Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Beginner’s Guide with Tips n Tricks

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Beginner’s Guide with Tips n Tricks

Not so long ago in a galaxy you’re currently residing in, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes was released for mobile devices. So all you fans of the story will have something to play with. And by “something to play with”, I mean many of the characters from the entire story. Not just one or two episodes worth of characters!! Ok, they might not be an exact match to want you’d want or expect every time BUT they can work nicely for your team anyway!! In this guide, I’ll show you the basics and provide some tips n tricks for you to try out. For the most part, gaining a character is luck of the draw when you first start out. Beyond that, it’s a matter of opening each section in the game.

Even though you open another section of the game, that doesn’t mean you should run right into it. Not all of them anyways. It depends on what you’ve built up before opening that section. For example, if you managed to get to account level 40, the Galactic War section opens up. And yes, there are a large amount of really nice rewards involved in the Galactic War. But if you went in there with a poorly built team that hits like a wet noodle, said rewards are going to be short and dismal!!

Opening a section depends entirely on your account level. For a section that isn’t opened up yet tap on it and it will show you the required account level. When it is opened up, you can enter it and in most cases, you’ll immediately see any team requirements. IF you don’t have the requirements, the section might as well still be closed. One example would be the Events section. When that opens up, you need a specific number of specific characters of a certain type. For example, when the Yoda stuff shows up, you need 5 Jedi characters with a specific star count requirement to be able to play it. So players that are just starting out and only have 2-3 or less Jedi characters are out of luck.

The Sections


Across the Top

From left to right, you have the Settings button (the little gear icon), the Player and Account Info, energy listings, credits, and crystals. On the upper left, the energies, credits, and crystals can all be bought with one currency or another depending on which plus icon (+) you tap on. Inside the different sections, you’ll see those parts in the upper left change depending on which section you went into.

Down the Left side

From top to bottom you have the Character Manager, Allies (Friends List), Inbox, Achievements, and the Guild Chat.

  • The Character Manager: This is for upgrading and checking all the characters you currently have and to check out all the ones you currently don’t have. Yes, even IF you didn’t collect a particular hero, you can get the basic info for them anyway.
  • Allies: In other games, this is known as the “Friends List”. Same ideas anyway. Check and search for friends to add to your list and manage requests. Said friends have their specified character as a “helper” character you can use during various battles.
  • The Inbox: Get all mail/rewards and Allies requests in the Inbox. Allies’ requests show up here too.
  • Achievements: It’s a good idea to look through the list in this section. Then decide which achievements you want to focus on (if any). In any case, achievements can definitely show up to be collected while the “new” player wasn’t even aware the achievement existed!!
  • Guild Chat: It’s as the name implies. Once you’re in a guild you’ll be able to chat with others and hopefully have a nice time with it. “Mind your feelings, they might betray you”. In this case, watch your trash talking or you might find the need for a new guild!!

One the bottom left of the screen is the Activities button. Do check it out because the Daily Activities list is in there too. The recommendation is to get into and check out things as soon as they start showing an indicator. There’re a lot of rewards sitting in several of those sections. Don’t forget to collect them.

The Guild

You can create or join a guild. The guild allows you to participate in a Guild Raid and being in a guild opens up the chat on the bottom left as shown in the above screen shot. There’s a Guild Shop in there too with various “goodies” you can buy with the points earned from participating in guild activities. The guild activities can change a bit faster than new players would think. So do check it often. You can get to it a little quicker by tapping the Activities button on the bottom right of the screen. Then simply tap the Guild Activities button on the bottom of the Activities screen.

If you get the chance to get into the Guild Raid (Rancor), do what all you can. Just remember that thing hits a ton. Meaning, it can 1 hit you especially if you’re just starting out. And as always, scoring highly = getting rewarded highly. You’ll still get rewards for a low score but you’d much rather get a high score in there!!


This section is a series of challenges with specific requirements to be able to participate in it. Once you get into it, you’ll immediately see the requirements. DO NOT expect an easy go of this. It DOES say “Events”, it’s not a give away!! For example, and as mentioned previously, on the day Yoda shows up, you need 5 Jedi characters with a specific star count. Otherwise you can’t participate. When a player is first starting out, they’d only have 1 to 3 Jedi characters. So before getting into that, there’s going to be some work involved and at the beginning, some luck of the draw involved too.



What you find in here depends on the day. Only certain sections are opened throughout the weekdays. On Sunday, everything is opened up. This is another series of challenges which gives credits and materials for character upgrading and pretty nice amounts of credits. The higher your account level is, the more difficulty levels that will be available to you. Like the Events section, there are specific requirements be able to play in the specific sections. Some require tanks only and some require Int based characters only and etc. It won’t matter which side the character is on.

Squad Cantina Battles

This section uses its own energy type to spend to be able to play. This works very similar to the main battle table and has very similar rewards for each map. The difference is that the SCB has another in-game Shop to buy things specifically with the points gained inside this section. The available items are different compared to other in-game shops. There are a series of maps to play on. You have to gain a win with 3 stars to be able to use the SIM feature. To gain a 3 star win, each character you started with on any map must be alive by the end of the battle. Anything less will reduce the number of stars earned. Alive by full HP or 1 HP won’t matter. Specific character shards are available from the maps BUT there are some character shards that are available in other sections of the game as well.


This is one of the two main in-game shops which sell items and shards for credits or crystals. The timer resets the list of available items and shards. The only constant item is the SIMs available for purchase for crystals. Once you buy an item from here, it’s disabled and you CAN’T repeatedly buy it. Once the timer reaches zero, the items reset. The same item might show up again or another item might take it’s place.

Data Cards

In this section, you can buy data cards with either give you a new character to use and/or shards to upgrade a character’s star count. Various “offers” for data card packs are in here. BE SURE to read what’s really in those “offers” before you buy something useless to you. There are single and packs of data cards available for crystals and a free (5 times per day) data card that can also be bought with co-op points.


The main table (bottom middle)

Here is where you’ll be involved with battles for both the Light and the Dark side. It’s entirely up to you which side you want to play on at any given time. The fun part is that you CAN play on both sides at any given time!! So pick your poison and go with it!! Like the SCB section, you have to gain 3 stars on a map to be able to use the SIM feature. Each side can only use characters from their own side. The maps are divided into groups. Each group represents a difficulty level and has very matching enemy characters to battle against. Once you complete the Normal mode maps, the Hard mode maps for the same group and the next group of maps becomes available.

The SIM feature allows you to repeat a map with a single click. That would be why you use that thing!! Players of other games would know it as “sweeping” or “auto-complete”. So with a single tap, you gain all the rewards. The downside is that you need SIMs to do this. The upside is that SIMs can be gained in various ways such as rewards, playing a map, and buying them in the Shipment. You also have to have the energy requirement to use the SIM feature. The energy requirement to use the SIM feature is the same as just playing the map anyway.

Squad Arena


This is the PvP battle arena. On day one, it’s pretty easy to get pretty far in the rankings. Or at least I found it that way!! Once day two starts, I really hope you managed to put together a good team!! When you enter this section, you’ll see 3 opponents you can battle with. Firstly, look at their power level and compare it to your own. Their power level is showing on their opponent spot details. Yours is showing in the upper left area of the screen. Just look at the screen shot, it’s not hard to find!! Next, look at their character levels compared to yours. From left to right, the opponents list shows their rank. It’s the right side being the highest rank of the 3 in the list.

When you’re first starting out, there’s a good chance you’ll often find opponents with lower power and levels compared to your own. Yeah, this seems really nice. But when you get to rank 500 and “higher”, you’ll see a LOT more opponents packing a LOT more compared to you. Then again, that also depends on IF you spent money or not. Thankfully, the ZERO cost Refresh button is there to help you. Tap that for a list of 3 more players to battle against. That is, AFTER comparing them to your own team!! So if you managed to find an opponent within certain amounts of level and power to your own, there you go!! Obviously, if you find an opponent with much lower level and power compared to you, go ahead and hammer that opponent!!

Unlike the main battle table and the SCB, you DO NOT have to win with all characters alive at the end of the battle. A win is a win even if it’s with 1 character left that has 1 HP left!! Also, it’s 1 round and not 3 rounds like in the other PvE battles. Speaking of which, you’re also NOT in a live battle. You ARE against the AI. You do have tactics on your side that the AI doesn’t. This helps massively for new players. The other thing to remember is that you ARE ALSO racing against the timer. If it reaches zero, it’s a draw.

You can PvP battle up to 5 times a day. When the rewards go out, they arrive in your Inbox. The rewards are based on your rank. The shop in the Squad Arena allows you to buy 1 of each item and it will disable them until the timer resets.


Galactic War

I really LIKE this section!! There is a massive amount of credits and upgrading materials available as rewards. There’s also another in-game shop inside this section. So do check that out for what’s available in there. A recent update added Cad Bane to the list of shards available in this shop. Galactic War becomes available at account level 40.

This one is a marathon type of setup consisting of 12 battles in total. It resets once per day back to the start. Use the Reset button on the lower left corner of the screen. It’s a little different compared to the Squad Arena. In the SA, you battle, you wait for the timer, and you battle again “nice n fresh”!! In the Galactic War the current skill cool downs and current HP of each character on your team carries over into the next battle. So if your half dead team which used all their skills as their last moves to win gets to the next round, that’s exactly what you’ll have to look forward to in that next round!!

TIPS n TRICKS… with some FAQ style!!

FIRST AND FOREMOST is your crystals

One of the most important things to remember, and often overlooked, is to go easy on your crystals. This is especially true for the free players!! Sure, you start out with a pretty nice amount of crystals. But they can disappear awful quickly if you went hog wild spending them!! But IF you went easy on them, you can build up for bigger and better things or at the minimum, constantly buying more energy. Waiting for energy to regenerate can suck!! It’s not always easy for a new player to build up crystals quickly when you spent them without a care!!

What’s the best team to have?

Good luck trying to figure that one out!! Simply put, there really is no such thing. There never really was. That’s how multi-player games are in general. If they weren’t, you’d see the same teams only. The rest of the characters would sit there doing nothing. Sure, there are players that can get awfully close to the “best team”. All it takes is someone that can figure out the tactics to get around them or disable them so badly they stood no chance. It’s a never ending cycle!!

That’s the downside. The upside is that there are some setups which can greatly increase your chances of success in all sections of the game. For example, a healing team. You start out with a Jedi Consular, Chewbacca, and Talia. IF upgraded and used properly, those 3 alone can really make a huge difference. But then add in a third healer such as Luminara Unduli or Barris Offee. Yup, that team can be very difficult to lose with as long as you use the healing skills properly.

IF you upgraded the skills properly on your healing team characters, you can get into the SA and Galactic War against higher power opponents and still win. Take Chewbacca for example. Upgrading him properly can result in a skill that can he heal himself with. Upgrade that skill and your opponents can enjoy a very difficult character to try to kill. Use his Taunt properly (timing…look at their blue bars) to draw in attacks from their entire team. Then use Chewbacca’s healing skill to make them HAVE TO start all over on him!! Even if you don’t have his healing skill yet, Jedi Consular and Talia can create the same effect!!

Wait. I’ve been playing against Chewbacca and those other two for a long while now and winning LOTS against them. What’s the deal in trying to recommend them??

Of course you won. Or at least I hope you used YOUR TEAM PROPERLY to win against them!! You are playing against an AI that has no real tactics to choose from. See the difference?

How about “anti-healing” characters on their team?

Again, there really is no such thing as a “best team”. Being able to counter a team just adds to the “fun”. Luck of the draw and account level still have plenty to do with it in determining what characters you have when you’re starting out. IF there was a “best team” available, what were you planning on doing until you get that team? Get creative is what I hope you were planning on doing!! The trick to it is, crank up what all you have as much as you can and use it properly. Don’t start thinking “oh, this character sucks” or “this character is useless”. Next thing you know, that same character on the opponent’s team just ripped apart your team!! See? You just got countered!!

Take an Ewok character for example. The little rat just smacked your character for half its HP (example only). Then it turned invisible so you can’t target it. When you have that happen to you, the typical first thought is “I REALLY want you DEAD”!! Complete with pointing at the screen of your mobile device!! But you can’t target it. That’s ok, use a character with an AoE skill. If you read the skill descriptions, what you’re looking for is a skill that says “damages all” or something like that. Yup, that’ll hit the invisible targets!!

What the what am I playing against?!!

As mentioned, you’re ALWAYS playing against the AI. Not just in PvP OR PvE. So what were you doing trying to copy the AI’s moves?!! The AI uses a “scatter” tactic most of the time. This means it’s basically trying to kill off either the lowest HP character on your team or all of your team at the same rate. It rarely hits the same character on your team twice in a row. Even if that character is 1 hit away from dead. You can take huge advantage of this by focusing on one target at a time. Heavy hitters, repeat hitters (counter attack) and the calling team members to attack skill can help a LOT. The recommended idea is to start by going after the opponent’s healers and revivers.

How about a recommendation for a team to defend your rank with?

That’s the easy part. Use the characters with the highest levels and power you have and start hoping you have dumb opponents. As amusing as this may seem to anyone, it’s exactly the ONLY tactic your team will have when defending your rank in the Squad Arena. When someone battles against your team, it’s the AI in control of it. So you’re somewhat screwed unless you have a very strong team and some luck in the rankings range you’re in at the time.

What’s the best Leader skill to have?

That just depends on your team. Some Leader skills affect the entire team, some affect certain character types.

How about upgrading things?

This is one topic I keep running into and it’s been working to my advantage from the start. It’s VERY clear that many players are NOT upgrading as they should. For example, when I use the healing skill of the Jedi Consular, I get 1,100 some odd HP gained. But when my opponent does the same thing and it’s only around 700 to 900 HP gained. Gee, who do you think is going to win that one?!! Another example I’ve been seeing a lot lately. There’s a Talia on both teams. The opponent’s Talia is at a higher character level compared to mine. But mine hits harder and heals a lot more in comparisons. Upgrade things properly much? No, you most assuredly did not!!

What should I upgrade first?

What “first”?? Why did you stop upgrading everything as much as possible all together?!!

From a new player: “I’m at account level 5 I already have a character that I upgraded with 3,000+ power already…YEY ME”!!

^Example only of course.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s nice. How about the REST of your team that hits like a wet noodle and dies when your opponent accidentally looks in their general direction, nooblet?!! Even little kid Anakin would facepalm that one!!

Upgrade all of it as much as possible. Sure, you can skip upgrades on a character or several of them IF you really don’t want to use said character(s). Just make SURE you don’t use them!! When you upgrade characters, you have their star count, level, gear, and skills. If you’re lacking in any of the parts for a character, eventually it WILL show. Some of the upgrades need each other. A character’s level depends on your account level. A character’s skills depend on unlocking them with gear upgrades. The gear upgrades depend on your account level, which sections and at what levels you unlocked. The star count just needs the shards. But if the shards are in a spot unlocked by your account level that you haven’t reached, you’re stuck without!!

How about some tactics for Galactic War?

Galactic War needs an account level of 40 to unlock it. By that time, you should have at least 11 characters available unless things went horribly wrong for you. One trick is to use a well built healing team. The other is to use all your characters properly. This time, when I say “properly”, I mean that towards when you use them. Take a look at your opponent’s character levels. Compared to your team, your next opponent could be a lot stronger. So “weaken” them with your NON-main team. Use the other characters you have to do as much damage as you can to that “higher team” before your main team steps in.

There have been a couple of times where the opponent with the “higher team” was defeated by my “secondary team”. Yes, that “higher team” surely put a serious hurt on my other team, but my other team WON!! So never assume tactics won’t help against an AI that doesn’t have them.


This novel length beginner’s guide should be enough to get new players going well enough.

Have Fun!!

Just a gamer girl !!