Ran Online World (GS) HB 51F Solo Guide

Ran Online HB 51F Solo Guide

For those of you who either can’t or don’t want to be in a party, here’s a soloing guide for 51F. The upside is, it’s easier than most give it credit for. The downside is, unless you have a LOT of +EXP boosting items, the leveling will be slower compared to being in a GOOD party. If you somehow manage to end up in a sucky party too many times (or always), that’s not my fault!! I can’t help you with that!!

In this guide, I’ll show you how to solo 51F with 2 different characters. Namely, a Pow Assassin and a Pow Magician. As it turns out, the Pow Magician is pretty cool due to its built in tanker (the pet from the Animal Trainer). Having anyone else in there with you is completely optional. But make no mistake about it. A properly built Pow Assassin is also pretty cool. But if you need a holder, you will need someone else in there with you.

The trick to it is that no one said who that someone else has to be. This opens up the options for running dual or multiple clients and possibly a macro. This can provide some very nice gains for you. Since you ARE contained in a dungeon where no one can complain about it, no one would bother to complain about it. Even if you’re not in there alone (NOT your other account too), what do others care?!! Many others ARE using a macro just the same. For the most part, as long as you’re contained and NOT causing a problem, you won’t have a problem.

Pow Magician

Pow Magician Stats

This is the one I built and starting at level 190, I was soloing in 51F. Back then, costumes could be crafted that had stats to add to the HP regen. This made it possible to solo tank 2 doors of cannons at the time. But now, since the crafted costumes do NOT have extra stats, they’re near useless and your Pow magician loses some HP regen (this hurts). But it’s still possible to do and doesn’t take much.

Take a look at the screen shot above. I only have 446 defense without any buffs. It doesn’t get much higher even with the buffs!! You also notice that my items are not all +7. Other than the hat, it’s a level 175 crafted set. The stats pretty much suck for most of it!! See for yourself in the screen shot below. But do notice the HP regen I have. That certainly helps the magician and the pet tiger. A regen gained from the standard pet, a turtle in this case, won’t help the pet tiger. That 4.51% HP regen comes from the crafted items except from the crafted Alloy Ring. The hat is level 195 and has an extra regen in it but it’s not high at all. Even though it’s not that high, it still helps.

Pow Magician Top

As you can clearly see, it’s not much. The rest isn’t that much different. But that’s the fun part. I can still tank 2 doors (Roses). The buffs I have will increase the attack stat and the attack speed for faster attacks and more damage.

As for the skills used, you can see them in the video. Also included in the video is what happens when you (or in this case, I) make a mistake. I stood there too long with my dismal defense and got flattened. But without the HP regen, your pet tiger would get flattened awfully fast too.

NOTE: The Pow magician can definitely solo in a lot of places where others wouldn’t even try while at the lower level. Just make sure you remember you are NOT indestructible, and using a macro on a Pow magician like you’ll see in the video won’t work. Using a macro would cause your Pow magician to attack the VIP mobs (closest mob(s)). That’s how those macros work.

Pow Assassin

Pow Assassin Stats

As you can see in the screen shot, my stats for my Pow assassin are much higher compared to my Pow magician. As you’ll see in the video, even without the use of the 1 hit kill skill (Extortion), it can still do quite a lot. It’s a level 205 crafted set with a level 195 crafted weapon and no hat. This character was migrated from Ran PH where I built it up.

Since this character, and all others except for a Pow magician, does not have a built in tanker, you won’t have the same problem in using a macro. It also opens the chance to just stay in 1 room (Roses) and play in that one room as long as your inventory isn’t full. But for holding the VIP mob(s) like the Pow magician did, it won’t happen while you’re solo. The skills on a Pow assassin have a variety of AoE. Some will hit targets in every direction and others won’t.

Again, you’ll see what happens when a mistake or more is made. In this case, I waited too long before using Extortion. The results will almost always be floor hugging when you’re making mistakes. Do check out how slowly my HP decreases. Yours might be slower or faster depending on your setup. I wasn’t using my pet in this case. Then again, I didn’t feed my pet for quite some time now!!

I intentionally did not make a video for other character types. With just these two, you can already see the basics which should be plenty to get you going. Most others will be the same as the assassin. The higher the stats of the character you’re using are, the more doors you can take on and eventually even include cannons.

Check out the videos and Have Fun!! And yes, I know my ride is very cool!! Thanks for noticing!!

Just a gamer girl !!