Warspear online – Beginners guide

Warspear online   classes available – chosen faction

Quite simple toy choose your faction here depending on your preferences, firstly this is a very traditional game and contains all the usual classes from the good old days.  My preference is to let everyone else do the dirty work while I dust a few enemies up with some mighty spells so I am going with the chosen faction.  This comes with the passive special ability and has a 10% bonus that increases the amount of energy by 10%

Classes available – Chosen Faction



Palidin class comes with a high defence attribute and a reasonable support attribute, useful if you don’t like getting your hands dirty.


Very popular class for most people high attack stats allow you to cast powerful spells and destroy powerful enemies quickly.


Another class that can be used if you don’t like getting your hands dirty, the priest is great for defending your allies while they smash up the enemy


The Beginning


Quite simple to start out really and the first mission you can choose to do is fix the fountain this is on the first screen you come to, speak to the girl outside the first house you see and she gives you an item and you simply approach the fountain and quest done, quite straightforward.

The next quest you can do in the beginning is collecting the rabid rams skins, there is a guy on the beginning screen called master Helvig, he wants you to collect 6 rabit ram skins, you can get these by heading west about 3 screens and they are red in appearance.  Once you have done this and returned to Helvig as always there is something else required, he wants you to talk to the innkeeper unfortunately you need to do him a favour as well (sigh).  Again quite straightforward though he wants you to get 6 leaves of jimson weed these can again be found west of the beginning and although easy I wouldn’t get into a fight with too many of them.  Once complete he will send you for a quick chat with sucker lido and then give you the clasp needed to complete the quest beautiful bag.  Fairly straightforward start to the game.