Ran Online Head B 51F Party Guide

Ran Online Head B 51F Party Guide

Here’s a guide to Head B 51F parties for those that are new to the idea and/or have been soloing previously. It’s not that big of a surprise that players are asking for info about such a party. New players ARE showing up at random and even server switching mixes up some. Also note that in Ran GS, there are different party styles in 51F depending on the server you’re playing in. Or at least there were!!

For example, there is no holder in a Head B 51F party in Requiem but party members can be from any school. The tanker runs around to lure the VIPs each time the swarm of mobs is wiped out. The Strife server follows the Ran PH HB 51F party style. You have a tanker, holder, and killers. But in Requiem, you have the tanker and killers only. No idea if this setup has changed!! But that’s how it was when I first played in Ran GS Requiem server (now playing in Strife after the migration). This guide follows the Strife setup.

What’s the use?

Parties in Head B 51F are faster for LEVELING while the tanker is the one who mostly gets the loot / gold. It SEEMS “greedy” until anyone realizes it’s the tanker taking all the damage so others could level. Don’t forget that part. Yes, there ARE tankers that would freely share looted items depending on how well the party is going. Just ask… it’s not that big of a deal to simply ask!! Lots of players request constantly…. try not to nag!!

The different roles for each party member

Tanker…. The person taking ALL the mobs that are attached to each VIPs (doors…. 8D…. 10D…. 6D…. etc). Basically, the tanker is the one getting hit by the mobs. If done properly, the tanker is the ONLY ONE getting hit except for the holder. If you have a real deal tanker, she/he won’t get PLOWED in an instant from the oncoming mobs. If they do, you might have a fake tanker. This happens… don’t worry too much. Sometimes it’s caused by the tanker forgetting to use her/his pet. Simple things like that DON’T indicate a fake tanker. But if they talk a big game and keep getting plowed, chances are, that’s a fake. Just a tough talking blowhard that can’t back it up!!

Holder…. The person that has the VIPs attached to his/her character. Nooblet holders end up losing more than 2 or 3 VIPs for the set. Other VIP loss causes would be nooblet “killers” / “hitters” that got in the way. When the set of VIPs is ready, the tanker will hit them and run away like crazy. The holder has to wait till just the right moment and use 1 OR 2 skills to attack the VIPs. Basically try to hit them 1 time only each with 1 skill only. Then move them away after the VIPs are on the holder. The idea is to stand far enough away to gain exp AND not get the VIPs hit from the “killers”. Ideally a holder DOES NOT rely on its pet or ANY buffs. The holder just stands there getting hit but not getting killed or losing any VIPs. The best bets for this are players with high def and/or high regen. If the holder has both, perfect!!

A lot of holders like to AFK during the party. Honestly, it’s a really bad idea. If something goes wrong, the holder is expected to spot it and move the VIPs safely away (as needed) and keep them. Or at least TRY to!! Some fake / scammer tankers could leave instantly after getting pet food(s) from others in the party… insisting the pet food was a donation to help / continue the party. The tankers usually get all the loot. IMO, they can afford their own pet food!!

The holders that stick around can always chat with someone. But the main recommendation is to keep an eye on the party. There’s are a lot of MORONS running around that will purposely try to ruin the party for whatever moron reason they can think of. They’re just wasting everyone’s time while proving their own stupidity. And of course… “oh sorry… it was my pilot”. <<< PATHETIC. As though anyone actually believes that stupidity. But when the holder is AFK, the problems just increase. Resetting things as needed is left at a standstill because the holder isn’t there.

There are also “multi-purpose” holders. They can hold a set of VIPs AND attack too!! These are some of the more sought after holders. More attacks = faster killed mobs. Faster killed mobs = faster gains. This IS how it always will be no matter which way you look at it. Ideally, this kind of holder already knows the range, AoE, and the directional nature of his/her attack skills. They WON’T hit the VIPs. They also WON’T move while attacking.

VIPs…. When someone says 6D( 6 doors)… they mean 6 VIP mobs. 10D… 10 doors… 10 VIPs. There are 10 doors total in 51F. VIPs are the single mobs that have many mobs attached to them. If you hit the VIP, the VIP and its attached mobs will come after you. DO NOT HIT THE VIPs THAT ARE ON THE HOLDER while you’re the killer/hitter. Yes it DOES happen. So try to be careful of that. Sometimes skills of the players can end up hitting the VIPs. This is completely unknown to the player in question. This is another reason why holders should NOT AFK. If you’re the cause of problems (killing and/or losing VIPs), don’t be surprised when you get kicked from the party. Stay PLENTY CLEAR of the holder.

Killer / Hitter / whatever they’re calling it…it’s the same thing!!….. They have multiple purposes. Main purpose = kill the mobs on the tanker as quickly as possible. Also watch the chat window for instructions / help requests. NEVER attack the mobs during the party setup. If you see someone luring 1 or more mobs towards the holder (fairly slow) DONOT ATTACK THOSE MOBS. Those are the VIPs. If you hit them, you’ll get the mobs on YOU. Good way to get killed and waste everyone’s time. It’s also a good way to really piss off the rest of the party and get kicked out.

Clear Mid…. This means someone trying to lure a VIP(s) needs a clear path. There are certain spots in HB 51F where you damage the mobs heavily but DO NOT KILL THEM. Or at least try not to. Damage them and run off. Don’t lure when you run off.

For example: clear mid = go straight up until you get to the first mobs. Attack and lure them out of their starting / standing position. They’re aggressive so they’ll come after you anyway. Sometimes you have to wait until the person luring passes far enough before you attack. DON’T HIT THE VIPs. An Int magician would attack and when there’s no more damage being done, use cloning to run away. A Pow assassin would attack and eventually use Black Panther Extortion to run away. It’s the same idea for anyone with stun skills. The idea being, damaged mobs WILL NOT chase anyone. That’s what’s needed. So the mobs won’t chase the person luring the VIPs.

Damage the mobs and take an intentional death. That’s another way to do ^ it if you have no stun or other escape method. This also works well for players with low defense.

Damaged mobs take a bit longer to regen their HP compared to a respawn. This buys the person luring VIPs more time.

“Get this one” or “Sundot”….. It means look at the mobs the person is luring. At least 1 of them doesn’t belong there. There could be more but at least 1 should be taken away. Use your normal attacks (NOT YOUR SKILLS) to lure it away from the person luring VIPs. Then go kill it when you’re ALL clear. Again, DO NOT HIT THE REAL VIPs. There’s many times where the person luring the VIPs will get extras on him/her. So it’s not something new. There’re a lot of mobs in there so it’s not hard to end up that way!!

Friends Adding….. When players in the same 51F party are adding you, don’t start thinking it was for personal reasons!! They wanted to have others that can join again AND have someone to teleport to (if need be). Of course, the better you do in those parties, the higher your chances are to get invited again…. then in later levels, invited again to other higher map / dungeon parties. Since I am a girl, I wonder half the time about the players that add me!! Hahahaha

For starters/beginners

For your first couple of tries at a Head B 51F party, go in as a “killer” / “hitter” or whatever they’re calling it. Mostly just watch the chat window and what others are doing in response. Attack the mobs on the TANKER as needed. You’ll see a very big swarm of mobs on the tanker eventually. Just WAIT FOR IT. Stay PLENTY CLEAR away from the holder. Most of the time, the tanker will do the final party setup near the NPC in Head B 51F. Look for that so you’d know when to start attacking.


This one gets a little tricky and often very annoying for shamans. Many Head B 51F parties WANT A GOOD shaman in the party. Someone that KNOWS what they’re doing in there. There are times when a shaman wasn’t needed too. Most of the time, shamans are expected to play the role of a support character only. This is because shamans have the buffs and healing skills to do this. Unfortunately, going FS gets IMPRESSIVELY BORING!! The problem shows up when someone doesn’t realize that NOT all shamans are Full Support builds (FS). No matter what you tell them, they’ll still sit there and cry like complete morons!!

For example: a shaman that did not get the Resurrection skill. The crying almost never ends about that one despite the fact that they should have been wearing / using a Reborn Necklace anyway. They’re not hard to get or even that expensive!!

The truth is hybrid shamans can provide buffs and/or healing to a certain extent AND be devastating on the attack. They just have to watch their AoE which CAN end up hitting the VIPs. Also, the changes in the shamans after their renewal managed to mess up various buffs. Some of the higher level skills are also known to be bugged. Some buffs now REDUCE the attack and/or movement speed of the target party member(s). So it’s a whole different story now for shamans but unfortunately, the mouth breathers don’t seem to realize it.


No, not the kind that everyone hates!! This refers to the players that are good at looting in a Head B 51F party. Since you don’t want the tanker to move in general because this ends up killing the party, the killers/hitters are the ones usually looting everything. Of course, there will be lots of mobs on that tanker. Many times, the tanker IS attacking. This just helps the rest of the party. But the result is that there’s a LOT of loot all over the floor.

So, someone with fast hands would run through the mess and loot as much as possible or outright everything. The trick to it is in fact fast hands!! While you’re clicking on the FAR OTHER SIDE of the tanker, you’re also tap dancing on your HP pots key and the spacebar all at the same time. The other trick to this which gets players re-invited is to spend whatever you have to so you can have the PET Loot All skill especially with the dual pet skill in use. Basically gold or refines or items looting skills are available. A combination of these pet skills can work nicely. The best bet is to have the Loot All pet skill. As long as your pet is within range of any loot, it’ll go after it. Sometimes you’d have to re-summon the pet to get it in range so YOU don’t move into attack range.

Yes, the tanker IS the one who is supposed to be getting all the loot. Yes, many of them DO share freely. Yes, try NOT to run into the swarm of mobs while trying to loot!!

Just a gamer girl !!