it will add Energy on the Stat value. It will help high damage on your INT skills.


From Me…MagicBabe


So, either take the Guardian Stance skill or don’t. It’s always on the player in question to take ANY skill or not for whatever reason. As for its usefulness, I’m sure someone can find a use for it someday…. other than a decoration!! hehehehehehe Look at some of the shammy buffs. Those things also reduce damage. One of those buffs used to be an attack!! I haven’t the foggiest IF the upper level buff skills were even fixed yet!! If I remember correctly, it was the Bubble skill that wasn’t working properly or at all.

Honestly, it’s not like other skills can claim to be “effect(s) wasted free”!! Look at the Int brawler skills. As far as I know, they never fixed those wrecks. Unless anyone can explain what the point is in having a slowing effect, among other effects, that have the exact same duration as a stun from the same skill. The target(s) got STUNNED…. they can’t move, attack, or ANYthing. What good is slowing them for the exact same amount of time do?!! It’s the same thing with the lift effect in those skills. Sure, the target(s) are in the air…. they’re STUNNED for the same amount of time…. what’s the point in the lift?!! That’s just the Int brawler skills.


In any case, there it is from what all I could gather from the Ran GS forums. Good luck with it.


Have Fun!!


Just a gamer girl !!