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Can you help me with my Int Gunner?

I have seen this question pop up a lot in various Ran Online servers (private and official) especially after others spotted my own Int gunner in action. IF I had both item setups that I wanted, it’d be a real monster!! Do note that this is based on Ran PH. However, much of this can be applied to other servers (Ran GS <<<< HINT HINT!!). Just know that the skill names differ between severs. The actual effects are the same as of this writing (July 2015) (summons + their effects and listed skill effects).

The idea here is to give the details that help someone rather than giving a specific skill list that MIGHT NOT work for everyone in every situation.

I know this isn’t a very graphical guide. Just grin and bear that part!!

The Skills

For the most part, the basic setup is to max buffs and passives (Basic tab too) and high level skills. But with gunners, Int and Dex can take advantage of the Massive Power buff from Pow type gunners. So do yourself a favor and get it. Just like other buffs, max it.

The robots are the tricky part. Last I knew, they only cost skill points the 1 time for getting them and don’t cost more skill points for increasing them ( I could be wrong because of the differences in the servers). Just note that robots ARE NEEDED to gain higher level skills (requirements). So no, you’re not going to skip out on them as an Int gunner. The upside is that they DO work as described. The downside is that the only robot I have ever seen remain to constantly buff you is Robot C (PvE). Of course, the buff itself remains after you’ve been hit BUT has no effect once it has been used. You’d only get 1 or very few hits from it. You get the buff again after the BUFF timer runs out. Not after you get hit. Some asked me about this before because they thought it was a bug. It wasn’t.

You have leveling and various quests in place to provide lots of skill points. Just remember not to overdo lower level attack skills or you will run out of skill points. You can use items to trick your stats to get Massive Power (salvage some stat points). Do note that Massive Power has no specific weapon type listed. Any of the 3 builds can use it. But it’s not the same for Pow and Dex trying to use skills from Int. The problem is that the skills for Int gunners are weapon specific. So if you switch weapons in hopes of using Sight Device (Ran PH name)/Telescope (the Ran GS name) as another gunner type, you’d lose the passive. I never tested any weapon switching for the robot skills.

When you check out the skill descriptions, you’ll see quite a large mix of effects produced by the skills with summons. However, those effects are delayed based on the summon. In the case of HydroFusion, the stun from the archer takes 1 or 2 seconds to be applied because the archer takes that much time to attack. However, it still can be used to escape mobs. The archer will stun twice. Other skills are similar because it takes time for the summon to reach the actual target and attack. So do take these things into account for both PvE and PvP situations. Also note, the summons won’t draw mobs off/away from you. You attack it, and in general, you’re stuck with it. The fun part is that the all summons have a good sized or really big AoE.


PvE Situations

In PvE situations, just relax. Don’t “freak out” because mobs are coming at you or you’re about to get hit. You don’t relax? You start pressing the wrong keys? The usual result is you’re floor hugging!! That’s the Brand X way. Too bad, so sad, you’re dead!!

When you setup skills for PvE situations, be sure to include the testing for Crazy Time and Madness time boxes. Use up all your attack skills and the PS buff (invulnerable for 2.5 seconds) to help you with cool downs. More than likely, you’d end up using 2 quick slot sets for attacks in PvE situations in total.

In PvE, you’d want to lead off with Hydrofusion, then the 227 and the 237 skills. It would come out to stun + stun + HP vamp (skill descriptions might be different in other servers so CHECK the HP vamp first) and a lot of damage + summons + effects. From there, add in simple hit skills. Then back to summon skills. You’d have the hits from the skills AND the damage + effects from the summons and their damage. That’s why Int gunners are currently the heaviest hitters in the game (1 hit kill tricks excluded of course). The downside is that many of the Int gunner skills themselves have no extra effects. Much of the effects are going to come from the summons only. The upside is that the effects do stack in both PvE and PvP situations.

So mix and match the skills + effect(s) that YOU are convinced will do the most damage for your ITEM setup. Some might try for a mixed up marathon. Others might try for a heavy defense drop immediately followed with a heavy hit or 6!! That one happens to produce a very nasty hit BTW!!

While solo, when attacking, try to start out from your maximum range and not at point blank range!! From there, open fire and bomb like hell while the mobs are on their way to you. With any luck, they’ll be one “kiss” short from dead by the time they reach you!!

51F Parties

Don’t mind the names too much. That’s just where I used each setup.

Ran PH style

In this style, there’s 1 tanker, 1 holder, and the rest are “killers”. A shaman is optional but usually welcomed in this setup. All the attacking is done near the NPC. The 1 holder usually takes and literally holds the VIP mobs. That’s it. Then just stands there within range to gain EXP. But as an Int gunner holder with long range, you can also attack IF someone properly compresses the mobs behind you. IF the mobs are properly compressed and you DON’T MOVE, you can attack. The safer bet is to pick your targets well. As the tanker, the better bet is to use a high def + high attack + high regen build. Do note I never said it would be easy to get that kind of build!! Your attacks will be cancelled a lot but if they do come out, you should be able to hit a ton anyway. As a “killer”, open fire and DON’T hit the VIPs. Do note, the summons can sometimes go completely crazy and go after the VIPs. This happened to me a couple of times!! No, it’s definitely NOT COOL in case you’re wondering!! So try as much as possible to aim for the railing area and not for mobs close to the VIPs.

Ran GS style

In this setup, there’s only a tanker and “hitters” (same thing as killers). Shamans are optional but usually welcomed. As a tanker, it’s on you, the Int gunner, to know how far your character can really go without getting slaughtered. Stick with that limit or the usual results will be floor hugging by you and your party. As a “hitter”, it’s on you, the Int gunner, to prove that the Int gunners are the heaviest hitters in the game (because they are!!). Bomb like crazy and don’t worry about “push” skill because you don’t have any!! The other two types DO… so if you’re reading this, watch it other two types. Aim for any cannons first and foremost. Just be sure to wait for the mobs to stop running (they’re already in place on the tanker).

PvP Situations

The upside is, no, you’re not the slowest Int based attacker in the game. The downside is, yes, you ARE still too slow in comparisons to other character types. However, you do have options in PvP situations that end up giving you the win. One hit kill tricks are NOT among your skills as an Int gunner (or any gunner type). But that’s ok since you’re still the heaviest hitter in the game and the one hit kill tricks are not recommended in PvP situations. So, how does the Int gunner win in PvP situations?

Keep in mind, you’re Int based. Int based skills (magic hit skills) DON’T MISS. This gives you the advantage for your setup to the point that you don’t have to include accuracy / hit rate. Rather, you can focus on high attack + high def + high regen OR high attack + high evasion + high regen. It just depends on what you can get your hands on for items and what you prefer.

Chances are, you won’t know what character type you’re going to be facing in a PvP situation. But if your attack + defense + regen is really high, they’ll be hitting you like a wet noodle and you’ll be hitting like a freight train. But you still have to consider the effects of their skills. So, with a high attack + high evasion + high regen, you have a much better chance in PvP situations. If they’re not hitting you, you won’t have to worry about much of anything!! If they do manage to hit you, your opponent still has to either 1 hit you they won’t win. Keep in mind, with the evasion setup, IF someone hits you, what’s their chance of hitting you again?!! Your regen should kick in to help keep you alive while they’re still trying to hit you again. The downside to high evasion is that anyone also using Int based skills also won’t miss.

Protection Shoot is the tricky skill. Players use it basically whenever they want to in PvP situations. That’s just how it is, like it or not. Sure, as a gunner you’ll see PLENTY of crying about it. Then again, I don’t recall anyone that was crying about PS giving up their skills in PvP situations. So it’s always used by choice. You see anyone crying about it, go ahead and leave it at that, just them crying because they can’t win.

What this all amounts to is that if someone is hitting you like a wet noodle or someone isn’t hitting you at all, it’s still ON YOU to open fire as much as possible. DON’T sit there and wait for summons. Chances are, you won’t live long enough for their effects to stack. Just attack, attack, and keep on firing until they’re dead and you’re not!! Truth is, as amusing as it may seem to anyone, this really IS your best bet.

Stat Points

Mostly focus on Int and Vit. Usually you’d want to stop adding Int at about 550 to 650 points. This is to handle any Int requirements for Int gunner weapons. From there, you’d want the Pow buff Massive Power maxed out. I can’t remember how much Pow it needs but you can trick your stats with the use of Crafted Alloy Rings. When you get and when you max out the Massive Power buff is up to you. Just note that Crafted Alloy Rings require level 195 to equip them. And there are other items you can get to increase your Pow stat. Even if they’re lousy, one use only items, just get them and use them to increase the Pow stat long enough to get as far as you can or outright max Massive Power.


For items, it always depends on what situation you’re going to be in and what all you’re aiming for in your Int gunner. Some stick with one setup, others will have 2 or 3 setups. And of course, all of this depends on what you’re capable of getting your hands on. Some are really good at crafting, others get lucky with looting, and others just buy.

Have Fun!!

If you have any requests, questions, and/or feedback, feel free to post in the Ran Online Techtoniks Forums.

Just a gamer girl !!