Remix OS For The PC Guide

Remix OS For The PC Guide

The Remix OS is currently (as of September 22, 2016) a modified version of Android 6.01 (Marshmallow) that works as its own operating system just like Linux, Mac, and Windows does. Think of it more as an Android OS with Windows features. Right clicking, multiple windows open at the same time, and just about everything the Windows OS can do but using Android versions of the software. The tricks to it are as follows:

  • Everything WILL depend on the hardware you’re using.
  • You WILL have some reading to do (not just here!!). Especially if something goes wrong.
  • You have to keep in mind that this isn’t an exact science. Bugs show up in just about every piece of software currently available. Remix is no different. For something that’s 100% free to download and use, you can’t expect too many miracles!!
  • The Remix OS for PCs is FREE. So is the Remix Emulator. But the device version is NOT FREE.

So, how do I install it?

This seems to be the easiest and the hardest part for most. Of course, you have to download it with the installation tool. They come together so it’s no big deal. It’s not THAT big of a download. You can get it from the Jide website. Just MAKE SURE you download the match for your current system (64bit and 32bit downloads). Once it’s downloaded, simply extract all files from the archive and run the installation tool. The given instructions are pretty straight forward. You didn’t have to setup partitions or much of anything else (most of the time).

Which setup to use?

The installation tool has two options for you. Oddly enough, I could only make one of them work with the included tool. That would be the Hard Drive (HDD) installation. Again, installing Remix to the HDD is very straight forward stuff. However, there ARE times when it will go haywire on you. So back to the searching and reading to see if your video card or some other hardware might have a problem. What you’re looking for is to see if anyone else with the same or very similar hardware also ran into the same problem as you. There’s always the chance that someone managed to figure out a fix for you.

The USB installation is the one that doesn’t work for me. I’d suspect others ran into this as well. So, RUFUS to the rescue!! As of this writing, RUFUS version 2.11 is what’s available. Just make sure you set it to FAT32. From there, use the ISO that you downloaded from the Jide website as the ISO image. The rest can be left to the default settings. I set the volume label for the USB drive to “RemixOS” just to keep it simple. The problem I have is that the USB drive doesn’t show up in the Remix OS installation tool. So I only have the option to install it to the hard drive. But for those in the same boat as me but want to run it from the USB drive, RUFUS works. It’s now a matter of your hardware not going screwy with some incompatibility problem.

Extra Info

  • The minimum USB drive capacity is supposed to be 4GB or 8GB. I’d HIGHLY SUGGEST you use a 16GB or 32GB USB drive. You will need the space especially if you plan on gaming. So my 8GB USB install worked but not for long!!
  • If you’re going to install Remix to the HDD, use a 32GB partition. Again, you DO NOT need to setup that partition or much of anything else.
  • Currently there’re problems with the internet connections for all kinds of systems. It seems the hardest hit are those using a USB based Wi-Fi device. There are LOTS of posts from people which were nice enough to include which USB based Wi-Fi device they’re using. Others are having a lot of problems specifically with Broadcom Wi-Fi connectors in their laptops. In any case, it might be a problem for you. Without an internet connection for your shiny new Android OS, it won’t be useful much at all.
  • AGAIN, this isn’t an exact science. So, if you are having some problems that you can’t find a fix for, there’s a good chance that your system was NOT built by ninjas. Too bad, so sad, so sorry. Better luck next time!!
  • This is supposed to work on MAC OS too but since I don’t have one, I can’t tell you for certain!!
  • So far, I couldn’t get my webcam to work on my PC. It’s ok since I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LIKE selfies anyway!! So perhaps there’s something screwy or it only works on laptops. I don’t know for certain. Also, my PC is using an Ethernet card built into the board. So Wi-Fi concerns are not there for me. Laptop and other Wi-Fi users might have problems depending on the device you’re using.
  • Use Settings to check your storage space.
  • The notifications are found in the bottom RIGHT of the screen. It’s not a “swipe down from the top” or something like that setup.
  • Set the Date and Time manually. I made the mistake of not doing that and many things stopped working. I looked and the date was set back to 2007!! That would be why they stopped working!!


First time running

So that others might have a shot at it, here are my PC specs. So far I’ve only had an internet connection problem and sucky resolution from the start on MY PC.

Intel Dual core processor 2.8GHz

ASUS P5KPL-AM EPU motherboard


Atheros Network card built in.

1GB nVidia 9400 GT video card.

Windows XP SP3

Here’s where you’ll most likely encounter the most problems. Again, search and read to see if someone managed to figure out a fix for the problem. Otherwise, be prepared for the wait depending on how strong your hardware really ISN’T. For USB users, they do recommend using a USB 3.0 drive connected to a USB 3.0 port. Here’s the trick. They recommend USB 3.0 but it’s NOT 100% needed. So even if your computer or laptop doesn’t have a USB 3.0 port or you don’t have that kind of drive, you DO still have a chance to make the OS work. They recommend it due to the transfer speeds. On a USB 2.0, YES, it CAN work. I’d know because that’s exactly what I used before it ran out of storage space. The problem(s) show up in the performance. You’ll see a huge difference when running it from a USB and a HDD.

Assuming everything went ok during the first boot, you should be looking at the Remix OS desktop.

Remix Desktop

When yours isn’t changed like mine is, you’ll see a different background!!

When I first started Remix (HDD installation), the resolution was pretty sucky. So I followed the instructions Jide posted to change the resolution during the boot. It looks a LOT better now!! IF your internet connection is working fine, you can start by getting into the Settings. I’d add a Google account or 20 depending on how many you have and how many you want to use on this OS. From there, configure it like it was your Android mobile device. You will see the differences between configuring this OS and actual Android mobile devices. Not to worry. If you have ever configured an Android device previously, most settings should pose few to no problems for you. If not, chances are, you should have!!

DO NOTE: You CAN access the files and folders on your other OS (Windows in this case) from either installation type. Oddly enough, I couldn’t seem to find the files (for example, my screen shots) from the other OS (Windows) that were made on the Remix OS. Maybe one day I’ll find them. But for now, I simply don’t care!!

Now that I have it running, what’s the point?

There are multiple advantages to it. If you installed Remix to a USB drive, you can have at it from just about any PC. The USB installation won’t mess with the files/partitions you currently have.  Even the HDD install also won’t mess with anything. You can have multiple games/apps running all at the same time. You’d be surprised how handy this can be for gamers!! At the same time, it won’t cost you highly like certain devices will for the same capabilities. Keep in mind, the PC/laptop you’re running Remix on can be a MASSIVE amount more powerful compared to your Android mobile device. So yes, it can be a LOT quicker. Of course, that IS determined by the specs of your system.

One of the most important features is the “salvation” it offers. That’s right; you gamers should know what all I’m talking about!! For those that don’t, “salvation” here refers to the BEATINGS your Android mobile device(s) will take while you’re busy playing. Sure, try to sit there and convince anyone that you never got mad and smacked your mobile device while playing!! Good luck with that!!

As it turns out, there are a number of apps for Android that can serve as replacements to your PC software. And there are apps that are ports of the software you might currently be using right now on your PC.

Google Chrome In Remix

Take Google Chrome here for instance. This one works like the mobile version but it does work nicely. That is, when your internet connection is not a problem on Remix!!

Yes, it IS rooted. Or at least this one was discovered as such!! And I didn’t have to do anything. It just came like that!! So, now you have a rooted Android 6.01 device to play with!! YEY ME!! One less thing to deal with is a GOOD THING!!

But you also have office type apps, video and graphics editors, sound editors, and the whole bit just like you would for a Windows PC. You simply had to get used to how they work, but now it’s with a keyboard and mouse.

All this, and IF you’re using a PC to run Remix, you won’t have to worry about your battery going dead during a game!!

Ok, so how about the gaming?!! This IS a gaming site, right?!!

Yes, gaming is one of the most used features of mobile devices. No, you’re not going without while using this OS!! You just have to make sure you know how your game works. For example, the game Minimon Masters. For those that know it, you’d know if you were playing it on one device, you either have to transfer it to a new device OR play with the same account on another device. But with a game like Dragon Heroes, you can play it on Remix OR your mobile device and it reflects on each other. Just note not to try and use the same account on both at the same time. Chances are that you’ll get banned from the game for doing that. You were warned. Also note that most games WORK on Remix. Not all, but most do. The trick is that both games can be running at the same time. Minimon Masters has an auto-play + auto-repeat feature so it basically plays by itself most of the time.

Now here’s the fun part. If you recall the multiple mentions of Remix being rooted right out of the box, you’d know you’re all set. You DO NOT have to re-download all your apps/games thanks to THIS GUIDE!! It’s a pretty cool guide if I do say so!! Hehehehehe

That’s right; it’s Titanium Backup to the rescue!! I tried this myself and for the apps/games that do work on Remix, it did a spectacular job of saving me from having to re-download and reinstall everything. No data cap was touched because it was all on my HDD that I CAN access from Remix. Of course, I had to download and install Titanium Backup first but that was puny and quick anyway!! The apps/games I installed using this method went through pretty quickly. IF I needed to gain the storage space back, I could simply delete the backups that I copy/pasted from my Windows drive off my Remix drive. <<< Note the “from” and “off” there!! Don’t get those backwards or you’ll nuke your backups.


In conclusion:

Have Fun!!


Just a gamer girl !!