Ran Online Stats Explained

Take a look at these weapons. Nice, aren’t they? What’s seriously wrong with these weapons?

Lite Xuan Wu Gauntlets forbidden gravity portal gun Forbidden Mighty Fist Lite Tian Wu Sword

Here’s exactly what’s wrong with them:

  • Forbidden Gravity Portal Gun. Shooting and melee are both completely useless on an INT gun. Melee is completely useless on a gun to begin with. Pow and Dex use shooting.
  • Forbidden Mighty Fist. You would get +Energy anyway from +Attack. On a Pow + Dex extreme character, you’d need shooting and melee.
  • Light Tian Wu Sword. If you’re an Int anything, you’d only be using normal attacks about 2% of the time or less. If you knew what you were doing that would be the case. Hit rate just successfully wasted an option for you.
  • Light Xuan Wu Gauntlets. Well, 3 out of 4 options aren’t bad!! But if you’re relying on +Hit Rate as an Int brawler, you’re already dead!!

The main stats are pretty straight forward and self explanatory. The three most mixed up stats are melee, shooting, and energy.

  • Melee only works on short ranged specifically named skills. Yes, you have to check the skill to see if it says normal/melee for the melee option to give a boost to your damage. Typically found on Pow Type characters.
  • Shooting only works on ranged specifically named skills. Again, you have to check the skill to see if it says normal/shooting for the shooting option to give a boost to your damage. Typically found on Dex type characters.
  • Energy is the tricky one. Energy can show up from the +Energy option and it also comes from +Attack. It IS specifically meant for boosting normal/magic skill damage. However, when +Attack is involved, you end up with a damage boost from the +Attack to your skills in general AND an extra boost for magic skills. Typically found on Int type characters.


Here are some examples for certain character types for very effective options in your items. NOTE: This isn’t limited to just weapons. The rest of your items could very well be reducing your possible skill damage. 2nd NOTE: These options in your items highly depend on the setup you are aiming for. They’re just suggestions. LAST NOTE: +Attack is always a good option to include. So include it!! I won’t be adding that into this list.

  • INT Shaman. +Energy, +Avoid. This combination can really do wonders. Int based characters are usually slow on the attack. Int Shamans being the slowest attackers in the game. Slower than most in MOST, but NOT ALL, cases. But when a high avoid is used, that certainly helps buy you a lot of life saving time. The downside is that something using magic attacks won’t miss you.
  • POW Shaman. +Melee, +Hit Rate,  +Defense. In the case of shamans, a Pow type can go hybrid with Int to get the buffs. The downside is that it has potential to reduce your skill damage in having to increase the Int stat for the buffs. The switch is to use def rather than avoid and boost your damage again with Berserker Aura.
  • Int + Pow Extreme. +Melee, +Energy, +Defense. With the buffs that any extreme character build has, this combination can boost skill damage heavily no matter which skill you use at any given time.
  • Pow + Dex Extreme. +Melee, +Shooting, +Avoid, +Defense. All Pow skills are melee and all Dex skills are shooting for extreme characters. So having +Energy in your items for this extreme type is a wasted option for the most part.
  • Int Gunner. +Energy and +Defense. The gunner has no actual avoid buff other than the 1 hit or very few hits Robot skills from the Int gunner. So avoid is only going to go just so far with a gunner. But with +Energy and +Defense, the Int gunner IS currently the heaviest hitter in the game (1 hit kill tricks excluded of course). It was never a matter of the skill hit itself. It’s the skill hit, its effects, AND the damage + effects of their summons. In a PvP situation, the Int gunner is still too slow. But in PvE situations, the Int gunner is completely devastating. Note: You can get the Pow buff to boost your skill damage even further.
  • Pow and Dex Gunners. +Shooting, +Defense. They both use +Shooting. NOT +Melee. +Melee in your item options is a complete waste of the option. The things to remember are Pow types are good all around. They’re both fast and heavy hitters. Dex types are great at PvP situations. Lots of effects to primarily dead stop targets. But in PvE situations, you’d be much happier with an Int gunner!! Dex types are not known as heavy hitters.
  • Pow Assassin. +Melee, +Energy, +Defense. This is the tricky one. Yes, the Pow type assassins use both melee AND magic skills. +Hit Rate is nice to include. However, its magic skills will never miss.

Primarily with just these examples, anyone by now can figure out the best options to include in their items to boost their skill damage. The fun part if you haven’t noticed it yet is the mention of +Avoid and +Defense. The assumption being that you WANT to survive during an attack. There ya go!! You’re not going to gain anything when your character is a corpse.

On a side note………..

Hit Rate and Accuracy are the same things. Avoid and Evasion are the same things. They’re often used interchangeably but they are the exact same things. In case anyone was wondering!!

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