Ran Online The Unstoppable Assassin Guide

The unstoppable assassin is just as the name implies. In MMORPGs, the main point to most of them is that there is no one “best” character type. However, Ran managed to choke something fierce on that idea!! Hence the title!! As it turns out, there is a way to make a character so unreal, it really can qualify as unstoppable. Even at the low levels, the skills alone can increase its survival rate massively.

Ok, so what’s the setup and how does it work?

As you already guessed, it is an assassin character that can do it vastly better than any character in the game. Specifically, it’s the Pow type assassin. With a mixture of its skills and a fully crafted set, the Pow type assassins can really go much further than any character from start to max level. It really does get to the point where it takes a 1 hit kill from someone or something to get the job done against you. Otherwise, you’ll regen right back to either full control or full HP in no time. I have specifically gone up against targets and opponents that my higher level other characters simply can’t survive against and still won. Anything at lower levels or close to my level at the time stood no chance at all. All around purposes are definitely included.

For examples: In a duel, I have won against characters with 30+ levels on me and I have made similar opponents run ring out (1.0 and 4.0). In PK situations, it would take multiple opponents with really great timing just for them to win. In PvE situations, it takes a boss to one hit me or a massive mob swarm of which would flatten even much higher level characters. Otherwise, I can comfortably tank just about anything. At level 200, I was solo while in Saint Private Airport (SPA) and leveling + finishing quests. And most of this was done with a SUCKY set. It was a fully crafted set, but it SUCKED!! I never had or used autopots and testing things certainly got me killed over and over!! But once you know how it works, most things others would never consider doing can be done. Most won’t get requestS to tank Spice Boy, CB, and Mia just for fun while you’re only at level 208!! Sure enough, my Pow assassin ButterKnife2099 does.

Compare the skills of the assassins:

  • Int types. They have a 1 hit kill trick and they never miss. But they’re still too slow on the attack. They also have 1 vamp skill and 1 regen skill. Pretty good in PvE but not always in PvP. Takes some getting used to and certain skill tricks in PvP situations.
  • Dex types. A disappearing act is their main weapon and a 1 mega hit skill that could miss. Also 1 vamp and 1 regen skill. They’re great in PvP situations but not so much in PvE situations.
  • Pow Types. Up to 3 vamp skills and 2 regen skills. They have two 1 hit kill skills and use magic type attacks that don’t miss. They also have up to 9.5 seconds of INVUNERABLE.

Side note: “Vamp” (short for Vampiric) skills means your damage regens your HP instantly. In case you’re wondering!!

Now check out the skills:

Unstoppable Assassin 1 Unstoppable Assassin 2 Unstoppable Assassin 3 Unstoppable Assassin 4 Unstoppable Assassin 5 Unstoppable Assassin 6

These six skills are the main setup for going unstoppable. When you get all six, it’s going to be seriously difficult for you to get killed. Unless you suck at this something fierce!! Even before these 6 in total, it’s not exactly a bundle of joy for someone or something to try to kill you off (both PvP and PvE situations). Not at the same level or a close enough level anyway!!

  • Transcend. Just a buff that gives you up to 3.5 seconds of invulnerable. Starts at level 150. Max the level of this skill.
  • War Dance. A buff + attack to give you up to 3 seconds of invulnerable. Starts at level 193. NO, that’s not a typo. It does NOT start at level 192 because the activating skill requirement (Distortion level 4) won’t get to level until you’re at 193.
  • Undertaker. A buff + attack to give you up to 3 seconds of invulnerable. Starts at level 197. This skill leaps at the targets so watch your position.
  • Assimilation. The first of the vamp skills and a regen skill. This increases your HP too. Max the level of this skill.
  • Insanity. Your first regen skill. Max the level of this skill. Once you use this skill, even IF you miss, the regen activates anyway in most situations. This also gives a near instant 100% MP and SP and keeps it up. NOTE: It says in MOST situations. So keep that in mind when you buy pet skills. The regen stacks with Assimilation.
  • Black Panther Extortion. Don’t confuse this with the other Black Panther skill. This one gives both vamp and extra EXP. It can also make mobs walk away because you go invisible for half a second. So be careful in using it before you lose your lure and dump it on someone else by mistake. Max the level of this skill for a 99% vamp. This is also a leap skill so watch your position. While invulnerable, mobs WON’T walk away from you turning invisible.

Yes, you do have other skills and yes, they can be very potent when mixed together PROPERLY. It’s with these six skills you can START to turn unstoppable. You still need the rest of the setup. If you haven’t guessed it from reading the first parts above, it’s to have a fully crafted set. That means EVERYTHING is crafted except a rosary (you can’t craft a rosary!!).

You’ll need a fully crafted armor set, costume pants, a crafted 195 weapon, belt, earrings, rings, bracelets, and a necklace. Each one is as follows:

  • Armors. This will give you a total of 2% HP regen when you have all 4 parts. Do remember that lower level crafted armors have CERTAIN higher options. All around it’s better to use the highest level armors that you can get. Check the Stats Explained guide in hopes of trying to craft or buy armors with the best options for Pow assassins if you need to.
  • Costume pants. These give you another 2% HP/MP/SP regen. You can buy or craft the other costume parts, but only the pants have the regen. The other parts give some more HP and some other stats. But if you’re using the pants only, you can also mix in other EXP costume parts just the same to the rest of your armors. The pants give the same 2% regens for all levels/outfits. It just depends on how many soft fabrics you have or can afford and if you care about how your character looks AFTER you consider the +HP of each pants costume level.
  • A level 195 weapon. Beyond this level of crafted weapon, you won’t get the 2% HP regen. So you have to decide if you really want the regen or a different weapon.
  • Belt and Earrings. No regens in these but there is extra HP in both which provides a bigger regen base. The belts always have +VIT. The earrings don’t always have +VIT but you’d be doing yourself a big favor in buying or crafting earrings that do. The higher in both cases, the better. The higher your total HP is, the higher the regen will be per second.
  • Rings and Bracelets. Not all rings and bracelets have a regen. So look for the ones that can give you the best options for your Pow assassin and go from there. Some bracelets can give anywhere from 1% up to 3% HP regen. It might not seem like much until your character has high HP. <<HINT HINT!!
  • Necklace. Like the rings and bracelets, not all of them will give you a regen. Again, check the options and aim for the better bet.

It’s the mixture of your skills and the fully crafted set that makes the Pow assassins go unstoppable much more than other characters. But there’s still a problem. It’s a type of “gatcha” in the 3 skills that make you invulnerable. Take a close look at those 3 skills Transcend, War Dance, and Undertaker. Yes, you most assuredly ARE impervious to everything for up to 9.5 seconds in total. Unfortunately, that also includes YOUR OWN buffs which also include the 3 skills that made you invulnerable to begin with. Weird, isn’t it?!!

While you’re invulnerable, nothing can be applied to you except your own vamp skills. So if you’re using any of the 3 invulnerable skills, you won’t be able to increase your HP again with Assimilation, you won’t be able to gain buffs from others (shamans for example), you won’t get the regen buff from Insanity, and you can’t obtain the invulnerable buff from the other 2 skills until the current invulnerable buff is gone. So your timing will be everything. The fun part is that the vamps still work!! Don’t forget that in situations where you’re invunerable with a low amount of HP!!

When you go to set skills in the slots, make sure you test it first to get the timings right. For example, placing Assimilation after an invulnerable skill is just as pointless as placing the 1 hit kill skills after an invulnerable skill. You also need to take into account for Crazy Time and Madness Time boxes because your attack speed is increased but the cooldowns are not.

When you have the full mix properly setup to handle just about everything that comes at you, it’s then you can make the claim of having an unstoppable assassin.


In case you’re wondering, it was MochaFrappuccino that started this via duels. It was ME that found all the details to make it fully work properly. Thanks goes to GX ZyverGwapo and Artemis for helping me test in duels.

If you have any comments, requests, and/or suggestions, please post them in the Ran Online Techtoniks Forums.

Just a gamer girl !!